List of brawlers and Bakugan featured in this story.


Name: Wolfgirl

[ ウォルフガール ]

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Gingergon

Position: Leader and Pyrus Brawler

Name: Skawo

[ スカヲ ]

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Balugan:

Position: Aquos Brawler

Name: Dallas

[ ダレス ]

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Crusader Abel

Position: Haos Bralwer

Name: Jasper JaXX

[ ジャスパー ジャXX ]

Attribute: Darkus

Guardina Bakugan: Mungallchops

Position: Darkus Brawler


[ ウォルフ ]

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Wolfie

Position: Ventus Brawler

Name: *Silver

[ シルバー ]

Attribute: Subterra

Gaurdian Bakugan: unknown

Position: Subterra Brawler

Name: Blade

[ ブレイド ]

Attribute: darkus

Gaurdian Bakugan: gingergon

Villans Edit

Name: Vito Flaust

[ ヴィト ファウスト ]

Attribute: Pyrus (main), Darkus (sub)

Guardian Bakugan: Judgment Dragonoid

Position: Pyrus Brawler/ Leader

Name: Danielle

Attribute: Haos

Gaurdian Bakugan: phantom leonidas

Position: Haos brawler

Name: Drake

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian BaKugan: Pyrus Cyclone Percival

Position: Pyrus Bralwer

Name: Vince

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Baldersnatch

Position: Subterra Brawler

Name: Lisani

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Airwolf

Position: Ventus Bralwer

Name: Open

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Bakugan: Open

Position: Aquos Brawler

Minor CharactersEdit

Name: Professor Kunagiri

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Spinzaku

Position: Dallas's adopted father/ Scienist

Chapter I: It BeginsEdit

(A girl walks into a crowded room) {C}girl: I'm finally here the bakugan convention

Skawo1: (Walks into the convention room)

Skawo1: So whats this place supossed to be

Girl : this the bakugan convention i'm megan but you can call me wolfgirl

Skawo1: a bakugan convention huh. well this is my bakugan, Aquos saint aquas or should i say frozin

Wolfgirl: this is gingergon but i call her ginger

Ginger: nice to meet you.

Wolfgirl: i programmed ginger to talk

Chapter II: Enter the Haos KnightEdit

(A young man with a brown hair, blue eyes dressed in black overalls -- save for his shoes; walks to the entrance of the convention center. He is accompanied by his Guardian Bakugan resembling a white knight.)

Dallas: Would you look at that.

Dallas: This year's convention is a full house.

Abel: I agree.

Abel: It keeps getting better and better.

Dallas: So, who should we take on first?

Abel: Let's take on Darkus Brawlers.

Abel: You need to improve your ability to battle against the opposite attribute.

Dallas: If you're talking about how my battle went against this guy named's because...

Dallas: It's because... (blushing)

Dallas: I don't know how to say it!

Abel: You lose your focus at the sight of good-looking men.

Abel: Am I right?

Dallas: You don't have to say that out to so many people! (still blushing)

Abel: You are a Brawler, not a character of some romance novel.

Abel: You need to control your emotions.

Dallas: I know, I know!

(Dallas proceeds into the convention room where he encounters several enthusiastic brawlers that are either cheering or eager to brawl.)

Dallas: So, where's the main brawling room?

Dallas: Can't see it in this crowd.

Abel: You forgot your binoculars.

Dallas: Sure did.

Dallas: I was so excited for this.

(Dallas was supposed to look through the thick crowd for Darkus Brawlers to battle against but his attention was caught by a strange surge of energy in the place.)

Dallas: Ngh...!

Abel: What's wrong?

(The Wave of Energy caused Dallas to drop to his knees)

Dallas: This power...

Dallas: Where had I felt...or seen it before?

Abel: Hey, snap out of it.

Dallas: I'm...I'm okay. (standing up)

Dallas: It's just a little headache. (hands on head)

Abel: If you're not feeling well then don't force yourself.

Abel: We're heading home.

Dallas: There's no way I'm going back without a single victory!

Abel: You hard headed...!!

Dallas: You know how hard it is to escape my old man's strange new security system!

Dallas: I had to dodge like 1337 laser beams before I get here!

Abel: Ah yes, it's good to be a Bakugan.

Abel: Conveniently in your unlucky master's pocket.

Dallas: Beats me!

(Dallas felt the wave of energy again but he tried to stand his ground)

Chapter III: JaXXEdit

"There's a Party that's going On," moving in-between Dallas and Abel. "We'll stay up till' the break of dawn..." Now in-between Wolfgirl and Shawo, wrapping his arms around them. "Neon lights, bacardis in my sight! I'm feelin' good, till the drinks are all gone..."

Everyone taken by surpise.

Jasper: What's ya three fine looking people doing?

Wolfgirl: Jus having at the Bakugan Convention.

Jasper: Sounds like fun.

Wolfgirl: It's like a party for people who like Bakugan. Brawlers all over the world get to meet, brawl and make friends. Oh by the way I am Wolfgirl and this is my Bakugan Gingergon but you can just call her Ginger.

Jasper: Huh I see then...(Grinning) A Convention where all kinds of people meet. And they all brawl. (Fade off)

Skawo: Yeah and we make new friends.

Wolfgirl: Oh and this is Skawo and his Bakugan Saint Aquas and that over there is a new person.

Moving over to Dallas and Abel again. Jasper turns and stares at Abel.

Jasper: in a whisper to himself: Huh, you look fimiliar.

Dallas: He is my Bakugan Crusader Abel.

Jasper: Okay Mr. human, (to Dallas then turning back to Abel) You look like fun. Well come on let's go have some fun in this big Bakugan Party.

Pulling Dallas and Abel with him into the crowd.

"Live it up, party On...drink it down; till' the sun comes out..."

Dallas: Hey, buddy. What's up with you?

Abel: Looks like he's unaffected.

Dallas: If you want a Brawl then just say so.

Abel: Professor Kunagiri is gonna kill me if his boy goes home battered again like the last time.

Dallas: Abel!

Abel: Wait...whaa...what?!

Dallas: Get ready.

Abel: Are you sure about this?

Dallas: The guy's clearly a Darkus Brawler so we can't pass up this opportunity.

Chapter IV CandylandEdit

(Wolfgirl, Jasper, Dallas, and Skawo are still at the convention)

Wolfgirl: so since we're all brawlers why dont we brawl.

Skawo: like a battle royal

Dallas: i'm up for it.

Jasper: ok

All: field open

(there's a flash of light and suddenly everyone is suddenly transported to new vestroia. they all pass out.)

Fade in from black.

Jasper: (Poking Dallas in the face) Hey Mr. Human, it's wakey uppy time!

Dallas: Huh, what happen?

Jasper: It's time to wake up, Mr. Sleepyhead. We arrive right on time.

Dallas: What, where?

Skawo: What's going on? Where are we?

Jasper: Welcome to Candyland! (kneeling down over Skawo with his arms out)

Skawo: Candyland?

Dallas: This isn't Candyland...He just messing with you. (He so badly wanted it to be true)

Skawo: What's that on your face. (Pointing at Dallas)

Dallas: Huh what? What's on my face?!

Jasper giggled beind them leaned over Wolfgirl. Dallas and Shawo glanced back on him but then something on Shawo's face caught Dallas' eye.

Dallas: What's that on your face? (Gesturing to Shawo)

Realizing what Jasper was doing, Dallas turned around back to stop him from doing to same to Wolfgirl, but it was too late, and all they heard was the snap of Jasper's pen as he placed it back into his pocket. Jasper giggled with delight again. Wolfgirl wakes up.

Wolfgirl: ugh where are we.

Jasper: Candyland! Here have a lollipop. (Hands Wolfgirl a lollipop from his pocket)

Wolfgirl: what the heck. wait did fall asleep, fudge my hair is probally a frizzy mess (takes out pockey mirror and looks at herself) who did this to my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jasper: I think you are pretty. Ms. Wolfie. Look at Mr. Human and Blues here. (Gesturing to Dallas and Skawo) It's the costum of Candyland.

Wolfgirl growls and punches Japser right in the nose then karate chops him. Jasper fell back on Dallas laughing. He then grabbed Skawo and declared him to be his human shield before Wolfgirl could hit him again.

Jasper: It that my payment for the lollipop I gave ya? Thank you but I think Blues(Skawo) here would like one too.

Wolfgirl: whatever (wipes of drawings from her face)

Jasper: Awe maybe next time Blues. (Tosses Skawo aside and got off of Dallas) Mr. Human is the real victim here. Poor thing.

Chapter V: Inner TroublesEdit

'Dallas gets up slowly and walked a few paces away from everyone else. He turns his back on them and closed his eyes.'

Dallas: Some guy he is...

Abel: Let's just keep our distance from him.

Dallas: Right.

'Dallas' body glows in a faint yellow light and after the light vanishes, his wound was healed and the markings on his face vanished.'

Dallas: I hope they didn't see me doing that.

Abel: Well, I think they're too busy dealing with their own issues to even mind you.

'Dallas then looked at Abel. '

Dallas: I gotta go home soon because my old man is gonna kill me.

Abel: Hmm...

'Abel scans the place and something got into his mind about the place.'

Abel: Ah! This place is...!!

Dallas: What place is this?

'Abel whispers it to Dallas. After hearing so, Dallas yelled out ~'

Dallas: WHAT THE...?!



Abel: Calm down!

Dallas: Okay, fine. But you gotta know something.

'Dallas softens his voice and whispered to Abel.'

Dallas: That wave of magic that I felt earlier.

Dallas: It's getting stronger here.

Abel: Then let's find the source.

Dallas: But what about them? (pointing to everyone else)

Abel: Let's leave clandestinely.

Dallas: Oh...kay...

'Dallas and Abel tried to leave the others as silently as they could but Wolfgirl looks them.'

Wolfgirl: where you going.

Jasper slams himself into Wolfgirl and Dallas wrapping his arms around them.

Jasper: Hey you talking about me? Awe what happen to you pretty mack-up?

Dallas: Hey, Let go!

Dallas releases himself from Jasper's grasp, then suddenly he dropped to his knees.

Dallas: (Here it goes again...)

Dallas: (That strange wave of magic...)

Dallas: (Just where is it coming from?)

His fellow Brawlers noticed something weird about him.

{C}Jasper: (With a grin) Hey is something wrong Mr. Human? You're looking kinda pale.

Dallas: This happens often but I'll be fine.

Dallas: Just don't...mind me.

Abel: You heard him.

Abel: Now go to the others and leave him to me.

Jasper glared at Abel but said nothing. He turned his attention of in the distance and smiled. Jasper walked off and joined Skawo and Wolfgirl.

Meanwhile some brawlers are watching Jasper, Wolfgirl, Skawo, and Dallas.

Unkown Brawler: danielle tine to go meet these new brawlers

Danielle: yes master blade.

(Danielle and Blade transport themselves to Jasper, Wolfgirl, Skawo, and Dallas.)

Chapter VI:The Bad GuysEdit

Wolfgirl, Skawo, Dallas and Jasper find themselves confronted by two mysterious brawler.

Jasper: Hey look Candyland natives have come to greet us! (to Blade and Danielle) Hello, me Jasper, these my friends... We come to Candyland, your home, and we come in peace. {C}Skawo: Candyland Natives you say?

Blade: What do you want Human?

Skawo: Strong words?

Blade: Quiet you. Meet my Bakugan Darkus Gingergon!!!!

Skawo: Huh? Doesn't Wolfgirl Have..?

Wolfgirl: I Have that bakugan! There is more than one gingergon? Interesting..

Skawo: So who are you guys.

Blade: I Am the mighty and powerful Blade, the strongest brawler in the world!

Wolfgirl: And Im The Strongest brawler In The Universe.

Skawo: Owned... I think.

Jasper: So if your bad guys let's battle then..

Danielle: Alright then, Lets Go Leonidas!

Blade: Hold On Minion! I'm the one brawling so GET OUT OF MY WAY!

Danielle: You sure are bossy.

Blade: SHUSH!!!

Dallas: He sure has anger points.


Skawo: Ok, Mr. Cookie.

Blade: I AM NOT MISTER COOKIE! I Am the mighty blade!

Skawo: Of Fail.

Blade: NO!

Blade: You Are So Annoying!

Wolfgirl: Haha.

Skawo: He Mad.

Dallas: Lets brawl then.

Skawo: Lets battle Mr Cookie.

Blade: I am not mr cookie! I Am Blade! Not blade of fail! I AM BLADE Hear My Words!!!!!!

Skawo: Sheesh Mr Cookie Blade. or Blade Cookie.

Blade: (Silent)

Blade: You sure are A Blabbermouth Human.

Skawo: And You are bossy mr Cookie.


Jasper: Oh it's on like Donkey Kong!

Dallas: A samurai that does not sharpen his blade before heading out to battle...

Abel: Is likely to go home either as a corpse or a dishonored man.

Dallas: Right in the kisser.

Abel: Indeed.

Chapter VII: Conflicting TensionsEdit

Preparing for a brawl, tensions between Skawo and Blade couldn't be higher. Dallas and Wolfgirl branced themself for a battle while Jasper stood to the side giggling and smiling.

Jasper: Okay, Blues vs. Cookies! Ms. Wolfie? Human man? Want to brawl the That One. (Pointing with a tilte of his head towards Danielle)

Wolfgirl: i will.

Danielle: good

Both: feild open bkugan brawl bakugan stand.

Wolfgirl: go gingergon.

Danielle: go phantom leonidas.

Danielle:Ability activate! Haos Lighting!

Dallas: Powers of light, eh?

(Gingergon take a direct hit.)

Wolfgirl: ginger you ok

Ginger: yeah

Dallas: Those who desperately seek light are likely to find darkness.

Wolfgirl: ability activate wolvesvain

(there is chattering amoungst the others watching the brawl.)

Skawo: wow wolfgirl's tough.

Abel: Looks like Wolfgirl doesn't need any help after all.

Dallas: Yeah, she's very good.

Blade (whispering to his gingergon): you know that wolfgirl kinda cute.

Jasper: (appearing behind Blade) Ah yes, she is quite the looker ain't she? (Place his arm around Blade) She got quite the punch too.

Blade: Don't touch me. (Swiping Jasper's hand off)

Jasper: Oh okay then. (Holding his figure up to Blade only a centimeter away from his face.) I'm not touching you! Oh what now?

Blade: Get away from me. (Phushing Jasper away)

Jasper: (giggling) Find then, Me and this gal here will just hang out over here! (Wrapping his arm around Danielle)

Danielle: Oh don't through him on me. I am trying to brawl here.

Blade: Go bug your team-mates!

Jasper smerked and went over to back over to Wolfgirl.

Jasper: That One Guy is no good, Ms. Wolfie. He thinks he's all that and a bag of chips. (Glancing at Blade) Oh look at me! I am hanging out with Ms. Wolfie here! We're having a good old time! What ya goin' to do about it?

As Wolfgirl and Danielle brawl against each other, Dallas felt the wave of magic getting stronger and closer even.

Dallas: Ngh... This must be it...

He tried to stand his ground so as for his teammates not to notice him.

Dallas: I must find the source of that magic force...before it's too late.

Abel: ?

Dallas: Let's go, Abel.

However, Blade notices Dallas; the latter and his Guardian Bakugan taking their leave.

Wolgirl: time to finish this double aility activate wolf's howl plus wolvevain.

(wolfgirl wins)

Chapter VIII: The MassagerEdit

With Wolfgirl's win as a distraction, Jasper wondered off after Dallas since no one was paying attention to him. He found Dallas and Abel not too far away stumbling around.

Jasper: Hey Mr. Human, where ya going? (Mumbling to himself) We need name tags.

Jasper grabbed Dallas by the arm to stable him. He could feel Dallas shaking.

Jasper: You're lookin' kinda pale.

Dallas: I'm fine. I'll be okay.

Jasper: (to Abel) I see you didn't do a goo job. I left him to you and he is still like this.

Then someone from the corner of his eye caught his attention.

Jasper: Who's that over there? (Indecating with a title of his head)

A few yards away from Jasper, Dallas and Abel stood another person.

???: An impressive illumination.

???: Pray tell, brawler in silent peril.

???: Did it come from you?

Dallas: Who...?

The person teleports close to Jasper and Dallas' spot.

???: You can simply call me Vito.

Abel: Just who are you anyway?

Vito: I am the messenger of hell.

Vito backs away a few yards from Dallas, Jasper and Abel.

Vito: Do you think heaven is in your side?

Dallas: No.

Vito: How pitiful can that be?

Dallas: Nothing but my own instincts is on my side.

Dallas: I have no need for Heaven or Hell's metaphors.

Vito: Then, show me how this instincts of your's fare.

Without a warning, a pentagram appears below Dallas, Abel, Jasper and Vito. In the blink of an eye, Vito and Dallas vanished, leaving Abel with Jasper.

Abel: Not good...!!

In that alternate space, Dallas is spellbound and unable to move.

Dallas: Ngh...I can't...

Vito: Don't even try to move.

Dallas: So...that...that magic power that I've been feeling is your's!

Vito: To feel my magic from a rather noisy crowd of incompetents...

Vito: You must be different from them.

Dallas: Don't even suspect of me being something else.

Dallas: I'm just a brawler who happened to have ended up in some world called...

Dallas: New Vestroia...Yeah, that's what Abel said.

Vito: Indeed. Welcome to New Vestroia.

Dallas: I want to go home before my old man beats the bushfire out of me!

Vito: A family... (laughing)

Vito: You have a family?

Dallas: Yeah, I do.

Dallas: What about it?

Vito: How would you feel if I do not return you to your family?

Vito: After all, their existence in your life may simply be an illusion.

Vito: A cruel illusion...false promise of happiness...

Dallas: Enough! Having a family to return to is enough for me!

Vito: Then never to return.

Vito magnifies the spell, causing Dallas great amounts of pain. The louder the victim yells, the louder the perpetrator laughs.

Vito: This would be your grave.

Dallas: Ngh...gaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!! What have I done to you anyway?!

Vito: Your so-called illusory existence sickens me.

Vito: Show me your true self!

Vito even strengthens the spell, causing Dallas to be enveloped in black light which is slowly breaking apart.

Vito: Yes, that's right...

Vito: Awaken to the truth that had been deprived of you!


Vito maximizes the spell's power, causing Dallas to shatter into pieces.

Vito: Perfect.

Vito: Now let's see what you really are.

However, what remained of Dallas vanished from that alternate space, causing Vito to get frustrated.

Vito: I almost had him!

Vito: Well, I think there is no need for me to go after him.

Vito: Those other two are there and they'll be the ones to deal the finishing blow.

On the other hand, what became of Dallas was transported back to the spot of Jasper and Abel.

Abel: Professor Kunagiri is really gonna kill me.

Abel: Just where did they go?

Haos Dallas: (soft whisper) Hey...

Abel: Huh?

Abel silently left Jasper's side and rolls to the spot where he heard the whisper.

Haos Dallas: Abel...can you hear me?

Abel: Huh?

Abel: Who are you?

Haos Dallas: Shh, Jasper might hear you.

Abel: Okay...I'll talk softly.

Abel: Who are you and why do you know Jasper?

Haos Dallas: It's me, Dallas.

Abel: WHAT?!

Haos Dallas: Shh! I said keep it down.

Abel: Sorry...but what happened to you?

Haos Dallas: Vito...turned me into a Bakugan.

Dallas: Or I don't know what he exactly did but...

Haos Dallas: My previous body shattered to pieces and I became like this.

Abel: Not good.

Abel: Let's go and find a way to bring you back before they notice you like that.

Haos Dallas: Right.

The two rolled back to their closed ball forms and flew off. However, just before they were far-off, Jasper caught a sight of a white ball with alexandrite gemstones, that which is Abel, and another ball which is predominantly black but has an exquisite gold pattern of diamonds and triangles...that, on the other hand, is Dallas.

Chapter IX: AftermathEdit

Danielle: Wow that chick was tough!

Phantom Leonidas:Indeed. Even i couldn't deafeet them easliy.

Danielle: So when are you gonna tell me where you're from?

Phantom Leonidas:Fine. I'm not from vestroia. Im from the Doom Diemension. I have the power of all six atributs. But i don't know how to unlock them.

Danielle: Thank you for telling me that. {C}(back with wolfgirl and skawo blade)

wolfgirl: where'd dallas and jasper go

Blade: they went that way (pointing to where dallad went).

Jasper: (To Blade coming back) Seems weird that a bad guy would help out a good guy erh girl.

Jasper turnto to Dallas.

Jasper: Where'd you go?

Wolfgirl: (to blade) why did you help me

Jasper: Bceuase he likes you.

Blade: No I don't!

Jasper: He's in denial.

Wolfgirl: you do huh. then how would feel if i did this (kisses blade on cheek)

(Blade feints)

Jasper grins and pulled out his pen from his pocket.

Jasper: We should take him hostage now.

Wolfgirl: danielle mind stepping away for a second

Danielle: whatever he was always bossy anyway do whatever you want

Wolfgirl: good (takes out water bottle from backpack)

wolfgirl: yes it's warm (takes out cup and pours water in it)

Wolfgirl: (puts Blade's hand in water)

Jasper: Now that just mean. I'm ganna go see what's his name doing. (Refering to Dallas)

Jasper walked off.

Danielle: i better get blade back to the base before the others wonder what happened (presses buttons on gauntlet until it she and blade are telaported away.)

Leonidas: hold on!

Danielle: what? what is it.

Leonidas: isn't it strange how wolfgirl and blade have the same bakugan?

Danielle: i guess. (Teleports)

(Back with the gang)

Wolfgirl: what now.

Skawo: Lets Tell him to hand us the cookies!

Silver: he has cookies?

Wolfie: What.

Skawo: Hey mr cookie give us the cookies!

Blade: im not mr cookie.... im blade!

Skawo: Call what you want. i know your secret.

Blade: What secret? no. not that one..

Skawo: Yesssss.


Blade: NOOO!!!!

Wolfie: really?

Silver: Akward.

Wolfgirl: Wow...

Skawo: Wonder why he fainted when wolfgirl kissed him.

Blade: ... (In Head: Uh Oh, i can't reveal that i like wolfgirl!)

Blade: Hey skawo go get the cookie!

Skawo: COOkIEEE!.!!!!

(Throws cookie)

Skawo: what the. thats not a.. (Cookie Explodes)

Silver: (Cough..)

Wolfgirl: HES GONE!

Wolfie: well he would have probally used that bomb cookie. not having to throw it so skawo can eat it.

Skawo: When i get that mr cookie HES GUNNA CRuMBLE!!

Wolfgirl: So where did he go?

(Back with blade)

Blade: Im Back!

Dio: And who are you?

Blade: and who are you?

Chapter X: Triple BattleEdit

Vito: my name.. is vito.


Vito: Whatever, i suposse i'll join you but im not taking orders, i work alone.

Blade: Suit yourself.

{C}(Back with the team)

Skawo: Lets destroy HIMM!!!

Danielle: hold it. im battling you.

Skawo: lets go then.

Skawo: Lets go frozin!

Danielle: Leonidas! attack!

Skawo: Ability activate! Glacier Armor!

Danielle: trying to defend huh. ability activate! HAOS freeze!

Skawo: Oh no. im not gonna lose.

Danielle: Lets destroy him! ability! Chaos Blast!

Skawo: Saint aquaaas!!

Silver: bakugan brawl! lets go Subterra Keb Gaia!

Danielle: No fair!

Drake: Hah. you can't handle them danielle?

Danielle: not you..

Drake: Go Darkus Cyclone Percival!

Wolf: Lemme join in! go ventus wolfie!

Drake: go Pyrus Cyclone Percival!

Wolfgirl: looks like a triple battle.

Gingergon: Yeah.

Drake: ability activate! Darkus Shocker and pyrus Burn!

Skawo: not so fast, ability activate! Tidal wrap!

Drake: No Pyrus Percival! Im Getting mad..

Danielle: ability activate! Shining Thunder!

Wolfie: gwah! Wind Air Claw!

Leonidas: ouch. i wont go down!

Silver: ability activate! Giga Earthwrecker!

Percival: (Ball)

Drake: NO!

Skawo: Ability! Tidal Twister!

Percival: (Ball)

Drake: my two percivals!

Danielle: Im AM NOT GOING DOWN! Ability.... Activate!!!!

Leonidas: Gwaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Skawo: what the...

Leonidas: Whats happening!! I feel the urge for....

Danielle: are you..

Leonidas: DESTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!

Skawo: WHOA!

Gingergon: what in the world..

Leonidas: DOOM SURGE!

Gaia: ARgH! (Ball Form)

Wolfie: Oh Noe! (Ball Form)

Skawo: no way..

Danielle: could it be Leonidas true power? that can't be he's on a rampage! somethings not right..


Wolfgirl: Ability activate Wolfsvain!

Leonidas: OUCH! you fool!

Wolfgirl: attack from behind!

Skawo: ok, ability! Dragon Hydro Impact!!!

Wolfgirl: ability activate! Wolf Impact!

Leonidas: AUHH! (Damaged)

Leonidas: 6 Attribute Power Surge!!

Wolfgirl: Leonidas is stronger than ever....

Blade: hmm.. i need that kind of power..

Wolfgirl: only one way to win

Ginger: but last you tried that you passed out

Wolfgirl: oh well

Wolfgirl: consecutive ability activate pyrus howl, wolvesvain, wolf's howl, howling blazer

(Ginger attacks and takes down leonidas) (wolfgirl passes out)

Silver:Quite a powerful attack (Look's over at wolfgirl pass out) look's like it has toll.

Gaia:Do we help her.

Silver:We do.

Jasper: (takes out pen smiling)

Silver:(Look's at Jasper)You are not really going do that are you?

Skawo: wouldn't be the first time

Silver:Why would anyone do such a thing to a fellow friend.

Jasper: ...

Gaia:Silver should'nt we be helping wolfgirl right now.

Silver:Yes Gaia right as alway's.

(Silver start'a to walk over to wolfgirl.) (wolfgirl starts to wake up)

Chapter XI: Mechtanius DestroyerEdit

Silver: your up.

Wolfgirl: Yeah.

Wolfgirl: WHAT THE!

Jasper: Hehe.

Skawo: What in the...

Silver: Whoa...

Wolfgirl: MY FACE!

Jasper: Blade did that..

Wolfgirl: ARGH...

Skawo: Lets battle.

Wolfgirl: Ok then..

Skawo: ability activate! Cyclone Tsnami!

Wolfgirl: Hyper Wolf Cry!

Gingergon: AROOO!! (Glows) what. whats happening?

Wolfgirl: Huh?

(Suddenly a electric like portal opens!)



Wolfgirl: whoa.

Silver: Thats incredible.

Gingergon: a mechtogan destroyer?

Destroyer: call me destroyer.. WE HAVE A POWERFUL BOND! YOU CREATED ME MY MASTER.

Wolfgirl: thats great.


Gingergon: Yeah!

(Back with danielle)

Leonidas: ah.. ah... AHH!!

Danielle:i know leonidas you unleashed major power...

Leonidas: Too... much.. Too MUCHH!!

Danielle: oh no...

Drake: lets rematch that noob skawo! cmon Orbeum!

{C}(Back with the brawlers)

Drake: Hey NOOB!

Skawo: its you! ok i will brawl! bakugan braawl!

Drake: rise pyrus orbeum!

Skawo: ability activate! Glacier Armor!

Drake: Inferno Blow!

Skawo: Ability activae! Swift Dragoon!

Frozin: Take a bit of this!

Skawo: Hydronic Impact!!!!

Drake: GATE CARD OPEN! Evil clear!

Frozin: oh great he nulified my ability!

Drake: Poison Claw!

Frozin: gah! Ugh.. im poisoned... my energy.. im getting weaker.

Skawo: ability...

Drake: Fire Stopper!

Drake: break the gate!

Skawo: No!

Frozin: i cant... battle..

Skawo: saint aquas!

Skawo: what do i do?

Orbeum: Magma Slash!

Skawo: ... Thats it! frozin just attack!

Frozin: take this!!

Orbeum: Awooo!

Drake: NO!

Skawo: ability activate! Reversal!

Skawo: now to finish you off.. ability activate! Hydronic impact!!!

Drake: NOOo!!!

Orbeum: (Ball form)

Skawo: victory!

Wolfgirl: nice one skawo.

Wolfgirl: hey silver do you know where we are.

Silver: we are in a dimension called new vestroai

Wolfgirl: wait where in a different dimension.

Ginger: oh no brandom said

Wolfgirl: please dont say that name.

(With Danielle)

Danielle: What hapened to you Leo?

Leonidas:I don't know.

Leonidas:Maybe it was my power?

Danielle:Maybe. But why would it happen? Hopefully master blade was focused looking at wolfgirl to see that i was cryin a liitle bit.

Leonidas:Ok. Maybe it was my mectugan Destroyer trying to come.

Danielle:Ok Lets go find master Blade.


(Leonidas noitces danielle fantily blushing)

Leonidas:Why are you blushing?

Danielle:Im not

Leonidas: Yes you are

Danielle:Fine I sort of like jasper.

Leonidas:Ok fine by me we can't tell Master Blade.

Danielle: i think he has his own crush to worry about.


(Drake walks up to danielle and leonidas)

Danielle Oh no not you again!

Drake: Oh Ya!

Chapter XII: The Call of BattleEdit

(back to the brawlers)

skawo: who's brandon

Wolfgirl: my stupid brother who beats me at everything. i hate him.

(Danielle leaves blade and goes to spy on Wolfgirl and Skaow)

Danielle:Wow. Look at them leo humans how pethedic.

Leonidas:Yes i want my revenge.

(Leonidas goes to his monster form)

Wolfgirl:What the....?!

Skawo:Hey that's Leonidas!

Leonidas:Lets go wolfgirl!!!!!

Wolfgirl can i just get a brake already from the battleing but fine go ginger

Ginger: right

Wolfgirl: ability activate wolvesvain


Leonidas:No i want my revenge


Wolfgirl: im gonna leave you two alone come on guys. (leaves)

Danielle:Listen to me Leonidas Master Blade wants to harness you're power so we have to not battle ok?

Leonidas:Ok I don't like it. Why does master blade want my power?

Meanwhile, Dallas is still in a presumed Bakugan form. He is talking to Abel about how to return to his previous form.

Dallas: Do you think if we defeat Vito in a Brawl, I would return?

Abel: How do you supposed could we beat Vito?

Dallas: Well, we're two Haos "Bakugan" and he's just one mean dark-clad guy so it's possible.

Dallas: Or we can challenge Vito's Guardian Bakugan.

Abel: Sounds fair enough to me.

Dallas: But I don't know what abilities I have if I were to fight like this.

Dallas: I mean, if I can find a Haos Brawler around here, I can probably unlock whatever abilities I have.

Dallas: A Brawler automatically receives Ability Cards upon recruiting a Bakugan, right?

Abel: Alright then. Let's go back to our...allies.

Dallas and Abel went back to Wolfgirl and the others. Upon meeting with them, the two explained what happened.

Hidden Chapter: Skawo And Saint AquasEdit

Skawo (10 Years): So lets get ready. we will win aquos Olifus!

Olifus: thats right.

?: Hey kid.

Skawo: Huh?

?: Thanks for the bakugan!

Skawo: olifus!!! give him back!

?: NO!

?: Hahahahahahaa!!!

(A Bakugan attacks The person)

?: ouch. who did that? well im still taking that bakugan. See ya loser!

Skawo: Nooo!!!

Bakugan: hello. my name is saint aquas.

Skawo: Hi. thanks i think but olifus is gone!

Saint aquas: i will be your bakugan.

Skawo: Really?

Saint aquas: yeah. Brrrr im freezing.

Skawo: its like you are frozen. hey! thats your nickname. Frozin.

Frozin: cool.

(Skawo 15 Years)

Skawo: A Convention? i got to go there! lets go frozin!

(Present Dimensional Trouble)

Skawo: lets go Mr. Cookie!

Blade: im not mr cookie.!!!.!!

(Danielle transports herself and leonidas to blade)

Danielle:let's go!

Blade: Minon be quiet


Chapter XIII: Xx3Edit

Jasper sat off by himself since everyone was brawling. He was messing with one of the cookies Blade had. Jasper was singing to himself when Vince showed up behind him.

Jasper: (Mumbling to himself out loud) Maybe let a real man hit it. Watch her ride that pole, with no plans on helping to stop it. I see the look in her eyes. I can see that she wants it.

Vince: I wanna see your hands, I wanna see you dance. Put your hands on me, come dance with me.

Jasper lifted his head and smiled.

Jasper: Can you feel it?

Vince: On the edge of your seat.

Jasper: Can you feel it?

Vince: Just lose yourself to the beat.

Jasper turned his head and smiled at Vince who shrugged back. Jasper stood up and turned around. He reached up and placed his hand on Mungallchops.

Vince: Now what I gotta do to take you home with me?

Vince pulled out Baldersnatch from his sleeve.

Vince: I don't care, boy or girl. Just want you in my mouth please sir.

The field open and Jasper grinned and pulled Mungallchops from his necklace. The Bakugan popped out of ball form. Jasper smirked.

Vince: (With his figure gesturing Jasper to follow) Hello Mr. Right Now, I'm holding it down like...

Gate Card set, Baldersnatch made the first move.

Vince: If dancing is the movement, then I am the creator.

(Danielle teliports to the battle to whatch)

Danielle:Leo think you could just whatch?


Jasper laughed and Mungallchops attacked with Shadow Claw.

Vince: And if you leave me satisfied, I'll add you to the list. (Baldersnatch attacked with Bolder Claw.) But if you talk sh**, I'll make your lips deep throat my fist!

Jasper: Laughing. Ah so there is a fun guy on their team. Fun, fun.

Vince just smiled. Ability activated.

Jasper: Can you feel it? (Mungallchops used Night Shade.)

Vince: On the edge of you seat. (Baldersnatch nullified the attack)

Jasper: Can you feel it?

Vince: Just lose yourself to the beat.

Jasper: X times 3. (Mungallchops retaliated)

Vince: We're getting undressed. (Baldersnatch attempted a block)

Jasper: Body against me…

Vince: and it's getting wet.

Jasper: X times 3. (Swaying from side to side)

Vince: Just move with me. (Baldersnatch used Dust Storm)

Jasper: I don't want your love.

Vince: Just your body! (Gate Card open)

Jasper: Can you feel it. (Mungallchops used Dark Shadow)

Vince: On the edge of your seat?

Jasper: Can you feel it? (Mungallchops used Night Shade)

Vince: Just lose yourself to the beat. (Baldersnatch took a hit)

Jasper: (reaching out his heand to Vince) Do you wanna play with me? I will show you ecstacy. Do you wanna play with me? I will be your anybody.

Jasper and Vince: Ain't no bang like our bass 'cause you know we're gonna rock. Ain't no hype like our party 'cause our party never stops.

Dallas and Abel rolled over to Jasper, bounce off his foot. Jasper glanced down while at the same time, Vito appeared. Jasper grabbed Dallas and Abel and threw them to Vince. Vito glared at Vince and proceeded to go over to him but Vince threw Dallas and Abel back to Jasper. Vito turned back towards Jasper but he threw them to Vince. Mungallchops and Baldersnatch head truned back and forth as they watched Dallas and Abel's movement.

Vito: I thought we were on the same side?

Vince: Huh oh? Wait what?

Jasper: I want them back now, please.

Vince threw Abel and Dallas back to Jasper.

Vito: Why did you do that?

Vince: He asked for them back.

Vito: That doesn’t mean you should give them back.

Jasper: Please?

Vince: He said please.

Vito: After you already gave them to him!

Vince: Whatever then. Blade said nothing about you.

Vince called back Baldersnatch. Jasper called by Mungallchops.

Vince: (To Jasper) We’ll play some more later.

Jasper nodded and disappeared into the shadow. Vito was frustrated but when he turned back to Vince, he was gone as well. It appeared everyone had ditch Vito.

Meanwhile Jasper returned to the others.

Wolfgirl : Where have you been?

Jasper: Around.

Wolfgirl: What do you got there?

Jasper looked down and opened his hand revealing Abel and Dallas in ball form. Jasper grinned at Dallas.

Jasper: Now what happen to you that put you in this awful state?

Abel: It was Vito.

Dallas: Yeah, he transported me to some alternate dimension and used powerful magic on me.

Dallas: I felt that my previous body shattered to bits and when I woke up, I was like this.

Abel: If we can defeat Vito into a Brawl, we can possibly return Dallas to his body.

Dallas: I need a Brawler to help me out.

Dallas: Anyone whose familiar with Haos attributes.

Abel: I think you're also BakuNano compatible.

Dallas: Yeah, I think I am.

Dallas waits for a response from his allies to help him out defeat Vito.

(Danielle shows up)

Danielle:If you want to battle Vito you have to go through me.

Leonidas:Ya! But i thought you said no battling?

Danielle:I changed my mind.


Silver:If no one would mind I would like to take you on

Danielle:Fine by me.Leo?

Leonidas:I wanted to battle Jasper.

Silver:Well unfortunately you will just have to settle for me and Gaia.

Leonidas:Fine we'll take you weakling humans.

Chapter XIV: Cat FightEdit

Silver: You should never underestimate your opponent it may be your own undoing

Gaia:Well said master

Wolfgirl: danielle you say human like your not.

Danielle:That's because im not human. Im not gonna tell you what race i am.


Silver:I think your loseing focus Danielle of what we are ment to be doing.

Danielle:Lets Do this! Bakugan brawl Bakugan stand! Show him the power of the Doom Dimension Haos Phantom Leonidas

Gaia:Did she just call you a male

Silver:Uh... Danielle I can asure you that I'm very much female..Anyway bakugan brawl bakugan stand I know you can do this Keb Gaia

Danielle:You humans are all the same to me.

Danielle: Leo lets finish this in one sho!t Ability activate! Phantom Blaster

Silver:Gaia be careful ok Ability activate Furry slasher.

(Phantom Blaster Graces Gaia Than Leonidas Takes A direct hit)

Leonidas: Gwaaaaa!!!! How Did i miss?!

Silver:Good work Gaia now Ability activate Giga Earthwrecker

Danielle:In the air now!

(Leonidas Flys into the air)

Danielle:Ability activate! Haos Lighting!


{C}Gaia:Master I do not think i can dodge this attack

(Gaia get's hit by the lighting take's major damage.)

Silver:Gaia are you ok

Gaia:I will be fine master

Danielle & Leonidas:You both are weak.

Danielle: Ability activate! Phantom Blaster!

Silver:Gaia! watch out!

Gaia:What in the world!

(Gaia get's hit and gose back in ball form.)

Silver:Gaia are you ok.


(Leonidas goes back to ball formeDanielle chatches leonidas)


(Silver holding Gaia)

Silver:Sorry Gaia

Gaia:I'm the one who should be sorry

Danielle:That was a complete waste of time.

Silver:Did anyone ever teach you show some respect for a opponent

Danielle :No

Silver:You should learn what respect is Danielle

(Danielle Starts to walk away)

Silver:What is wrong with you?

Danielle:There is nothing wrong with me

Silver:Very well then if you belive that then that is up to you...There's no point in me geting upset nor angery of it.

(Danielle presses buttons on her gantlet and telaports away)

Chapter XV: After the BattleEdit

Blade is pacing the room as Danielle and Drake walk in.

Blade: Danielle what does it mean if girl kisses you.

Drake: am i missing something.

Danielle: Oh does some one have a chrush?

Blade: NO!!!!!!!

Danielle:You are in denial.

Leonidas:Danielle i wouldn't be talking


Drake: ok please explain

Danielle: Blade likes Wolfgirl

Blade: (blushing) do not!!

Danielle: See you do!!!

Leonidas:Do i need to remind you danielle?


Blade: What's wrong danielle? You never tell leonidas to shush.


Drake: you have a crush too

Danielle: Nope

Leonidas: Who are you trying to convince?

Leonidas: And you wouldn't belive who it is


Danielle:Don't even say it


(Vince walks into room)

Vince: What's going on

Blade: danielle like jasper

Danielle: Blade likes Wolfgirl

Vince: Sorry I asked (walks out)




Danielle:I donno.

Leonidas:Stop it.

Blade: whatever.


Danielle:Sooooo...? Hows everyone's day been?

Danielle: Well im gonna spy on youre crush


(Danielle presses the buttons on her gauntlet and goes to wolfgirl and silver)

Chapter XVI the good guysEdit

(Meanwhile with the good guys)

Wolfgirl: that was interesting

(Wolfgirl's phone starts to ring)

Wolfgirl: ugh it's my brother.

Silver: you have bars out here.

Wolfgirl: Yeah ut i'm not answering it, i meam were sent here for a reason i wanna find out this reason. {C}( Danielle teliports and spies on wolfgirl and silver)

{C}Danielle:(Whispers) Hmmmm

Wolfgirl: are we staying

Every good guy: Yeah

(Danielle tries to teiport away but its not working)


Leonidas:What is it?

Danielle:My teliporter isn't working!

Danielle:Leo go make a distraction while i get out of here!

Leonidas:Fine (Leo flots a way from danielle and goes to his monster form)

Leonidas:Haos Lightning

Wolfgirl:Why is loenidas Here?!

(Danielle runs and leonidas follows and he makes a portle to the bad guys hidout.)

Wolfgirl: follow them (jumps through portal)

Danielle:(Looks Back) Darn it they followed us!

Leonidas:Humans are so predictable.

(They arrive at the base)

Wolfgirl: woah

Blade: (walks into room) danielle your back (sees Wolfgirl) and you brought a friend

(With the rest of Wolfgirls team)

Skawo: the portal closed no.

(Leonidas goes back to his ball form and goes next to danielle)

(Danielle walks past Blade and does a kissing face to him)

Danielle:Have fun

Blade:Hey come back here know!

Danielle:No i think i'll let you and you're Chrush and her friend alone.

Skawo: i'm gonna go find danielle and see where we are. (Leaves)

Blade: uh

Wolfgirl: you like me don't you

Blade: is anyone watching

Wolfgirl: i don't think so

Blade: then yes a lot

Wolfgirl: then join us

Blade: uh

Wolfgirl: come on please

Blade if you beat me then fine

(With Danielle)

Skawo:Hey! Stop!

Danielle: you're in our base and you telling me to stop?

(Jasper appers)

Jasper:This place is weird.


(Danielle blushes slighty)

(Skawo notices)

Skawo: Sooooo why are you blushing?

Danielle:im not

Jasper:Yes you are.

Danielle:Leo help me out here.

Leonidas: Go a way befor i get really mad.

Jasper: What ever where'd Wolfgirl go

{C}Danielle:Hey Blade Where are you and whatcha doing?

Blade:I uhhhhh..... am with wolfgirl and we are gonna battle.

Danielle:Ok you heard that? gog now go


Danielle:(Blushing like mad) Lets go see the battle leo.

Skawo:See again you're blushing!

(Danielle walk vary quikly away)

Skawo: come on jasper this way (walks into the room where blade and Wolfgirl are)

Chapter XVII a battle of loveEdit

Wolfgirl and blade: field open bakugan brawl bakugan stand

Wolfgirl: ability activate wolvesvain

Blade: wow is she pretty

Blade's gigingergon: blade focus

Blade: right sorry general.

Danielle: Come on blade!

Blade: bakugan brawl bakugan stand go general ability activate wolvesvain

Wolfgirl: ability activate pyrus howl

Blade: ability activate darkus howl

{C}Danielle:Wow there even in power. this battle could go on forever

(Vito comes in)

Vito:Whats happening?

Danielle: They are haveing a battle


Danielle:Sence blade likes wolfgirl they are seeing if wolfgirl wins he will go to the good side



Vito: blade you better not lose

Wolfgirl: come mectogan destroyer

(Destroyer appears)

Blade (scared): who who are you

Wolfgirl: This is destroyer

(Destroyer attacks taking out general causing a huge explosion knocking everyone against the wall.)


(Leonidas goes to his monster form to protect danielle and vito)

Danielle:Whoe Thanks Leonidas

Leonidas:No problem

Wolfgirl: blade you lost so come on.

Danielle: Hnn I guess this makes us enimy's now


Blade: Guess So.

{C}Danielle:Bakugan brawl! Bakugan Stand Go haos phantom leonidas! I would leave if i where you.

Leonidas:Yes Leave

Wolfgirl: good bye (presses buttons on gauntlet until tellaported out with rest of her gang)

Danielle:Finaly there gone.


Danielle:So whos the new leader?

Vito:I am

Danielle:Fine by me

Vince: I want double then of what Blade was paying me.

Chapter XVIII: Uneasy AllianceEdit

Everyone is staring at their the new comer Blade. Japser is sitting with Dallas, Skawo and Silver while Wolfgirl Blade sit across from them. Everyone is silent.

Jasper: Okay, I'll say what everyone is thinking. This is weird.

Blade: This is weirder for me.

Jasper: Well, umm, Welcome to the Team!

Skawo: Why did we agree to this again?

Dallas: Vito is just going to take over and the what? We'll have to deal with him. He is worser than Blade.

Blade: But I am the Mighty...

Skawo: No stop right there before you go on! First up, you lost so far every signal time you have brawled us.

Silver: Yeah man, you're not as Mighty if Wolfgirl beat you and Skawo.

Skawo: And second, now that you are apart of our team. You can't say that anymore.

Blade: I let Wolfgirl defeat me.

Skawo: So you wanted to join us then?

Blade: No, I just... (Eyes shifted back and forth)

Skawo: Just what?

Silver: Yeah your falling back on what you just said.

Wolfgirl: Okay guys, we'll all friends here.

Dallas: What about Vito? What are we going to do about him?

Blade: I let her defeat me because she's a girl. (Blushing and trying to come up with a good reason)

Wolfgirl: Wait what? I beat you fair and square! And I'll do it again!

Blade: That;s not what I ment.

Silver: Oh I am a girl! Brawl me and I'll show you what a female can do!

Skawo: I'll brawl him again.

Wolfgirl: Guys wait don't all get out your...

Dallas: How are we going to defeat Vito?

Skawo: Why we eve agree to let him join us anyways.

Silver: I bet this is a trap you get our secrets! (Looking around for an ambuse)

Blade: What? No, no it isn't. (Waving his hands)

Skawo: Alright Blade! Why did you come with us so easily then?

Wolfgirl: Stop it guys, give him a chance.

Dallas: Vito!

Skawo: That's easy for you to say. You have a mectogan!

Dallas: Vito!

Silver: Yeah, you can defeat anyone but what about us?

Dallas: Vito?

Wolfgirl: I am sure you guys will get mectogans soon.

Dallas: Vito!

Skawo: We heard you already Dallas, enough.

Silver: Then we can beat up the oh so mighty Blade with our Mectogans.

Blade lowered his head.

Jasper: Silence!

Everyone taken by surpised turned and looked at Jasper.

Jasper: I can't hear my rice cripsies.

Jasper was holding a bowl of rice cripsies and held it up to his ear to listen to it.

Jasper: Yeah, unhuh, okay, yeah I'll tell them. (Lifted his head and looked at everyone) The Rice Cripsy comand us to let Blade proove he won't betray us.

Skawo: How do we do that?

Silver: Where did you get that?

Jasper: By having Blade brawl one of his former team-mates. (To Silver) From my pocket.

Silver: That doesn't make sense...Are you going to share with us?

Jasper: Maybe...

Dallas: Maybe Blade can use me to fight Vito?

Blade: Maybe... Why are you in Bakugan Ball Form?

Dallas: It's a long story.

Wolfgirl: Will this stop everyone's from fighting each other? We need to stick together to get home.

Skawo: I don't know, they may be in on it too.

Jasper: The Rice Crispy has spoken!

Chapter XLX: Out of ControlEdit

The next day the group set out to locate Blade's old group. While everyone was walking on their own pace, the two Haos Bakugan are talking amongst themselves.

Dallas: I wanna go back soon.

Abel: Get back home?

Dallas: Get back home...and to my former self {C}Abel: What did Vito said anyway that led you to becoming that?

Dallas: He said he wants to see my true self.

Abel: Your true self?

Dallas: Yeah but I ended up becoming like this.

Abel: Okay then...

Abel: You lost your body but you surely can remember your memories...right?

Dallas: Well, not much actually.

Abel: What do you mean?

Dallas: I woke up not too long ago on Professor Kunagiri's doorstep.

Dallas: How I ended up there and what I was, I don't remember...

Abel: This could be a problem.

Abel: What if you really are a Bakugan?

Dallas: How could that be?

Dallas: I'm sure I'm human!

Dallas: Jasper even calls me Mr. Human.

Abel: But you don't even remember where you were born!

Abel: I just couldn't pass you up as an amnesiac!

Dallas: Then for the sake of our friendship, call me an amnesiac!

Abel: Fine then.

Abel: But promise me you won't tell anyone about this.

Dallas: Okay, I won't.

(with vito)

Vito:It seems our friends haved arived


Danielle: Leonidas Lets go greet them

Vito:Take them out

Danielle:Yes sir

(Leonidas teloports danielle to where worlfgirl and the others are)

Danielle:Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Go Haos Phantom Leonidas!

Leonidas:I will destroy All wh betray us!

Blade:Ok crap.

Danielle:Ability activate! Haos Lighting!

Jasper: Wow that was fast.

Skawo: We didn't have to look for you guys for long.

Wolfgirl: Alright Blade, looks like it is one on one. Here use Dallas so he can turn back to normal. (Hands Blade Dallas)

Blade: Feels weird to hold someone who used to be human.

Leonidas:Hmph....AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT AGAIN

Danielle:Leo keep youre self together.

Leonidas: I can't ARGHHHHH!!!

(Leonidas shoots a blast and a peice of rock hits danielle in the head she is knocked out)

Drake: Oh looks like she is out.

Vito: You two go now and bring her back.

Without saying anything Drake and Vince teleported themselves to Danielle location. Vince kneeled down and picked Danielle.

Blade: hello! who's gonna battle me.

(Leonidas still going on a rampage)


Blade: ok i'll battle him. bakugan brawl bakugan stand go haos dallas.

(Dallas stands)

Dallas:I hope i get changed back to my normal form


Blade: ability activate mystic cross

Leonidas:Phantom Blaster

(phantom blaster misses dallas and hits a very large rock that then starts to fall the rock is about to hit wolfgirl but..)

blade: noo!! (pushes wolfgirl out of the way only to have it fall on him.)

wolfgirl: blade no.

(Wolfgirl runs over to blade)

Wolfgirl:Say something Balde!

Blade:Chough! Ow!

Wolfgirl: you ok.

Blade: (passes out)

Wolfgirl: i just want it to go record that i didn't kiss him this time

(With Vito and danielle)

Danielle: What happend....?

Vito:You got knocked out

Danielle:Where's Leo?

Vito: He still has not gained control of him self.

Chapter XX:Edit

The next day as blade wakes up.

Wolfgirl: he's waking up good.

Blade: what what happened.

Wolfgirl: you saved me

Blade: ow my arm

Wolfgirl: fudge you're arm's all bruised we gotta get you two a doctor.

They notice Leonidas in his ball form sleeping.

Jasper: Technically I am a witch docter.

Everyone looked at Jasper.

Jasper: I 'm a shaman! (Smiling with his eyes closed)

Jaspe lean over Blade and picked up his arm. A strang red glow flowed out of Jasper's hands and into Blade. After a few moment the glow faded and Blade's arm was back to normal.

Jasper: I still got it! Hundren years has done nothing! (Grinning)

Jasper stood up and walked away. Blade looked around in shock.

Silver: I'm not going to ask.

Skawo: What so we do about him? (Pointing to Leonidas)

Wolfgirl: why don't we give him back to danielle.

(Leonidas wakes up)

Leonidas:What? Wheres danielle?

Jasper: I want to put him in my mouth.

Wolfgirl, Silver, Blade and Skawo looked at Jasper. Dallas rolled over. Just then Wolf came back from getting fire wood.

Wolfgirl: Why would you want to do that?

Jasper: To see what he tastes like.

Wolf: What who tastes like?

Skawo: Leonidas.

Leonidas: What, no don't put me in your mouth!

Jasper: Oh we should built a chain reaction contraption with dominos, race car tracks and roll Leonidas down it! {C}

Leonidas: No!

Wolfgirl: Don't worry. We won't let Jasper do that to you.

Jasper grunted, picked up Dallas and walked off.

Skawo: We can use Leonidas for ransom.

Silver: What would we need from the other people. They need a name. We need a name.

Wolf: Infomation on why we were brought here and how to get home. (Wolf was attempting to start a fire)

(With vito)

Vito:HA! they captuered leonidas!

Danielle:i gonna get him back

(Danielle walks away)

(with the other group)

Leonidas:Hnn danielle sould be here.

(Danielle appers)

Hidden chapter 1 wolfgirlEdit

(wolfigirl age 8)

Wolfgirl: hey kid give me your lunch money

Kid (scared): ok

(a 12 year old girl aproaches)

girl: who are you

wolfgirl: im megan who are you

girl: my name's dani, dani davis and this is pyrus snakey.

Wolfgirl: woah what's that

snakey: im a bakugan

wolfgirl: i want one

dani: promise me you wont bully kids anymore

wolfgirl: ok

dani: good then here you go (gives wolfgirl bakugan)

Wolfgirl: hi im megan whats your name

bakugan: im gingergon

wolfgirl: i'll call you ginger.

wolfgirl: you look like a wolf

dani: mabye you should be called wolfgirl

Wolfgirl: i like that name.

Hidden Chapter:DanielleEdit

(Danielle is walking around outside of the gundalia castle and a black portle opend up before her)

Danielle:What the...?

??:What is this planet?



??:My name is phantom Leonidas

Danielle:My name is danielle

Leonidas:Are you a good battler?


Leonidas: Lets be partners


Hidden Chapter 3 bladeEdit

(Blade age 10)

(a boy named lyle age 15 aproaches blade)

lyle: hey dork give me that (takes his lunch)

Blade: give it back

Lyle: whatcha gonna do about it.

Blade: (punches lyle) ow ow my hand

Lyle: ha ha (pushes blade and walks away)

(later that night blade is at home and walks into the telaporter room)

Blade: maybe i can go some where and be strong

(presses buttons on telaporter and telaports to new vestroia)

Hidden Chapter: JasperEdit

Two days prior to Dimentional Trouble; Japser comes out of the darkness, he is underground and leaned against an albino.

Jasper: Aniju, I am bored. What's ya doing?

Aniju: I am making a new creature, it's a squirrel.

Jasper: Will it cause destruction?

Aniju: No not really.

Jasper: Mkay. Bored, bored, bored

Aniju shifted to the right to make Jasper slide off her.

Aniju: Go bother the humans.

Jasper: No one to bother. You won't let me destroy.

Aniju: If you do then you'll be sealled away again.

Jasper grunted. He just got freed and didn't want to go back.

Aniju: Look I was sent a flair to a convetion in Interspace.

Jasper: Where's that?

Aniju: On the internet. It's a world in the computer.

Jasper: Huh, a lot has happen while I was gone. Now they make worlds inside things. All to get away from me?

Aniju: Here go bother people there but don't kill them.

Jasper: Awe...

Aniju: They battle with Bakugan. Here, I'll make you one.

Jasper: Make him strong and fierce! I want people to be afraid of him just like they used to be of me.

Aniju moved her tongue in her mouth as if she was eating. Then she spit out a black ball and closed her hands. When she was done she handed it to Jasper.

Jasper: This is it?

Aniju: They get bigger. Now what are you going to name him?

Jasper: Let's see what's a weird name? I'll name you Mungallchops!

Mungallchops pocked open.

Jasper: Oh!

Aniju: Go bother J. Alfred. He'll tell you how to play the game.

Jasper: Did I just loose?

Aniju: No you won the game.

Jasper got up and walked out of the room to go find J. Alfred.

Chapter XXI: The VisitorEdit

Jasper had walked a few yards away from the rest of the group. Jasper was about to put Dallas in his mouth when he heard someone coming. It was Vince. Jasper put Dallas instead in his pocket.

Jasper: Hey you I didn’t learn your name!

Vince: My name is Vince, and yours?

Jasper: I am Jasper! I hail from, (Looks up at the stars) that planet right there! (Points at the sky)

Vince looked up at where Jasper was pointing.

Vince: That’s really far away.

Jasper: Yeah and it has change a lot. They used to fear me.

Vince: I am from Earth. I don’t know where it is in the sky.

Jasper: Vinc Vinc knows I am not from Earth?

Vince: It is pretty obvious.

Jasper: Why are you here? Do you want to play again? (Jumping up on a log) I must say it would have to be quick. I got to get my frenz(Friend) back to normal. (Pulls Dallas out of his pocket)

Dallas: I saw so many things in there I … I can’t describe.

Vince: What happen to him? Oh wait Vito did. He’s not paying me double. He’s not paying me at all.

Jasper: I pay ya, I pay ya lots! (Holding his arms out to show how much he would pay Vince)

Dallas: Hey he is one of those guys.

Jasper: Thank you Captain Obvious.

Vince: Who’s he again?

Dallas: I am Dallas.

Jasper: What I thought your name was Dylan? Why didn’t anyone tell me? Who’s Dylan?

Dallas: Yeah anyways… (To Vince) Why are you here? Is it to get Leonidas?

Vince: No.

Jasper: Is it to spread apple seeds here then yonder?

Vince: My name isn’t Johnny. (Laughs) Oh I know something you don’t know.

Jasper: (Gasp) What is it? Tell me! Tell me!

Vince: No. (Smiling)

Jasper: Tell me! Tell me! (Jumping around Vince) Tell me! Tell me! Ah I am going to die! Ahh! Tell me!

Vince: Ha-ha, maybe if you persuaded me?

Jasper titled his head and tapped the other side with his hand as if he has water in his ear. Several quarters, pennies and dimes fell out of his left ear. Vince stared but he smiled amuse by the sight.

Jasper: It is wear I keep my money.

Vince: (picks up the loose change and counts it) Alright, Danielle has a crush on you.

Jasper: Huh? What? That it? What? But I am like hundred and twenty-one-ish, I don’t know I lost count. Huh? What? Ha-ha! Dam!

Vince: You don’t look that old.

Jasper: Ha-ha I know. (Thinking) Oh I can use this to my advantage!

Vince: Okay I don’t care.

Jasper: (Looks at Vince) Who do you like? Silver? Wolfie Girl? Showa?

Dallas: Showa is a guy.

Jasper: What really? (Pretending not to know) Dal Dal who do you like then?

Dallas: Where’s Abel.

Jasper: Oh that? Yeah I left that at home.

Vince: Drake is coming.

Jasper: Oh I don’t want to play with him right now. (Turns towards camp) Wolfie Girly! Showster, Silv Silv, Woof Woof! Oh and That One Guy!

Drake teleported to their location.

Drake: (To Vince) There you are! Why are you here?

Vince: I am here to get Leonidas, what else?

Drake: (Glaring at Vince) Right.

Wolfgirl, Showa, Silver, Wolf and Blade came over. Drake: And why are you here? I can handle this.

Dallas: Is Vito going to come?

Drake: no

Wolfgirl: Why are you here? Do you want to brawl again?

Vince: Drake, I’ll let you handle this one. (Steps aside)

Drake: Okay who’s going to brawl me?! {C}

(danielle appers on darhak)

Danielle:Thank you darhak

Darhak;No problem princess

Danielle:Go back to father

Darhak;as you wish

Wolfgirl: danielle two things one. Where'd the you get that bakugan and two why is he calling you princess.

Jasper: Hey princess.

Danielle blushes brightly. Jasper laughs loudly.

Jasper: Amusing. (Smiling)

Drake: Everyone pay attention to me!

Danielle:Darhak is my fathers bakugan he sent him to me. And im a princess on a planet called give back!

Jasper: Hahaha didn't see that coming! (Pause thinking) Barodious isn't a virgin?

Sliver:A princess why do I find that quite amusing.

Danielle:Cause you're weird. now give leo back to me be for i get angry.

Jasper: Hell No!

Wolfgirl: how about you win him from me in a battle.

Danielle:What happends if i lose?

Wolfigrl: you turn good like Blade.

Danielle:NO! i will never be good.

Wolfgirl:Why don't you want to be on the good side?

(Danielle transformes)

Danielle:Because nothing comes out of beeing good the only reason you got balde on youre side is he likes you and he is weak.

Vince: (Whispers to himself) Stronger then you.

Danielle:Darhak! Evil Blow!

(Darhak uses evil blow)

Darhak;As you can see i could easily kill you now but i wont.

Danielle:Now give me Leonidas back NOW!!!

Blade: wait a minute im not weak. Infact i'll battle you danielle: (whispering to general) we gotta impress Wolfgirl.

Blade: bakugan brawl go general. Ability activate darkus howl.

Danielle:Evil Blow! Battle gear boost! Battle gear ability activate arkor zayin!

Blade: battle gear huh. Ok then go battle suit.

Danielle:A battle suit?

Darhak:Don't worry princess i won't let them win!!!

(Darhak glows and he evolves)

Darhak:Exodea Shaker!

Chapter XXII:Edit

While everyone was focus on the brawl, Jasper silently slipped into the darkness taking Leonidas with him.

Jasper: (Whispers) I got plans for you and I am having too much fun for it to end.

Jasper held Leonidas up and using his magic locked him in ball form.

Jasper: Now you stay like that and don't give me any trouble.

Meanwhile back at the battle, Vince turned to Drake.

Vince: I think she should let her handle this then. You'll get to battle Blade or one of them after this.

Drake: Stupid princess thinks everything has to be about her... I could have won Leonidas back.

Blade: let's show them what a battle suit can do. Attack!

Danielle: ability activate thunder probe.

(Dharak attacks and takes out blade)

Danielle:See blade? you're pathedic.

Blade:i am not

Wolfgirl: you can't talk to him like that danielle.

Danielle:And what are you gonna do?

(Wolfgirl punches danielle in the nose causing a loud crack noise and then kicks her in the stomach.

Danielle:Haha!!!!! Thats the best you can do?

(Danielle punches wolfgirl back but harder)

(Wolfgirl grabs danielle's arm and flips her.)

(Danielle lands on her feet)


Silver: both of you stop.

Wolfgirl: whatever.

Danielle: just give me leo back.

Wolfgirl: fine. wait where is he.

Dallas: he was with jasper.

Danielle:Get leo now!

Danielle:Darhak! Let's go find leonidas.

Darhak:as you wish

Silver:Hey Wolfgirl do we go after them or something

Danielle:Darhak when we find leoniodas kill any ine who has him

Darhak;Finally i get some more fun

Vince: He went that way. (Pointing in the wrong direction)

Chapter XXIII: The PlanEdit

While Danielle and Darhak went in the opposite direction, Drake challenged the good guys to another brawl again.

Drake: Now that she is gone who is going to brawl me?

Blade: I guess I will. We still need to get Dallas back to him human form.

Drake: Fine by me!

Drake open the gate card and set his Backugan. Blade did the same but he used Dallas instead of Gingereon. Meanwhile Vince slipped away to go fine Jasper.

Blade: Alright Dallas lets see what you can do! Ability activate Ferrum Inflexus!

Dallas: How do you acttack again Abel? (Gows) Oh never mind.

Drake: Oh no you don't! Ability activate!

Meanwhile Jasper only went a few yards away into a nearby forest. Vince teleported and brought Lisani with him.

Jasper: Hello Vin Vin.

Vince: Is that my nickname?

Jasper: It's something Aniju does. Says the first part of someone's name twice. I'm Jasp Jasp.

Vince: Mkay, this is Lisani, our Aquos brawler.

Lisani: Are we going to brawl him? (With a quiver in her voice)

Vince: Why so nervous?

Lisani: I don't to dissapoint you.

Jasper: Oh you don't want to brawl me. I am no fun in brawling. No ability activate and all.

Vince: Danielle is looking for you but I bet you already know that.

Jasper: She went over there, I an over here. She won't find me. She has Darhak now. She don't need Leonadis, she already replaced him.

Lisani: That's her father's Bakugan.

Jasper: Hmm I have a plan. But lets see how Blade's brawl turns out. I think I can get Danielle to work for us if things don't work out for Blade and Dal Dal.

The three conitue to watch the brawl from afar.

(With darhak)

Danielle;Darhak please land

Darhak:as you wish

Danielle:Darhak you keep going that way i go back the other way but i'll stay out of sight


Danielle runs up a tree and goes the opposite direction as darhak.

Danielle:Almost there.

(Danielle arives at the spot jasper is)

Danielle:Give me leonidas back now.

Jasper: (Ranting) What no, thatis so unlikely that us it almost impossable. This forest is like massively big and you so happen to run into me without knowning where I am. I don't believie in it. I mean look at how big this place it, it's a Gawd dam jungle! You flew over there, Vince told you, how would you know where the Hell I am?! The battles between Blade and whoever he brawls never get finish because someone or something always mess it up. Can't ya wait till his brawl is over. No you have Darhak, you don't need Leonidas anymore. You replaces him. I mean are there any canon characters in this fan-fiction other then him. No because we all can fight our own battles without them. I am so telling daddy on you.

Vince: Are you done?

Jasper: Yup, I feel better now. (Smiling as if nonthing had happen)

Lisani: I'm scared.

Danielle: .... Canon characters?

Jasper put Leonidas in my mouth and smiled at Danielle.

Jasper: Come and get him now.

Danielle: ... (shocked faced)

Jasper: Fine I'll can't my plan since I don't know the out come of Blade's brawl. You won't get Leonidas back unless you do something for me.

Danielle: What is that?

Jasper: Well if Dallas doesn't turn back into a human, I want you to be his partner and brawl Vito to get him to change back, since you are a Hoas brawl. If not then I want you to betray Vito and spy on him tell us his plans and then give him thi card. (Pulls out unknown car from his sleeve)

Vince: He gots tricks up his sleeve.

Jasper: Oh yeah and send Darhak home bacuse you daddy is going to lose the war without him... I can't stop thinking that he actually slept with someone.

Vince: Yeah the miracle of life is great. What you suppose you do with me?

Lisani nudge Vince.

Vince: Oh and her then? And Drake?

Jasper: When this is over I am going to cause some trouble. I'll be needed some judges for my tournament. I'll pay you lots and lots.

Vince: Okay then.

Jasper smiled his evil grin.

Chapter XXIV: Still in the DarkEdit

Back to Blade and Drake's brawl.

Blade: Alright, Dallas. From this point on, we get down to business!

Dallas: Okay, I'll try my best.

Blade: Ability Activate ~ Piercing Light!

Drake: Finally you stopped goofing around. Fire Detenation!

Blade: Indignation!

Drake: What, my ability's gone?! You're quite a sneaky aren't you?

Dallas: Don't take it personally. I just want to get back to my former self.

Drake: Let's see how you fare with this, then! Double Ability Activate. Fire Detenation and Zaltoris!

Blade: Is there something else that you can do?

Dallas: I think I can but... Abel is not around.

Blade: Well that's too bad. Let's make the most of what you can do then.

Dallas: Right.

Blade: Fusion Ability Activate ~ Indignation and Denial!

Drake: You messed with my ability again?! Zaltoris!

Dallas: Let's finish this, Blade.

Blade: Got it. Double Ability Activate ~ Piercing Light plus Flex Sword!

With the combined power of Dallas' G Power Augmentation and the opponent's G Power being sharply reduced, the brawl was put to an end.

Drake: Perc---

Blade: We won! Dallas, did you...? Huh?

However, that victory was short-lived as the man responsible for Dallas' mishap appeared before them. Dallas also reverted back to Ball form and perched on Blade's shoulder.

Vito: What impressive power.

Dallas: Vito?!

Vito: The more that I see your powers, the more that I long for you. You should show me more of what you have.

Dallas: You...bring me back to my true form!

Vito: I already did.

Dallas: No you did not!

Vito: I said I did. Rather...did the truth hurt you so much?

Blade: What are you talking about?

Vito: The boy that you all have known as Professor Kunagiri's stepson is actually... A powerful Bakugan of the Haos Attribute. Haos Magus Dallas. Magnificent isn't it?

The truth which Dallas had just heard caused him to fall down from Blade's shoulders and lament.

Dallas: So everything that I had up to this point is all just a game. My father, my home...all of that.

Vito: I pity you that you were toyed with by the illusions caused by fate. But that is better than nothing at all, right?

Dallas: You...

Dallas tried to get up and with his anger, he threw a beam of light at Vito.

Dallas: You monster! I do not belong to you!

Vito: I'm sure you will.

Dallas: What the...?!

Vito: This barrier, you say? Come out, absolute power of hell's flames. DRAGO!

Blade: Did he said Drago?!

Dallas: No way..

{C}As a response, Vito summons his Guardian Bakugan ~ Judgment Dragonoid.

Blade: What happened to you... Dragonoid...

Dallas: So this means that if your Guardian is Drago then you are...

Vito: Hahahaha!!! You are one of the three magus that are responsible for the technology of the Time Machine, correct? Or you don't remember?

Dallas: I don't care if I don't remember!

Vito: With your knowledge, Magus Dallas, that and of the Perfect Core; I travelled back in time to get my revenge!

Dallas: Revenge for what? You were my hero. You were the one who inspired me to become a brawler despite not having memories of my own. How could you be such a wretched and evil man, Dan Kuso?

Vito: Dan...Kuso? Hahaha...that goody-two-shoes whose always playing the Hero? Or shall I say... I was a hero...but moreover, a pitiful sacrificial lamb of the universe. Now, I desire nothing but to destroy this ungrateful ocean of stars and worthless planets that had forsaken me!

Dallas: You can't do this!

Vito: Drago, are you getting hungry? There's your beautiful main course waiting for his fate.

Judgment Dragonoid and Dallas' eyes met. There, Dallas had read about Drago and Vito's exploits in New Vestroia.

Dallas: You had been... You had been devouring Aquos and Haos Bakugan?!

Vito: Who cares about those prissy little Wontu and Verias anyway? It's not like having them out of the scene would ruin New Vestroia wouldn't it?

Dallas: ...and now you want to feed me to Drago?

Vito: Sort of...but having you for Drago's meal would be a waste. So how about an offer. You owe me for the truth about yourself, therefore... PLEDGE YOUR ALLEGIANCE TO ME!

Dallas: NEVER! PERCITUS COMA~ Pierce through the Darkness!

Vito: Now is not yet the time.You ungrateful little amnesiac. I shall return and claim you when the time is right.

Vito and Judgment Dragonoid vanished from the scene, leaving Dallas to drop to his knees. He is now unable to return to ball form because of his mindset about what he just heard.

Chaptrer XXV: The Bonds of FriendshipEdit

Jasper jumped out of no where and went over to Dallas.

Jasper: Now that was interesting. (Picking Dallas up off of the ground) Ya a powerful little guy ya know that?

Dallas glared at Jasper.

Jasper: Oh why do you look so depress Dal Dal? Ya a Bakugan, a very powerful one too. Don't worry I won't let him take ya. You can belong to me if you like?

Dallas looked away.

Jasper: Hell Vito probably would want me if he knew what I could do. You are no slave Dal Dal. Let Vito know that. He isn't a Bakugan like you.

Blade: And how are we suppose to stop him?

Jasper: Oh is the Great Mighty Blade frighten?

Blade: No!

Wolfgirl: We can defeat him if we stick together. (Placing on hand on Blade's shoulder)

Shawo: You can beat Vito up, you;re a Bakugan!

Wolf: But make sure to save soem for us.

Silver: Vito won't stand a chance against all of us.

Jasper: As we grow stronger our voices get louder. (Holding Dallas up) As their sh** gets weaker we will stomp them with our sneakers. (Kicking the ground with his foot) We’re already dead inside, let our words eat you alive. (Pointing into the sky as if he were pointing at Vito)

While everyone was talking to Dallas, Vince went up to Drake.

Vince: You lost. (Drake glared at him) Vito told us not to disapoint him.

Drake looked down.

Vince: But I don't think you did.

Lisani: You made the Bakugan guy use his powers. I think that is what Vito wanted to see.

Drake: I could have won if Blade used his own Bakugan. He isn't even a Haos brawler. Blade is Darkus.

Vince: Dallas is just strong then? Or Blade is better then you thought if he can use another attribute.

Lisani: What's going on anyways?

Drake: Who knows...The only person who knows anything is Vito and he never told us anything.

Vince: It doesn't matter.

Drake: Where were you?! Where did you go! I could have used some help Vince.

Vince leaned over and whispered something in Drake's ear. Drake's eye widen. Vince then turned to Danielle.

Vince: So what are you going to do? Detray Vito to get you Bakugan back or stay with him and leave Leonidas inside of Jasper?

Meanwhile, Dallas had finally settled down and made up his mind.

Dallas: Jasper, you can put me down now.

Dallas: Please?

Dallas went down from Jasper's grasp. He looks up into the sky and then surrounded himself in white light.

Dallas: I've made my decision.

When the light had cleared, Dallas took the appearance of a tall and slender man with different clothing than his Bakugan form.

Dallas: This is my temporary human disguise. This also indicates that I've made my decision.

With firm resolve, he looks at everyone in the good guys' side.

Dallas: I will continue to Brawl as your Haos Brawler in order to defeat Vito so that I can return to my previous form...and also for us to return home safely.

He walked away a bit and sat down on a nearby boulder.

Dallas: I'm used to being the little brat that Professor Kunagiri worries about 24/7. From now on, I will fight to return to that form and to the home that was never really meant to be mine.

He looks at the distance and closed his eyes. Crusader Abel appeared before him.

Dallas: Abel, I'm...back. Sort of.

Abel: That...would take some getting used to.

Dallas: I know right.

Jasper went up to Dallas and started deeply at him for a long time. The he smiled.

Jasper: I like this one better. Why change back? You can change forms. Time pushes us forward and we must obey because no one can't go back.

Skowa: Jasper let him be.

Jasper: Change can be good. I mean you will have to grow up sometime and think if you start now, think of how powerful you will be? You can protect the people you love.

Jasper leaned over and licked Dallas on the cheek. Dallas jerked his head back in surprise.

Dallas: Why did you do that?!

Jasper: Because I can't put you in my mouth.

Dallas: Don't do that again! (Wipping his face)

Jasper: I can't make promises. (Jasper leaned in and rested his head on Dallas) You smell like Lilies.

Danielle: Wenier dogs are awsome.

Jasper: Yes and so is Dallas.

Dallas pushed Jasper away. Since Dallas didn't want to pay attention to him, Jasper turned to see who else he could bother. He then eyed Vince, Drake, Lisani and Danielle. Jasper dashed over to them. He slammed his body into Vince and Drake almost knocking them over.

Jasper: Well plans have change, Danielle what do you want to do?

Danielle:Fine jasper i'll work with you i'll spy on vito.

Jasper: Cool beans! (reachs into his pocket) Here give Vito this card. It should mess him up when he uses it. Tell him it is powerful.

Danielle:fine but where is he?

Jasper: I don't know at your base? (Suddenly turns and points at Vince, Lisani and Drake) And you, no tellie! (Wiggles his figure)

Vince: Whatever. (Doesn't care)

Lisani: Okay. (Frighten)

Drake: Fine. (Reluctantly agrees)

Chapter XXVI:Edit

Danielle:What ever i need some one to teleport me to the base then.

Drake: Why can't you do it yourself?

Vince: Fine. (Vince teleports the group to their base)

Jasper went back over to Dallas when they were gone.

There, Dallas was sitting on a boulder, talking to Abel and materializing Konpeito (Japanese star-like candies).

Dallas: This is good, Abel. Try some!

Abel: Thank you, master. (eats Konpeito)

Dallas: I wonder if I get to keep my powers if I return to my previous form...

Abel: What powers would you like to keep?

Dallas: I'd rather be materializing candies than sensing weird stuff in the place.

Jasper took one of the Konpeitos from Dallas.

Jasper: Thanks for offering.

(With the others)

Danielle:Waite here please thank you

Drake:Did she just say please and thank you?

Vince:Ya i think so

(With danielle)

Danielle:Vito i found this card it looks powerful

Vito:Give me that Card!


(Danielle walks a way)

Danielle:Ok lets go please


(they teliport back to jasper)

Jasper: Wow that was fast. You guys have good service.

Danielle:Yes can i have leonidas back now? Please?

Jasper: (In a lwo somwhat angry voice) Vito is standing right there. (Gesturing) You won't get him back it Vito finds out.

Wolfgirl: Didn't we just brawl you guys?

Drake: Gotta brawl again.

Jasper turned to Dallas and handed him another card.

Jasper: Just in cast help you defeat Vito, my love.

Danielle:What the.....? i hope leo is ok in you're stoumick

Jasper: Oh he's fine.

Vito: What are your two talking about?

Danielle: Nothing, we going to brawl them now?

Vito: Is this about Leonidas? Fine go brawl to get him back.

Jasper suddenly but rather expectively went up to Vito.

Jasper: Huh I thought yo be taller.

Vito lean back glaring at Jasper.

Jasper: Why you want Dallas so bad? Is it for the same reason I want him?

Vito: Why do you want to know? (Stepping back but Jasper followed him)

Jasper: Because I want him more.

Vito: Dallas belongs to me now moved out of my face!

Jasper: Awe why you have to be so mean Vit Vit? Oh are you like me?

Vito: I am nothing like you.

Jasper: Yes you are. You look the same as I did. You lost something you can never get back. I lost lots of things, people important to me.

Vito: You won't understand.

Jasper: You can fight time, it compels up forward and if you were to back in time to save the ones you love, it'll find a way to prevent you from succeeding. They will always die, one way or another.

{C}Vito: Stop it! Stop It!

Jasper: Think, and I mean think dam it. What would they want you to do? More on and live your life happible keeping them in our memory or spirl down a dark past of distroction?

Vito: Enough, stop it!

Dallas: Jasper he is getting really mad. Stop it before...

Chapter XXVII: BelieveEdit

A dark cloud fell over Vito and engulfed Jasper and Dallas first then Danielle followed by the other brawlers. Everyone was teleported to a dark placed that resembled New Vestoia but everything was darker.

Blade: What happen?

Skawo: Where are we?

Jasper: Candyland! Dark Candyland.

Wolf: Oh great we went to the Dark Side.

Vito was still freaking out but had moved some distance from the others. Drake pulled Danielle, who was the closest to Vito, away back to Vince and Lisan.

Drake: What;s wrong with him?

Vince: Jasper hit a sensitive spot.

Danielle: Let go I can walk by myself! (Pulled her arm away from Drake)

Drake: Okay fine, gosh you're welcome.

Danielle: I can ahndle myself.

Drake: Vito would have tore you to peices. I just save you.

Danielle: Why don't you hate me?

Drake: No but if you die who would I pick on?

Vince: (Rather calmly) Stop it you two. You are not helping.

Meanwhile Vito settled down and fell to his knees panthing.

Dallas: Was it the card Jasper?

Jasper: No he did it on his own. Now maybe a good time to brawl him?

Silver: What about them? (Pointing at the other brawlers on Vito's team)

Wolf: I don't think they are going to be much trouble but if they do we can handle them.

Skawo: Dallas you go take care of Vito since you have a bone to pick with him.

Dallas: What?

Just then Vito came running over at Jasper.

Jasper: Oh crap!

Jasper caught Vito and held onto his arms. He then pulled him to the side away from the others. Jasper kicked his foot out under Vito knocking him off balance.

Jasper: You are making this harder on yourself. Calm down, killing me won't bring you love ones back.

Vito: Dallas belongs to me!

Jasper kicked Vito again in the leg causing him to loose his balance again but this time Jasper grabbed him by the back of the collar and shirt. Using his own weight, Jasper threw Vito off to the side.

Jasper: Dallas will you come with me?

Dallas: ....

Jasper: I need you help Dal Dal.

Dallas: Okay...

Vito: Give him to me!

Jasper turned and licked Dallas on the cheek again. Dallas jerked back like he had done before. Jasper then turned back towards Vito.

Jasper: Do you still want him? (Vito was taken by surprise)

Dallas: By licking me, did you just like claim me or something? So he won't touch me?

Vito: I just won't touch him there then!

Jasper: Sing with me Dallas.

Dallas: What? I don't know how to sing.

Jasper: Just say Believe in me.

Dallas: Okay...

Vito got up and threw donw a gate card. Then Judgment Dragonoid.

Dallas: Believe in me... (Threw out Abel)

Jasper: When you feel like you're losing all your hopes and dreams. (Took off Mungallchops)

Dallas: Believe in me... (Jasper threw ou Mungallchops)

Jasper: When I am gone you gotta keep a smile on.

Dallas: Believe in me... (Used Ark Blast)

Jasper: Goodbye my friends, Just celebrate the times we spent.

Dallas: Believe in me. (Vito used Ombra Festa (Shadow Festival)

Jasper: We all die; It's an awfully big adventure.

Dallas: Believe in me. (Jasper used Shadow Claw)

Jasper: When I'm gone...

Vito: Stop, enough singing!

Jasper: We all fall down but we'll pick you up. We all fall down but we'll pick you up.

Vito used Scherzo di Notte (Joke of Night). Jasper nudged Dallas with his arm.

Dallas: Believe in me. (Used Megiddo Halo)

Jasper: Just keep your faith and believe in all that you make.

Dallas: Believe in me. (Jasper used Night Shade)

Jasper: My love is not a gamble; You can count on me

Dallas: Believe in me.

Vit fell to his kees again covering his ears crying for Jasper and Dallas to stop. Dallas glanced at Jasper, but he kept singing.

Jasper: No lies, Just love; I will be pure just like the sun

Dallas: Believe in me... (Jasper started to walk over to Vito)

Jasper: When you are down I will lift you up from the ground. (Picking up Vito)

Dallas: Believe in me. (Vito pulled back and attemted to use another ability)

Jasper: When I'm gone... (Jasper kneelled down)

Both Jasper and Dallas: We all fall down but we'll pick you up. We all fall down...

Jasper: but we'll pick you up (Attempting to pick Vito up again)

Vito: No get away from me! (Jerking back)

Vito fell backwards and kicking his feet out, pushing himself backwards away from Jasper. Dallas flintched but remained where he was. Jasper grabbed Vito to stop him from moving. Then he lean forwards so Vito could listen to him.

Jasper: If you're afraid of death. It'll come at you at the speed of light, but if your not afraid of death; it will cast its shadowy eyes upon you, and guide you into the eternal, infinity.

Vito: ....

Dallas: Believe in me. (Finally coming over)

Jasper: When I'm gone...(Staring into Vito's eye)

Both Jasper and Dallas: We all fall down..

Jasper: We'll pick you up. (Vito attempted to get out of Jasper's grip)

Both Jasper and Dallas: We all fall down...(Vito went limp)

Jasper: We'll pick you up. (Jasper pulled Vito up)

Jasper stood Vito up and held him so he could see both Jasper and Dallas.

Jasper: I love you... (In a whisper as if he was not the one saying it)

Vito's head fell back but his eyes remained open as if he was staring into the sky. Dallas came a little closer.

Dallas: What happen?

Jasper: It's the card. It weakens him by singing. It is also the power of the song.

Dallas: How do I know the lyrics?

Jasper: You believed.

Dallas: Is he going to be okay? I mean how long will this last?

Jasper: For awhile but the card should weaken him as long as he is carrying it.

Dallas: Is he awake?

Jasper: No he passed out... Want to draw on his face?

Chapter XXVIII:Edit

With Vito temporarily out of commission, the brawlers were free to decided what to do next. The sky had turned a organe and yellow like a sun set but the blue black tint remained on all the planets and rock around them.

Blade: Is he dead?

Jasper: No... (Pulling out his pen)

Wolfgirl: Well what do we do now?

Dallas looked at the distance and pondered.

Dallas: Vito...maybe you weren't so bad after all. Your change was, after all, driven from unrequitted love and not from selfishness.

Abel: You humans used to say "It's better to love than not to have loved at all."

Dallas: I guess that after all these, I'd go get myself a girlfriend.

Abel: That is if Professor Kunagiri would agree.

Dallas: The heck with my old man? He'd surely agree!

Abel: Then so be it.

Dallas: You know, if Vito had not lost his beloved; he wouldn't be evil. If that is so then I've found my reason for existence.

Abel: What is it this time?

Dallas: It doesn't matter if I get back to my previous self now. If Professor Kunagiri really accepts me as a family then he would understand that I am simply a poor little Bakugan looking for a family.

Abel: You better promise him that you'd be a good boy.

Dallas: Of course! That and from now on, I swear that I will protect and cherish the people that I admire.

Abel: ...and defeat Vito?

Dallas: I have to defeat Vito. After all, he is but an alternate reality. But they who exist in the present time as us... I will protect them with all that I can so that they will not suffer such grim fate.

Abel: Who is this person of the present time that you speak of?

Dallas: Dan Kuso...the person that I admire. Runo Misaki, Dan's one true love...and Drago.

Abel: Runo Misaki, isn't she the top Haos Brawler on Earth?

Dallas: Yes but she needs an update in her skills. Maybe I could teach her a thing or two about what I know regarding magic...not just brawling.

Abel: Yes, so that she can protect herself should the time come that death bids her door.

Dallas: Then it's settled. Beat Vito, go home, get a girlfriend, teach Runo and meet and greet with Dan n' Drago!

Abel: That's the spirit.

Dallas: ...but for now, Konpeito!

Abel: *crunch crunch*

Dallas: Aww~you always get the clear ones!

Jasper: Hasn't that been what I was saying this whole time?

Jasper came over dragging Vito by the arm as if he was a big stuff teddy bear. Jasper leaned over and took one of the konpeito.

Jasper: Thanx for offering Dal Dal. (Nom, Nom) So Dal Dal, you want a girldfriend?

Dallas: Yep, I want a girlfriend.

Dallas looks at the sky and smiled.

Dallas: There was this pretty girl from Earth. She has pink hair and blue eyes. She is a Subterra Brawler that works as a Brawling tutor.

He looked at the ground with his face disillusioned.

Dallas: But she might be older than me so I stopped thinking about her.

Abel: That was when you used to be in that brat form.

Dallas: Yeah, that reminds me! I look older than her now so maybe I can start courting her when we get back.

Abel: Just try your luck. I heard that girl is in love with some Vestal guy.

Dallas: Then I'll prove to her that I'm the greater Brawler!

Jasper grunted and sat down.

Jasper: I once loved someone but they went away.

Vito made a sound be remained still. From behind the sounds of Drake and Danielle arguing could be heard.

Jasper: (Whispers to himself) All this talk about love is making me depressed.

Wolfgirl: We need to get home first Dallas.

Skawo: Now that we got Vito, let make him take us home.

Wolf: Where are we exactly.

Jasper: Vito’s universe

Chapter XXIX:Edit

Since Vito wasn't going to be a problem any time soon, the two groups settled down for the night. Some how Wolf got another fire going. They took turned keep watch while the others slept in case they were attacked by something or in case Jasper would draw on their faces again. In the morning Wolfgirl's phone began to ring.

Wolfgirl: Five more minutes.

Jasper rolled over and crawled to Wolfgirl. He reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone.

Jasper: Ello?

Brandon: Huh this isn't Megan? Who's this?!

Jasper: Her real named is Megan? I'm Jasper.

Brandon: Where's my sister?

Jasper: Sleeping next to me...(Realizing he should have not worded it that way)

Brandon: What?!

Wolfgirl: Give me that! (Took the phone from Jasper)

Jasper crawled away and laid back down next to Dallas.

Dallas is deeply asleep on his back. He breathes silently and unmindful of his surroundings. Crusader Abel, in opened ball form, is keeping a close watch on whoever goes near.

Abel: I don't really like sleeping. I like to make the most out of my time and to watch over my best buddy.

Jasper rolled over and gradded Vito and pulled him close.

Jasper: My teddy bear.

Jasper then woke in a very dark place. He sat up and found himself alone. The ground flowed as if it was mist but it was a solid. He heard something move behind him and he turned to see what it was. All he saw was a strange figure that resembled a mutated human. The markings on his outter layer glowed red. Jasper stood up. Then he could hear the sounds of someone else.

Danielle:i wonder if leo is board.

(Inside jasper)

Leonidas:Jeez im board

Jasper: Wolfie Girly! Skawster, Silv Silv, Woof Woof, That One Guy!


Jasper: Who are you over there? (Looking back at the dark figure but it was gone) Oh now where did you go?

Jasper started to walk around in this dark world. Walking was almost like moving on uneasy flexable ground as if he were on a trampoline. There didn't seem to be an objects around so Jasper had no landmarks to know where or how far he was walking.

Jasper: Dal Dal? Woof Woof? Skawster? Ya there?

Vince: Vinc Vinc is here.

Drake: So is Drake Drake?

Jasper could finally see their outline against the dark background. Jasper was happy to have found someone. He went over to them.

Drake: Where are we?

Jasper: Safe to say you guys had nothing to do with this?

Then the silence was broke by the sounds of someone in panic. It was Dallas.

Dallas: Ah get off of me!

Jasper: Dal Dal what's wrong?

Silver: Dallas I am coming!

Jasper: Silv Silv too!

They managed to locate Dallas in the darkness. He had tripped over Vito and had woken him. Vito had grabbed Dallas by the legs but Dallas easilly kicked him off. Silver and Jasper pulled Dallas away while Vito went limp again and passed out.

Dallas: What is up with him?

Silver: Did Vto bring us here?

Jasper: No he is too messed up. (With a sense of pride) Vito won't give us much trouble as long as he has that card. Now let's go find everyone else.

Wolf: Ah what is that?!

Wolf came stumbling out of the darkness, behind him was some kind of creature. It looked to be a Bakugan human hybrid. Blade appeared and tripped over a small black cloud on the ground.

Blade: Where on Vestal are we?!

Suddenly many Bakugan appeared and surrounded to group of brawlers.

Drake: Looks like we have to fight out way out!

Vince: It would appeare so...

Blade: Where is Wolfgirl?

Jasper: I dunno...

Drake: Gate Card open! Bakugan Set! (Threw out Pyrus Cyclone Percival) Let's take them out!

Dallas: Are you ready Abel?

Abel: As always.

Dallas threw Abel on the field, Blade threw down General, Vince threw Baldersnatch while Wolf got his Wolfie. Jasper pulled Munallchops off of his necklace.

Jasper: Mungallchops, I choose you! (Pokemon opening sound effect)

Meanwhile Wolfie and Skawo managed to find Danielle and Lisani. They were unaware of what was happening to the others.

Wolfgirl: Where are we and where is Blade?

Skawo: Is he all you care about? What about the others?

Danielle;I think we'er in the doom dimension. leo would know tho.

Suddenly a group of Bakugan appeared and surrounded Wolfgirl, Skawo, Danielle and Lisani.

Skawo: These guys look like they mean business.

Lisani: Are they friendly?

Just then one of the Bakugan shot a dark beam at her. Skawo grabbed her and pulled her out of the way. Lisani barely escapes in time.

Skawo: Apperantly not! (With Alarm)

The Bakugan got ready to attack.

Wolfgirl: Looks like we have to fight out way out! (Getting Ginger)

Chapter XXX:Edit

Blade seemed to have team up with Drake again on one side of the group. Their Bakugan battle side by side while Dallas and Silver took the other. Jasper and Vince took the remainder.

General: These guys aren't so tough!

Blade: Keep on your toes General! They have numbers on their side!

Drake: Hay they don't stand a chance! Right Mighty Blade?

Blade: Keep focus Drake.

Silver: Nice to see we can work together eh, Dal?

Dallas: I wish Vito would do the same.

Vito was still laying motionless on the ground unware of the battle going on around him. Dallas moved away from him just in case.

Jasper: Vinc Vinc, we should sing a song!

Vince: Mkay, which one?

Something caught Jasper's eye from the side and he turned to look at it. A white light pieced the darkness and in the center stood a wemon. Jasper recognized the person initially.

Jasper: Hey Frida! What brings you here?

Frida: You are looking well Jasper.

Jasper: Yupe, I got friends now see? (Tilting his head towards his group)

Frida: I see good to see you are getting better everyday. (Frida smiled)

Jasper: Yupe, they are real this time.

Frida: That is sweet Jasper. Here this is for you. (Hands Jasper a flower)

Jasper: Oh a aethera! I really missed these flowers. They used to grow like crazy back home remember Frida.

Frida; I remember, you started to love them because they were my favorite.

Jasper: Yeah...(More serious) Why are you here?

Frida: Jasper, you must save them.

Jasper: Eh?

Frida: You have to protect your new friends from the light okay Jasper? Or they will all go away.

Jasper: Go away, why? But things have been going so well? Why would they leave?

Frida: Protect them from their nightmares or you will lose everything. They will leave one by one and you will be alone again.

Jasper: What no! Not again! I made is so far! I won't let them leave me, not like before!

Frida: Good to hear that Jasper.

Jasper: They mean a lot to me like you do Frida. I don't think they understand how important they are to someone who was left with nothing. I finally got something in my wrecked life that I never had. The thing that was taken away from me!

Frida: Yes, Jasper, but remember you must save all of them every last singal one, even the ones who may harm you and your friends.

Jasper: What, why? Anyone who tries to take awa what I finaly got should suffer and die!

Frida: That sounds like the old you. Jasper, you are not like that anymore. You don't have to be, not in this new life you were given.

The light started to fade and the darkness began to reclaim it's domain back. Frida started to fade away. Jasper became alarm. She was leaving him again.

Frida: I have to go now Jasper.

Jasper: Wait! Don't go!

Frida: It was good seeing you again.

Jasper: No you can't do that! Not Agian! Don't leave me!

Frida: Take care Jasper...

Jasper: No Frida come back! Not again! Don't leave me again!

Frida vanished back into the fading light and the darkness conusmed the last of the rays. Jasper killed over on to his knees staring at where she once stood. He now notice how cold it was here and how sorrowful this place really was. It was like being trapped again, forever in the darkness with people around him, but he could not interact with them. He always heard their voices, could vicariously feel their warmth but was always cold. It was a miserable place that he once knew. Then Jasper felt someone's hand on his shoulder.

Vince: Jasper, we need to get going.

Jasper: Okay Vinc Vinc. I see...(Looking up) Vince, will you stay with me?

Vince: Alright, if that is what you want.

Jasper: It is like a dark dream I can't escape from. I want to wake up.

Vince: Nightmares haunting you? It's your dream, force it to obey you. It can only exist in your head so you should be it's master. Force it into submission and show it who is boss.

Jasper: Yeah okay, I am the master and I don't want this lie anymore.

Chapter: XXXI:Edit

Blade, Drake, Dallas, Silver, Wolf, Vince and Jasper's Bakugan started to push back to attacking dark Bakugan. A Bakugan shot a dark beam causing Dralke to step back. He tripped over Vito.

Drake: He is in the way.

Blade: Let's get moving before they have a chance to surround us again.

Silver: Sounds good!

Jasper picked up Vito and the brawlers took off. Their Bakugan were able to give them a head start. As they were moving, a flash caught their eyes. A few hundred meters off Wolfgirl, Skawo, Danielle and Lisani group were fighting.

Blade: Let's go help them!

Wolfgirl: Blade you are okay!

She ran up to him and hugged him.

Jasper: Yes I am okay. Thanks for asking.

The ground began to shake, a dark cloud stormed out of a crack in the floor. A claw came out and grabbed Danielle by the leg.

"You are one of them!" thunder a voice. "The reason why I am here!"

Danielle: What is this? Get it off!

"I'll drag you down to the pit of darkness!"

Without thinking Blade, Drake and Skawo grabbed her back but the claw hel it's hold. As they pulled her away they also pulled the own of the claw out. It was too dark to see his face but his eye glowed blood red.

Danielle: Leonidas save me!

Wolfgirl, Silver, Lisani joined in to help the other pull her out while Wolf and Dallas kicked at the claw. Jasper calmly came over and kneeled down at the hole in the group. He stared at the dark figure. He laid Vito down next to him.

Dallas: Do something Jasper!

Jasper: Super awesome, mega, ultimate, goober amazing power go!

Jasper leaned forword and spit Leonidas at the dark figure. Leonidas twirled and hit the figure in the face. The figure snarled and the moment Leondias made contact with his face, Vince kicked his claw forcing him to let go. Leonidas bounced off and rolled into the darkness. Almost as soon as Danielle was free, he crawl off to of find Leonidas. While everone was distracted by her, the figure came out again and this time grabbed Vito's body and pulled him into the dark hole. Jasper grabbed on to his leg but was pulled down along with him.

Danielle jumped into the hole and leonidas came next to her

Danielle:Where we going?

Leonidas:The doom demention.

Silver:This is just beyond belief!

Leonidas:no it's not

Silver:Who ask You!

Leonidas:Im just sating what i know and you wont be able to battle because the doom dimensioan sucks a way youre bakugan stranghte but i will be safe because i was born there.

Jasper: This is not the doom dimension Leonidas! (Yelling from farther down)

Jasper struggled to free Vito from the dark creature's grip. He pulled himseft down and bit the claw as hard as he could. He reached down and jabbed his nails into the red eye. There was a snarled and Vito was free. Jasper turned his body and threw Vito back up using a serge of dark magic to thrust his body up. The card that had kept Vito under control slipped out away from his body. Vito open his eyes slightly enough to see what was going on.

Lisani: We should save them!

Vince: Oh okay fine! Come Baldersnatch!

Baldersnatch followed Vince along with Lisani and Airwolf. Both Lisani and Vince grabbed hold of Vito and pulled him on to Airwolf. Jasper righted himself in mid-air but he felt the cold grip of the calw on his leg. Before he could free himself he was pulled farther into the blackness.

Jasper: At teast they wil be okay...

Chapter XXXII:Edit

Danielle:Rise Phantom Leonidas!


Danielle:Fly as fast as you can!

Silver:Their's no way i'm going to let it end like this Gaia with me

Gaia:Do you really think we can.

Silver:Hey if princess can do it we will have nothing to worry about.So let's do this Keb Gaia

Gaia:So we follow Danielle right?

Silver:Gaia you know I'm not about to leave my friend's behind and you should not do such a thing to...Gaia we can at least try.

Danielle and leonidas chetches up with jasper

Danielle:if it's not the doom dimension where are we then and how does this bakugan know me?

Danielle pulls a knife from her pocket and jumps on the bakugan and starts stabing it.

Danielle:Jasper this would be easier if you would help.

Leoniodas:Haos Lighting and dark sword

Jasper wiggled but the claw only tighten it's grip. He was unable to free his arms or use magic. Jasper felt himself fading out. Everything was blurry to him.

Jasper: (quietly) Save yourself while there is still time.

Meanwhile higher above them Vince and Lisani watched. Vince jumped off of Airwolf and on to Baldersnatch.

Vince: Go back up and get out. I'll get Jasper.

Lisani: What about Vito?

Vince: Take him too.

Airwolf flew Lisani back up to the entrance of the dark hole they had open up. Vince and Baldersnatch went to aid Danielle and Leonidas. As Baldsnatch and Vince desended, he notice how much colder it was in this abyss of blackness.

Vince: Come on Jasp Jasp! Fight back!

Jasper: (mumbling) It is so dark and cold. So dark like a nightmare.

Leonidas;Come on jasper!

Danielle:Its cold

Danielle:Don't give up jasper!! Come on buddy!

Looking up at Danielle with sad guilty eyes.

Jasper: Do you hate me?

While everyone is busy in that dark place, Vito was finally able to open his eyes. He immediately looked for his loyal...rather, soul-bound minion.

Vito: DRAGO!

Judgment Dragonoid: Yes, master.

Vito: Those fools...they will pay for what they did to me.

Vito slowly got up and then in the blink of an eye, he vanished with Judgment Dragonoid.

Danielle:Why would i hate you?

Leonidas:Argh! How does this thing know who you are?! Shadpw sweep!

Danielle:Burr cold leo how long till we reach the bottom?

Leonidas:I'll check dragon blast!

Danielle,jasper, and leo whatch as the attack hits the ground in 30 seconds.

Danielle:Oh gosh

Danielle:Jasper can't you help at all?

Jasper: Do you hate me for taking Leonidas?

Jasper looked up at the closing hole above, then he down at where the dragon blast hhad it. He knew they were not in the Doom Dimension at all. They were in a dark prison, a riff in space where something or someone was held for great acts of evil. This riff dimension in-between dimensions has no gravity or land. It was all base off of the inhabitant's mind. If someone wanted a hard surface the space beneath their feet would become rigid. If they wanted to fly or float then they would be able to defy gravity. Jasper looked back up and saw that the hole was closing.

Jasper: I'm sorry Danielle. I am so sorry.

Jasper looked up at her eyes. He placed his hand on his face and slid his figures along the side of her cheek. Then he moved his hand down to her side.

Jasper: Find the Tree of Hearts and get out of here now.

Jasper grabbed hold of Danielle and flung her as hard as he could back up the the entrance of the riff.

Jasper: Live on Princess of Gundalia!

Chapter XXXIII: Dark DreamsEdit

Vince watched as Danielle flew back up above him. He could see that Lisani had left the riff and everyone else was safe. He then comanded Baldersnatch to go after Jasper.

Vince: Come on Baldersnatch.

Baldersnatch doved down farther into te darkness in search of where Jasper ad gotten off to. Meanwhile back above, Lisani saw the hole closing. Frantic she turned to where Vito was but he was gone.

Lisani: That bastard ditched us! I thought we were his team?! We could use his help.

Airwolf: WE can't leave team to die in the darkness.

Lisani: You are right my loyal friend. Vince is still a team-mate and Jasper is still a living person and bot need to be saved.

Meanwhile inside the Dimension in-between Dimension, Bladsnatch and Vince were still coninuing their search for Jasper. Baldsnatch was un able to use his nose since there was no scent in this place.

Vince: Come on Baldersnatch, we can't give up.

They hearda a vioce that echos int he darkness.

Jasper: All these dark dreams gotta mean something.

A grew glow suddenly broke the light and Jasper was riding on Mungallchops.

Danielle:Leo birng me back.


Jasper: All these dark dreams gotta mean something.

Vince: All alone late at night, when the nightmares come alive. I start to lose all control, tearing at the sheets to save my soul.

Jasper: I'm falling down to the ground, don’t understand what is around. I'm losing my fucking mind, Insecurities are eating me alive.

The Bakugan attacked with a bright bream of light. It shot straight out of the closing hole opening a little wider but it see began to close again.

Danielle:Come on leo get to jasper!

Lisani: Wait Danielle! Look light can keep the hole from closing so Jasper and Vince can get out. Use you light to keep the hole from closing! That Bakugan down there is a Haos Bakugan.

Danielle:Ok leo keep that hole open


Dallas: Abel!

Abel: Yes, what is it?

Dallas: It's time that we summon a force that can help us through this!

Abel: Wait, you're not thinking...

Dallas: I know I'm scared of those things but...I need to gather courage so that we can get home!

Abel: Alright then.

Dallas: You with me?

Abel: I am, always.

Despite the turbulent winds, Dallas was able to switch back to his oversized Bakugan form. Abel goes to his Bakugan form as well. Together, the two summoned ~

Dallas and Abel: COME OUT, VERITAS TITAN!!

The two Haos Bakugan which had been in Perfect Sync all the time was able to summon a Haos-attribute Mechtogan Titan that resembles a towering paladin. Veritas Titan then helped Leonidas keep the portal open.

Dallas: Let's help him.

Abel: Right.

Dallas and Abel also helped reinforce Veritas Titan and Leonidas. The portal's opening is now big enough to help them escape that dimension.

Dallas: Hurry, we don't have much time!

Vince: Dark dreams all night dancing moonlight beauty star bright save me tonight.

Baldersnatch attacked the Haos Bakugan giving time for Mungallchops to get out of the way. Mungallchops turned around and slash back at his attacker. Mungallchops’ attacked seemed to be stronger than before. Jasper hung on to his Bakugan but a shine in the corner of this eye caused him to turn his head.

Frida: Wake up, wake me up! Wake up, wake me up!

Frida stood in a ray of light engulfing her whole body. She appeared to be a white agnel from above.

Jasper: All these dark dreams gotta mean something. All these dark dreams gotta mean something.


Baldersnatch attacked again since Jasper seemed to be distracted by the light. Vince glanced at it but after determining the greater threat focused his attention of the Haos Bakugan below.

Vince: All alone I dream again. Can't escape the monsters in my head. They are always right behind me, chasing me down a dead-end street.

Mungallchops kept focus and used his dark powers to shield himself form a blow delivered by the Haos Bakugan. Jasper shifted on Mungallchops’ head and clung to his ear.

Jasper: Let's sail away, far away. To the skies, stars, and beyond. Now lay me down to sleep to the Sun and infinity.

Danielle:Jasper i know youre crazy but you have to keep it together now.

Jasper: All of these dark dreams, they keep haunting me. I don't know what to do, facing impending doom.

The light grew brighter and more intense.

Frida: Wake up, wake me up! Wake up, wake me up!

Jasper: All these dark dreams gotta mean something. All these dark dreams gotta mean something. All these dark dreams gotta mean something.

Danielle:Come on jasper!!!! Snap out of it now please!!!!!!!!

Mungallchops and Baldersnatch circled around the Haos Bakugan. Baldersnatch attacked from one end while Mungallchops attacked from the other. All the while they were ascending upwards.

Jasper: I don't really know, maybe it's nothing. All these dark dreams gotta mean something. I don't really know, maybe it's nothing.

The light move up wards away from the Haos Bakugan towards where everyone else was. Mungallchops and Baldersnatch dashed up awards towards the light.

Jasper: All of these dark dreams, they keep haunting me. I don't know what to do, facing impending doom.

Baldersnatch first blasted out of the hole followed by Mungallchops. The light had moved a little farther away and grew more brighter. It formed into the shade of a tree.

Frida: Wake up!

Jasper and Vince: from my nightmare. (They headed towards the light)

Frida: wake me up!

Jasper and Vince: from my nightmare. (The Haos Bakugan followed them out)

Frida: Wake up!

Jasper and Vince: from my nightmare. (Lisani singalled for everyone to follow them)

Frida: wake me up!

Jasper and Vince: from my nightmare.(Mungallchops the the first to meet the tree)

Frida: Sail away, yes far away. To the Sun, yes here we come. Now I lay me down to sleep, To the stars and infinity.

The light engulfed everything.


Hidden Chapter: Adventus

A tall black and red gradient-haired man wearing a labcoat and eyeglasses stood by his doorstep. He is accompanied by his Guardian Bakugan, a Sentinent Pyrus Bakugan.

Kunagiri: He escaped...

Spinzaku: He sure did.

Kunagiri: 1337 laser beams all epic fail.

Spinzaku: I sometimes wonder if he's the Sixth Hokage or something.

Kunagiri: Correct. In order for you to dodge all 1337 lasers; you would either have to be a Hokage-level ninja or someone who knows the number combination to deactivate the laser beams.

Spinzaku: Seriously, I don't understand why you have to be too hard on the boy.

Kunagiri: It's because Dallas is a family and he must be cherished.

Spinzaku: That or...there's something else to it?

Kunagiri: For sure, I'm the type of person who dislikes being alone. Machines may be amazing but they do not possess any soul.

Spinzaku: You used to be a content man doing all sorts of weird things with whatever you find around.

Kunagiri: Oh, forgiveness. I am simply good at hiding how I truly feel.

Spinzaku: There is no offense taken. I can understand.

Kunagiri: Let's go back inside and have something better to do.

Spinzaku: Good. I was getting bored.

Kunagiri: How about a good card game or something?

Spinzaku: No, let's try that word game that you were telling us about.

Kunagiri: I'd rather have a two-player game.

Spinzaku: You're right. That word game requires four. Dallas and Abel aren't around so...

Kunagiri: We'll go with the card game.

But before Professor Kunagiri could go back inside, he was stopped by a familiar-looking Pyrus Brawler.

Kunagiri: Welcome to the humble abode of Professor Kunagiri ex Machina. What brings you here?

Dan: Dan Kuso of the Battle Brawlers.

Kunagiri: A high-profile individual eh?

Dan: This isn't time for pleasantries, sir.

Kunagiri: Pray tell, what brought you here?

Dan: New Vestroia is in danger and it has something to do with your son.

Kunagiri: With Dallas?!

Dan: Well, I haven't seen Dallas since the time we saved Vestal and New Vestroia from the Vexos...sure enough he won't be the cause of the imbalance in New Vestroia.

Kunagiri: Dallas may be a prick at times but he won't do such thing. That I believe.

Dan: I sure hope he would not.

Kunagiri: Hmm...

The professor looks at Dan in the eyes. Therein he saw a horrifying vision.

Kunagiri: You...

Dan: Professor?

Kunagiri: The shadow of death is upon you. A future so dark that it is inevitable.

Dan: What is this you're talking about?

Kunagiri: If you indeed have the ability to love then you should also have the capacity to protect.

Dan: I can protect my friends, I swear that!

Kunagiri: Can you?

Dan: Yes I can!

Kunagiri: Keep your friends close...but your paramour the closest.

Dan: What's with Runo? Is there something about her?

Kunagiri: Not about her.

Dan: Then who?

Kunagiri: About you.

Kunagiri turned his back on Dan. He then ordered Spinzaku to trail on Dallas in New Vestroia.

Kunagiri: The Great Memetic Phoenix, Spinzaku.

Spinzaku: Professor, enough with the formalities.

Kunagiri: Soar to the skies of New Vestroia and find your friends.

Spinzaku: Understood.

Spinzaku opened a portal and went inside it. Just as when the portal is vanishing...

Kunagiri: What are you doing?!

Dan: Your premonition, the inevitable...

"I must prevent them from happening."

Kunagiri: DAN!!

...and the portal vanished. Professor Kunagiri was left alone by his doorstep.

Chapter XXXIV:Crimson LabyrinthEdit

The turbulent wind, twisting, turning, falling, flying, a force that was inescapable. Nothing could be seen, only slight glimpses of blurred madness. With his hands, nails, and feet, Jasper clung to Mungallchops. The coldness of the fast moving air and the warmth of his Bakugan’s body, the twisting blurs of everyone else. The light open up the maze of branches darting off in every direction to the sky, a sea of stars lay before them.

Mungallchops: Garh!

Jasper saw a bright light and felt his Bakugan’s body slip away from him. Mungallchops turned back into ball form. Jasper reached put and grabbed a hold of his precious friend. He pressed his Bakugan close to his body clinging with a death grip. Someone else rubbed against him and Jasper glanced down. It was Dallas and beside him was Wolfgirl and Silver. Jasper felt someone on his other side and he saw Danielle and Vince, then Drake. They all had followed him into the unknown light.

Dallas: Abel!

Jasper managed to pull and arm out and brought Dallas close to him. Dallas was surprisingly cold on the outside, his skin and clothing but as Jasper brought him closer, he felt that Dallas’ inner core was warm. He wrapped his arm around Dallas’ waist and placed his hand on his stomach.

Dallas: Jasper?!

Jasper: I’m here!

The group blasted up into the labyrinth of branches. Jasper felt and hand on his side. It was Danielle. He reached down with Mungallchops in hand and grabbed ahold of her as well. A huge surge of wind shot up and tagged at Jasper. He felt Danielle fell away from him. Dallas was tore away and disappeared. Jasper clung to his Bakugan, the only one left. He never felt so alone not even when he was in his prison, yet he felt close to his Bakugan. The only person he had left. Everything became a maddening blur of light. A hurricane force wind pulled him along, he had no control over where he was going. He just let it take him to where ever its destination may be. He would be happy to land anywhere, just to get off his hell ride. Jasper closed his eye and just gave in. He just wanted to be….


Danielle:Leo keep that gate open!!!!

Leonidas:Im trying!! Argh!!!! Loseing power!!!

Vince: You can stop now. We are back now.

Jasper: You can't go back into the protal, it's a one way street.

Jasper looked down at his little Mungallchops in his hand.

Jasper: You okay little guy?

Mungallchops rolled in his hand. Jasper smiled. He then turned his attention to Dallas.

Jasper: What now Dal Dal? What's ya going to do?

Danielle:ok leo what do you want to do?

Leonidas:Hnnnnn.... I want to see if there is any one that can take me out

Jasper went over to his Haos Bakuganiod friend and hug him. Jasper nuzzled the side of Dallas' head affectionately.

Jasper: We're friends right Dal Dal? We are bonded and I am very fond of ya. What are you going to do now?

Danielle:Well... im going to find something to do

Leonidas:Don't you mean "someone"


Jasper: Are you leaving Danielle? Oh good bye then Princess of Gundalia.

Danielle:Im not going back to gundalia its boring i'll stay here.

Jasper turned back to Wolfgirl, Skowa, Silver, Wolf and Dallas. Vince turned away and called from Lisani to follow him.

Lisani: Is that it?

Drake: Are we done? Why all this trouble then?

Vince: Blade left and Vito ditched us so this team is over. Come with us if you like.

Drake: Fine then.

Just then Wolfgirl's phone started to ring. Jasper dashed over and picked it up before she could get it.

Jasper: Hello?

Brandom: Huh? You again? Where's my sister?

Jasper: Dal Dal it's for you.

Dallas: Huh? Who are you?

Jasper: It's Brandon, Wolfgirl's brother. Say hi to him.

Jasper clung to Dallas a little tighter and rested his head on Dallas' shoulder.

Jasper: Maybe later you can take me home with ya.

Wolfgirl (to jasper): give me that.

Jasper: It's your bro! Tell him I said hi! (loudly at the phone) Hello Brandon!

Brandom: Who is that Megan?!

Wolfgirl: just this dude on my team.

Jasper: Hi Brandon! Hey Bandon! Brandon! BRAAANNDDDOOONNNN!

Danielle:Haha random guy.

Jasper: You mean me or Brandon?


Wolfgirl: Blade you mind helig me shut them up!

Blade: jasper danielle shut it wolfgirl is busy

Danielle sticks her toung out a blade

Leonidas:Danielle what are you doing?


Brandon: what is going on!!!

Wofgirl: nothing!

Jasper: (Hit Blade realy hard) After I stood up for you this is how you treat me?! You can't tell me what you do! I was never on your team!

Blade: Oh gosh that is going to leave a mark.

Jasper takes the phone from Wolfgirl.

Jasper: Hey your sister has a new boyfriend and he is rather rude.

Brandon: What? Who? Is it you?

Jasper: No she is too young for me.

Wolfgirl: Hey give it back!

Jasper: I'm on the phone!

Dallas: Jasper come here for a minute.


Jasper drops the phone and dashes over to Dallas. Wolfgirl picks up her phone and dusts it off. Dallas gave Jasper some Konpeito.

Jasper: Thank you!

Dallas: You're welcome now be a good boy.

Wolfgirl: sorry jasper can be REALLY ANOYING SOMETIMES.

Brandon: who's your boyfriend?

Wolfgirl: i dont have one jasper was just kidding.

Jasper:(Faintly from the background) No I wasn't!

Wolfgirl: jasper as much as blade wishes he's not my boyfriend!!!

Wolfgirl: no offense blade.

Jasper: (Warps his arm around Balde) Sorry Blade looks like you are in the same boat as me. You and I can be the best buddies.

Blade: now thats a scary thought.

Jasper: No it isn't. Come on you and me can o around causing trouble, brawl people, party and play with Bakugan. Hell want to go to Gundalia? Or Neathia? I can get us there. You a Vestal right?

Blade: no thanks i'd rather stick with wolfgirl.

Jasper: You're not going to get any action with Wolfgirl man. She isn't even interested. Come on, enjoy singal life. Go hand with the guys and party and do boy stuff.

Blade: you do realize i'm 13?

Jasper: And that is why I am telling this. You don't need to get into girls now and they probably won't be into you for a few years. You are a bossy little thing now aren't ya? Danielle is a Princess and you are ordering her around. Ha! I see who wears the pants in that relationship.

Brandon: Megan will you telling what's going on!

Wolfgirl: never mind i gotta go. (hangs up)

Jasper: Wow that's how you treat you brother? No good bye, I love you, don't die?

Wolfgirl: ugh i dont need to hear this from you. my brother is a total showoffy jerk you calls me megan just to bug. and besides what you know about it.

Jasper: I had siblings once too, but they died...

Jasper turned slowly and walked away. He leaned on Dallas.

Chapter XXXV: The Devil's Final TrillEdit

Somewhere in New Vestroia, Vito and Judgment Dragonoid have finished their Catharsis and had regained enough strength to fuse into a single entity.

Vito: It's about time, Drago.

With vicious eyes, Vito looks at Judgment Dragonoid. The latter nods as the former begin his incantation.

Vito: This worthless sea of stars and cosmos...WILL PAY FOR THEIR UNGRATEFULNESS!

Vito's voice became sinister and it echoed all around the place. All the Bakugan from miles away are so terrified that they moved to the other side of New Vestroia. In the skies of New Vestroia are swirling clouds of black and blood-red in color. Thunder and Lightning can be heard roaring in the background, mingling with the cries of the scared Bakugan.


Vito and Judgment Dragonoid were both consumed by Black Light and when the Light vanished, they merged into a single entity ~ the embodiment of evil, Deus DIO.

DIO: Judgment, not mercy, for the damned.

DIO, satisfied with his malevolent transformation, advances to the wereabouts of the good guys.

That was until...

Dan: YOU.

DIO: Oh, speak of the boy whose about to become the devil.

Dan: You're the one whose causing imbalance to New Vestroia!

Spinzaku: You will pay for what you have done to our kind!

Drago: ...and for destroying the harmony of the world where so many had sacrificed.

DIO laughed at the trio who ambushed him.

DIO: ...where so many had sacrificed, eh? Hehehe...

Dan: What's so funny?

DIO: You fools. You're the ones whose funny.

Spinzaku: Care to elaborate before I kick your ass?

DIO: You don't realize that I too, had sacrificed much for the safety of the universe.

Dan: How? Just who the heck are you?

DIO: You don't know?

DIO scratched his left wrist with his right hand's sharp blood-red nails. The left wrist procured a deep wound whose pain is not DIO's alone to feel.

Dan: GAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!! What is this?!

Drago: Dan!

DIO: Now you know. Foolish little goody-two-shoes boy.

Drago: So this means you are...

Dan: The premonition that Professor Kunagiri is speaking about.

Drago: Dan Kuso of the future...

Dan: Wait, what? Gaaah...damn this wound!

Spinzaku: That's not too hard to believe. Seriously.

DIO: Now then, if you will excuse me. I have bottomfeeders to fry.

DIO took his leave but Dan grabbed hold of the former's flowing cloak.

Dan: WAIT!

DIO: What now, little fool?

Dan: Why? What have you done to yourself? How did you become like this?

DIO: Why don't you ask yourself that?

Dan stood up and wrapped his wound with his handkerchief. He points to DIO and with fervor he challenged the embodiment of evil to a battle.

Dan: Then, I would take it out of your mouth through a brawl!

DIO: As you wished.

Spinzaku: Let me join.

Drago: But Professor said you must trail on his stepson.

Spinzaku: For the sake of New Vestroia and the Bakugan Race, I will fight by your side.

Drago: Fine.

DIO transported them to an alternate dimension. The very same dimension where Dallas had been to when he was forcibly returned to his true form. Because Dallas had been to this dimension, he can also return to it.


DIO: Begin the Trial.

Dan: PYRUS Fusion Dragonoid and Spinzaku STAND!

Drago: Destroy all evil...


DIO: The time has come and so have by. I'll laugh last because you came to die.

While Dan is fighting DIO and the odds are against the hero of the universe, the good guys are having their own moment when Dallas felt something.

Dallas: It finally happened.

Abel: What happened?

Dallas: The fulmination of the darkness in New Vestroia.

Abel: WHAT THE...?!

Dallas: We must get there...

Chapter XXXVI: Through the WormholeEdit

After hearing Dallas explain he needed to go to New Vestroia, Jasper went over to Wolfgirl.

Jasper: To New Vestroia? Okay I'll take you there, just let me phone a friend.

Jasper took Wolfgirl's phone again and hit a few numbers. He actually sent a text message then a phone call. He got a text back and a drak hole open in front of him. Jasper stepped into the dark hole. He stood half way inside then he reached his hand out.

Jasper: Come with me and take my hand I'll lead you to a wonder land... A world that's free of hate and lies, Where beauty lives and evil dies... Relax your mind and close your eyes Heaven's what you visualize...

Danielle:I think i'll ride with leo.


Dallas: Wait, guys. Are you sure about this?

Abel: We will quell evil faster if we work together.

Dallas: Right.

Jasper: Dam it I was singing! You ruin the moment. And Danielle I was talking to Dallas.

Vince: Hell, want to help them Lisani? Drake?

Drake: I want to battle someone.

Lisani: If Vito is gone and Blade is on their side then that mean we are no longer their enemies.

Vince: Then to New Vestroia.

Jasper: That's the spirit!

Danielle:Whoop dee doo

Jasper: Dallas get in the portal. It won't last all day.

Without waiting for a response, Jasper grabbed Dallas by the arm and pulled him into the portal. Vince was the fisrt to work up the courage to jump in next followed by Lisana then Drake. One by one the others soon followed. The portal was narrow and a lot brighter and far more gentler then the last one they had encountered. Still an unknown force was pulling them along down the path.

Dallas: Why did you do that? I wasn't ready!

Jasper: You said we needed to get to New Vestroia so I made a way for us to get there. Now you don't want to go all of a sudden?

Dallas: Something bad is happening there, I just know it!

Jasper: Okay well follow me. If you get seperate you can find yourself on another planet with no way of getting back home.

Danielle:This is more fun when i ride on youre back leo


Jasper: Too narrow to ride on you Bakugan Danielle, better to stay in ball form or you may fall out threw the walls into another dimension.

Vince: Nice to know, Jasp.

The walls of the portal glowed white but were partly see through. Vince glanced down and faintly saw stars moving at lighten speed past them. Then a planet zoom by.

Vince: I wonder if that was Vestal?

Lisani: Does time move differently in this tunnel? Are we going to come out the other side in a new time era?

Jasper: No, you are the same age as you when it, maybe a second or two younger. This isn't a time portal no, it's like a black hole but with less gravity.

Drake: This is awesome!

Danielle:Gosh im board wake me up when we get there.

Jasper: No time for that!

Dallas: Why did you do that?

Jasper: To make sure it was safe. How can you be bored in a waromhole? There is so much to look at.

Danielle:I've travled via dimentional tunnal it gets boring.

Jasper: It's a wormhole not a dimensional tunnel. Well whatever we are here now.

Vince: This is The same place we came from before? It doesn't look like New Vestroia anymore.

Jasper: Well that's because somone is messing it up.

Drake: Great lets find this scource of trouble and battle it!

Vince: What if it's not something you can battle?

Lisani: It that all you think about Drake?

Jasper: Oh he is just like Dan!

The ground bean to shake violently. Three huge Bakugan appeared before the group. The Bakugan were three Ziperators, one was a Ventus, the other a Pyrus and the last was a Darkus.

Drake: Alright a battle!

Danielle:Yay! Bakugan brawl bakugan stand! Go Phantom Leonidas!

Vince: Alrighty Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Baldersnatch!

Lisani: Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand Airwolf!

Jasper: Hey do you really have to say Bakugan Brawl Stand every time you want to fight?

Danielle sitkes her toung out at jasper.

Jasper: Is that the best you can do princess? Ha, I fought worse.

Jasper stepped over Danielle and walked on to the new scene. New Vestroia was a bit different even though they had been here only a few hours ago. It felt different, darker and colder but not as nearly as the Dimension In-between Dimensions. Jasper made a humming sound. Jasper jumped up on a log and looked around. Dallas came over while Vince, Lisani and Drake emegerd form the portal.

Dallas: What happen here?

Jasper: Something bad right Dal Dal?

Dallas: Yes we better find out what it is.

Danielle:Ability activate! Dark Sword!

Leonidas:Haha this is fun.

Vince: Gosh don't kill them.

Lisani: Look what's that around their necks?

On the three Ziperators were a black ring almost like a collar of some kind. A purple black smoke and what appeared to be electricity was radiating off of the black collars.

Vince: MI bet that is why they are attacking us.

Lisani: Oh they are being controled? Ability Activate! Cylone Twister!

Drake: That's what it looks like.

The ground began to shake below their feet. Lisani slid slightly but Vince grabbed ahold of her and clung to a nearby rock. Drake braced himself against the same rock. However Silver, Skawo and Wolf slide farther down taken by surprise. Blade fell too and Wolfgirl went to grabbed him but she missed him. Those four people fell lower down the cliff where then ran into another Bakugan.

Chapter XXVII: Jets and SharksEdit

Jasper had grabbed aholt of Dallas and prevented him from falling. He pulled Dallas up onto the log he was standing on, but now he was kneeling down and had wedged himself in-between the bark and a branch.

Dallas: We should help them!

Jasper: Their Bakugan will get them out but first they have to first their opponents. We should ehlp them by defeating these ones above their heads.

Dallas: Okay, Abel be careful not to knock anything on our friends.

Abel: Understood.

Dallas: Help them fight those Ziperators, Abel! Ability activate, Judgment Alto!

Abel: Raaaaah!!

Abel charged against the Ziperators and managed to defeat one.

Dallas: Alright, one down. Two to go.

The Ziperaptor's collar felt off and he came back to his sense. He looked around confuse and fell off.

Jasper: All you got to do it knock off the collar Dal Dal.

Vince: Easy enough, Ability Activate! Terra Firma!

Baldersnatch attacked the Darkus Ziperaptor.

Lisani: Ablity Activate! Windseeker!

Airwolf attacked the same Ziparoptar and the combind attacl knock the black collar off. The Darkus Ziperaptor followed the previous one.

Jasper: Ha this is rather easy!

Vince: Yeah what about the last one?

Jasper: Oh you want me to brawl? Find! Mungallchops!

Jasper unhooked his Bakugan from his necklace and threw him. Mungallchops opened and attacked the remaing Ziperaptor. It's collar broke and it flew off to rejoin it's companions.

Jasper: There now let's go help out the others.

Vince: Most of the are from your team Jasp Jasp.

Lisani: Don't you have a team name?

Jasper: Nah never came up with one. What's your team name.

Vince: Blade never came up with one.

Jasper: Hell with it! You guys are the Jets and we are the Sharks okay.

Dallas: I don't want to be...

Jasper: Got it!

Dallas: Okay.

Danielle:Hey Lisani you have great battling skills

Leonidas:i agree.

Lisani: Huh what? Thank you? (Nervously with a quiver in her voice)

Vince: Oh just except the dam compliment, Lis. Believe in yourself.

Lisani: Um okay?

Vince: Whatever then. Now to the important matter of helping everyone down there.

Jasper jumped down taking Dallas with him. He landed on a lede near the rest of the group. He set Dallas down and then kneel down to have a look at the Bakugan that was attacking the rest of the Sharks gang.

Jasper: Looks like Vito's Bakugan.

Chapter XXVIII: Hatred born from True LoveEdit

A bit further from the dark clouds, Dallas could see a glimpse of a sinister-looking man floating above a fallen younger man, a dragon and a phoenix. Recognizing them, Dallas run to them recklessly.


DIO: It would seem that you had finally arrived.

DIO snapped his finger and cleared the clouds that are covering his area.

DIO: Magus Dallas, whose powers I need to perform a powerful rite.

Then, with another snap of his finger, he created a barrier that cannot be penetrated by other Brawlers and Bakugan. He trapped Dallas inside, along with the defeated brawler and the two Pyrus Bakugan.

Dallas: What rite is this that you speak of, Vito Faust?

DIO: The rite of ressurection.

Dallas: The what?!

DIO: A rite which you can perform to ressurect my beloved Warrioress of Light. My fallen paramour whose death was the cause of all this.

Dallas: You can't just take me and tell me what to do, Vito.

DIO: Why can't I?

Dallas approached the unconscious Dan Kuso and helped the latter get back up. Dallas pointed to Dan and said with blazing eyes.

Dallas: Because that future is for this man to decide. The future for Dan Kuso, the hero of the universe.

DIO howled in laughter. His laugh is so sinister that he summoned an additional horde of Bakugan to battle the Brawlers and Bakugan (including Abel) that are outside the barrier.

DIO: Even if Dan would choose to make his own future, he will still have such tragedy befallen unto him!

Dallas: I don't think so.

DIO: Do you think you know better? As long as this universe think of Dan as a sacrificial lamb, they will NEVER allow him to be happy.

Dallas: The universe is not as selfish as you think.

Dallas sets Dan aside and walks forward to DIO.

Dallas: What about the other people that cared about you? What about Marucho, Shun, Julie...and everyone else you befriended along the way?

DIO: None. None of them can ever replace her.

Dallas: Still, hatred is not what Runo would have wanted. Runo died and in return you renounced the universe and followed the temptations of the dark side?


DIO throws a flaming projectile at Dallas who did not dodged and took the hit. His left shoulder was burned but he shrugged it off.

Dallas: See, Vito?

DIO: You fool. I will not hesitate to throw another one at you!

Dallas: There are people who care about Dan and would be willing to sacrifice for him.

Dallas moved further forward almost as if face-to-face with DIO.

Dallas: People sacrifice for a selfless hero... but vile villains are to be executed!

DIO: The damage done and the pain subsides and I can see fear clearly when I look in your eyes.

Dallas closed his eyes and a pentagram formed around him. He floated aboved ground and a sword of light materialized from his hands. DIO moved a bit further and materialized the same sword but of blood red hue. In the flash of a second, the two men clashed swords with each other.

DIO: I'll never kneel and I'll never rest...

Meanwhile, the "Jets" and the "Sharks" are fighting the new wave of Bakugan that DIO summoned. This time, they are Chaotic copies of their own Bakugan.

Chaos Abel: Death to all who defy the true hero of the universe!

Abel: We are not going to die today, that's for sure.



Abel tried to damage his Chaos Bakugan counterpart but he was damaged as well.

Abel: Gaaaaah!!

He was taken a step back.

Abel: It seems that if we damage our own counterparts, we will get hit as well.

Abel looked at his allies

Abel: I suggest that we fight the counterpart of the opposing attribute!

Abel dashes forward to fight the Chaos Mungallchops that is standing near the real Mungallchops. Meanwhile, the other "Jets" and "Sharks" are busy fighting the opposing counterpart as Abel had suggested.

Jasper: You Firetrucking carbon copy! Your style is so sloppy; so take it with ease, you'll never be me.

Jasper was on top of Mungallchops who came crashing down on his clone's head. Jasper jumped off and teleported off of Mungallchop's head onto the clone. He summoned his weapon, an axe/spear and swung it down on the clone's head.

Jasper: My style is wild, forever and ever. I'll leave you severed, beggin' fot my pleasure.

The clone Mungallchops vanised in a haze of black smokey. Jasper teleported back on to his Bakugan, laughing wildly like some animal. He had a crazed look in his red eyes.

Danielle:This is weird.


Danielle:Ability activate! Dragon blast!

Vince: Baldersnatch has a twin brother? Awesome. (With no emotion in his voice)

Lisani: This is not awesome! There is only one Airwolf! And he is mind!

Jasper jumped off of Mungallchops on to the clone Ginger. He swung his weapon down on to the skull of the fake Gnger's head. The clone reared up and swung her head back and forth tring to knock off her attacker. Mungallchops attacked the clone Ginger whiles she was distracted. She turned to dust.

Lisani: Wait are these just like shadow clones? Or do they have feelings?

Vince: Oh don't start to feel bad for them now. They are not real and were made by magic. I can't believe we followed that Vito guy.

Drake: We didn't follow him. He wasn't even a leader for us to follow.

Jasper took out the Clone Saint Aquas by lunching himseft off the fading Ginger clone, crashing straight threw the Aquos clone's chest, emerging the other side. All the while Jasper was laugh madly.

Silver: He looked like he is having fun.

Wolf: He's gone crazy!

Wolfgirl: jasper are you ok. '

wolfgirl is attacked and almost killed by a copy

Wolfgirl: fudge. i summon gingergon destroyer.

Chapter XXXVI: Cold WarEdit

Wolfgirl's destroyer emerged. Meanwhile Jasper was still jumping around stabbing all the clones. He took out Saint Aquas's Clone and Baldersnatch's Clone as well. He jumped on to the Airwolf Clone.

Blade: We should help him! General!

Silver: Okay lets do this! Gaia go!

Wolf: Alright Wolfie, take them out!

Skawo: Get ready Saint Aquas!

Leonidas: I know that you don't like useing my mectugan but now is the time to use it!

Danielle:fine Come forth Zentheon destoyer!

Zentheon:I will destroy anyone!

After Jasper took out the Airwolf Clone, he teleported into DIO's barrier. Jasper licked Dallas on the face again. Then he turned to DIO.

Jasper: I claimed him first!

DIO: Hmm, you took our my Clones by yourself?

Jasper: Oh Mungallchops helped, and, and, and the others.

Dallas: Jasper...

DIO: Don't sing again.

Jasper: Contradiction!

Jasper walked around Dallas as if he was claiming him, showing DIO that Dallas beloned to him.

Jasper: Did we have an understanding? Maybe I don't understand. All I know is that I feel so, I feel so...

Jasper stood in front of Dallas with his hands on his cheeks, staring him in the eyes.

Jasper: Had I known I'd kept it all from you, oh. Had I only known you'd want him too.

Dallas pulled back from Jasper and took a step back. DIO just stood there intrigued. Jasper walked around to Dallas's side facing the opposite direction as him.

Jasper: Did we have an understanding? Maybe I don't understand. (With a shrug) I foresaw no part of this, oh!
I am screaming in between collapsing. Crumbling as I try to stand. (Turning toward DIO) In my pretty fantasy I'm
Running at you with a gun in my hand. (Shoot)

DIO just smiled while Dallas swifted his eyes from the two.

Jasper: Let the jury see, let the hammer fall. That your pitiful pleas mean nothing at all, nothing at all!

Jasper rubbed his figured long the side of Dallas' cheek.

Jasper: How dare you? I cannot believe what I heard.

Dallas: It's absurd! (Throwing his fist down)

Jasper: He's prettier than you. How dare you? What's worse is that I saw him first.

Dallas: Am I cursed?

Jasper: I'll never forgive you!

Dallas: How dare you? I cannot believe what I heard! It's absurd!

Jasper: He's prettier than you! (Coming up from behind Dallas)

Dallas: How dare you?!

Jasper: What's worse is that I saw him first.

Dallas: Am I cursed!

Jasper: I'll never forgive you! I'll never forgive you! I'll never forgive you! I'll never forgive you!

DIO just grinned.

Jasper: What's worse is that I saw him first.

DIO laughed. He found Jasper's little song amusing. Jasper started to giggle because DIO was laughing. Dallas just stood there for a few moment before he somewhat laughed.

Dallas: Why are we laughing?

Jasper: Because laugher is a virus. Contagious like yawning.

DIO: Oh so you want my little Dallas too?

Jasper: Umm not the samw way you want him. Dal Dal is my friend. I bonded to him. He's my Clan-mate now.

DIO blinked but said nothing. He pondered the song the lyric word that were song to him. Jasper had some sort of power, it was different than any of the others DIO had encounters so far. It was raw and high volitary escecially when he was enomtional, but whenever Jasper seemed to be sining, his power became more refine. He could control it better. The power of his songs did something. His power was eperate from his Bakugan who was demolishing the other shadow copy Bakugan.

DIO: Hmmm, you're an odd one?

Jasper licked the side of Dallas's face slowly. DIO just stared, his point provent. Dallas this time just took it and stood there. He was started to get a little used to Jasper's licking.

Jasper: What's up with these clones, DIO Dee?

Dallas: Oh Jasper, DIO is just evil that way.

Jasper moved away from Dallas and stared at DIO for a long time. He went over to him in a blink of an eye. DIO leaned back because he had been in this situation before. Jasper walked around him looking, examing DIO. Dallas called for Jasper to come back but he just walked around DIO.

Jasper: Isn't it strange? Feels like I'm lookin' in the mirror. What would people say? If only they knew that I was part of some geneticist's plan! Born to be a carbon copy man! There in a petri dish late one night!
They took a donor's body cell and fertilized a human egg and so I say!

Jasper went back over to Dallas and grabbed him by the arm. He teleported out of the barrier with Dallas. DIO let them go for now. He just watched to see if his suspicions about Jasper.

Jasper: I think I'm a clone now. There's always two of me just a-hangin' around. I think I'm a clone now 'cause every chromosome is a hand-me-down.

Dallas: Oh my. Abel, where are you?

Danielle:Ability activate! Dark sword!

Jasper: Oh Danielle, use your Zentheon destoyer. You too Wolfie Girl. Summon your titan thing.

chapter XXXV: The Time Has ComeEdit

DIO, unable to take the monotony of the situation, backs away and raises his hand to the towering dark clouds. He continues singing his sinister song.

DIO: I'll never kneel and I'll never rest. You can tear the heart from my chest.

Dallas: He's recharging!

Dallas looked around to try and find Abel.

Dallas: Abel!

Abel: I'm

DIO: I'll make you see what I do best, I'll succeed as you breathe your very last breath!

Dallas stares at the weakened Abel as the latter walk towards him. DIO can be heard singing in the background.

DIO: Now I know how the angel fell.

Dallas: Abel, can you still fight?

DIO: Just kneel.

Abel: Yes...I think I still can.

DIO: I have the tale and I know it too well.

Dallas: I know you could. You're the best there is!

Abel: Not are.

DIO hovers over Dan Kuso's unconscious body. He lifts the young man by the shirt and whispered

DIO: I'll make you wish you have a soul to sell when I strike you down and send you straight to hell.

Dallas: Dan!!

DIO: My army comes from deep within, beneath my soul beneath my skin.

Dallas: Put him down, you wretched embodiment of evil!

DIO: As you're ending I'm about to begin.

Abel: Ignorance is bliss. Devilish bliss!

DIO: My strength is pain and I will never give in!

Abel tried to approach DIO but he was shot by a powerful beam that engulfed him in flames.

Abel: GAAAAH!!

Dallas: Abel!

Abel: This is way too much for me to bear!

Dallas: Hang on, Abel!

DIO: I'll tell you now I'm the one to survive, you'll never bring in the pain to my strides.

Dallas ran to Abel's side to try and kill the flames but it further engulfed the latter. In a few moments, Abel is no more.

Dallas: ABEL!!

DIO: I'll have you choke on your own demise.

DIO tightens his grip on Dan Kuso, strangling the latter as he ends his sinister song.

DIO: I'll make the angel scream

Dan: ...and the devil will cry.

DIO: What?!

Dan cracks an eye open and in a split second, he thrusted a red blade of light into his own chest. It was the same spot where DIO's core is supposed to be placed.

DIO: Guwahh...aaaargh...

Dan: I finally figured out your weakness.

DIO: Im...impossible...

Dan: When you wounded yourself with your own nails and the same wound appeared on my arm, I figured that if I wound myself...

DIO: You insolent brat...

Dan: You will also bleed!

DIO releases Dan. The latter tried to pull out the blade from his chest slowly as the former staggers in pain.

Dan: Somehow this blade does not harm the righteous.

While Dan moves away from the staggering DIO, Dallas can be seen weeping in the spot where Abel vanished.

Dallas: You will be avenged...Abel...

Just as Dallas was about to materialize a blade of light just like Dan did, a beaming white light shot down from the sky. It took the form of a large white dragon with eight magnificent wings, long ribbon-like tail and dressed in a majestic knight's armor.

Dallas: Who...are you?

Abel: I am Paladin Abel. Defender of the righteous, destroyer of the damned!

Dan: Congratulations, it seems that he evolved.

Dallas: Dan!

Dan: Hey, Professor Kunagiri's stepson?

Dallas: Yeah, I am. But how did you got out of DIO's...grasp?

Dan: His core is already chipped. The only thing remaining is to absorb the Core's Energy.

Dallas: How should we do that.

Dan: One for each attribute. Absorb it and take it upon yourselves as power-up.

Dallas: ...and the final blow?

Dan: Leave it to me.

Dallas: Alright, let me take his Haos Attribute!

DIO: You wouldn't dare do this...

Dallas held Abel's hand and the two summoned Veritas Titan. Dallas equipped Veritas Titan with a light sword which the Mechtogan Titan used to tear off DIO's back, revealing the words...

Dallas: "Angeli et Diaboli...Prohibeo?"

Abel: "Angels and Demons Forbid."

Dan: Looks like DIO made a pact with Drago. A sinister pact.

DIO: That's right. But it wouldn't end with just that!

With his Haos Attribute taken away, ironically, DIO became more powerful than ever.

DIO: You do realize that Drago is now a Darkus Hybrid. Only Haos is preventing him from unleashing his full power.

Dan: Not good!

DIO claws at his stomach with his sharp nails. He closed his eyes as he wounds himself but smirks as the blood flows from his self-inflicted wounds.


Dallas: Dan!

Dan: I' fine...just deal him the finishing blow!

Dallas: How?

Dan: He is now converting all his attribute energies to Darkus and powering it up to Maximum.

Dallas: Darkus...attribute.

Dan: But if you absorb that Darkus attribute, he will be rendered powerless enough for me to deal the fnishing blow...on him.

Dallas: What if the person absorbing that would overload?

Dan: He won't, trust me. I'm sure our Darkus Brawler is powerful.

Dallas: That's right, Jasper!

Dan: Hurry before he blows up the whole universe.

Dallas: But how about you?

Dan: I'll be fine. Don't worry about me.

Dallas: Alright then.

Dallas runs to Jasper's side as Dan materializes another sword of light and points it to his chest.

Dan: One more stab to my heart...who knew being so emo would save the universe?

DIO: Don't you dare or I'll stab myself before you can stab yourself!

Dan: Hurry Brawlers! We don't have much time!

DIO holds his claws to his chest, ready to wound himself as well. He and Dan are meeting fierce gazes.

Jasper: Dante's song?....He's going to be pissed that someone stole his song.

Dallas: Jasp Jasp, I need you to do something for me.

Jasper: Humm? What may that be my Beloved?

Dallas: Just go up to DIO and absorb his Darkus attribute.

Jasper: And if I do this will you love me?

Dallas: Well I... I will love you as a friend!

Abel: (What the heck is this scoundrel expecting anyway?)

Mungallchops crashed himself into Abel.

Mungallchops: Shut Up Abel! Stop it with the crap!

Jasper smiled a thank you at his Bakugan. The only one who ever tried to understand him.

Dallas: ...or perhaps as a brother. Yes, I will love you as my brother!

Dan: Hurry!

DIO: Who's gonna die? I bet it's you.

Dan: No, not me! You would!

DIO: ...and besides, get the details right you fur-coated freak! It's Nero's song, not Dante's!

Dan: That I wanna say but..

Dan saw that he can perhaps distract DIO by chattering.

Dan: Say, how was Shun Kazami in the future?

DIO: Hah, the jerk's a Fifth Hokage.

Dan: ...and his fishing rod hair?

DIO: Higher and droopier than ever!

Dan: I bet he looks like an angler fish already. Hah!

DIO: I always say I'm more good looking than him!

Dan: You got that right!

DIO: Kanbeki.

Dan: Kanbeki da ze!

Dallas: Do it now, Jasper! Come on!

Abel: Don't you want his Brotherly Love?! (Geez, pretend that I didn't said that).

Dan: Say, about that whole Hokage thing. What does it do?

DIO: He feels extra special ever since he became a Hokage.

Dan: I bet Shun does.

DIO: He mastered Wind then later, started conjuring Fire.

Dan: Woah, cool!

DIO: As a result for dabbling too much in the element of fire, red streaks appeared in his hair.

Dan: Why don't they appear on mine? I bet they're cool.

DIO: He wanted to take my attribute. He's stupid!

Dan: Never call Shun as stupid!

DIO: He's stupid and weird.

Dan: I believe that's you!

DIO: What kind of a moron would strive to be a Hokage then run away to invent a time machine anyway?

Dan: What the...

DIO: That's right. Fifth Hokage Shun Kazami vanished without a trace after the death of my beloved Runo.

Dan: That's my line. My beloved Runo!

DIO: Shut the hell up, kid.

Dan: Fine but what the heck would Shun use the Time Machine for?

DIO: He wanted to go back in time to try and stop me from what I am about to do!

Dan: So that means Shun is also in this timeframe?

DIO: Who knows? I bet the glorified jerk is already doing all sorts of stupid stuff as we speak!

Dan: Shun would always do things for the good of the universe. Just like me!

DIO: He's a fool who does not understand how ungrateful this plane of existence is!

Chapter XXXVII: The Perfect EndingEdit

Jasper: As long as you love me...It's a start.

Jasper jumped up to DIO and hugged him.

Jasper: Dante's game...It's always Dante's game, not Nero's.

Jasper leaned on DIO. He bit DIO in the neck. a reddish glow sorrounded Jasper and dark smokey snakes around DIO, paralyzing him for the moment.

Jasper: (Whispering in DIO's ear) Taken in context. It's not a bad thing, but when you start to pick it apart. It gets so depressed. It's that sort of thing that makes you think too much. It's that sort of thing makes you lose your objectivity.

DIO attempted to free himself but his body wouldn't move.

Jasper: So if you made it, just be glad that you did and stay there. If you ever feel loved or needed, (glancing down at Dallas) remember that you're one of the lucky ones. And if it's over just remember what I told you. It was bound to happen so just... keep moving on. There are no perfect endings.

Jasper reached down to the core in DIO's chest. He began to pick at it with his nails slowly.

Jasper: You peel back the layers... And get down to the inside...But sometimes you loose sight of what it was you were trying to find.

Peeling off a peice of the core, Jasper put it in his mouth.

Jasper: And it's that sort of thing that makes you think too much. It's that sort of thing makes you lose your objectivity.

Jasper now began to pull out the Darkus Attribute.

Jasper: So if you made it just be glad that you did and stay there. (Wolfgirl and Balde forever. Silver, Wolf, Skawo, good friend. Drake, sweet little Drake. Vince, aswesome ass Vince. Lisani stronger then she knows. Danniel, I'm sorry, truely I am.) If you ever feel loved or needed remember that you're one of the lucky ones.

The snake like smoke flowed int DIO, into his veins, down to his insides. DIO moaned but there was nothing he could do. His body was numb.

Jasper: And if it's over just remember what I told you. It was bound to happen so just...keep moving on.

Jasper pulled out that card again and slowly placed it in the empty place where the peice of his core used to be. Jasper winks in pain but he kept abosrbing the Darkus powers.

Jasper: There are no perfect endings. No perfect endings.

Jasper finished removing all the Darkus attribute. He leaned forward.

Jasper: Oh by the way they are feather.

Jasper let go and fell away from DIO. Mungallchops jumped over and caught him. The Bakugan landed and nuzzled his partner. Jasper opened his eyes and grinned at Mungallchops before closing his eyes agin.

Jasper: I'm a freak, I'm a freak inside the sheets.

DIO, severely weakened and staggering still tried to get up.

DIO: This...this can't be over yet!

DIO: Drago...

He reaches for his devilish Dragonoid which returned to ball form.

Dan: Rest in peace.

Dan walked towards the unconscious Fusion Dragonoid and stabbed it's chest. Fusion Dragonoid received no wound but Judgment Dragonoid vanished.

Dan: Leave this world to us.

DIO: dare you...

Dan: ...and finally.

Dan stabs himself in the heart. DIO writhes in pain as he vanishes into thin air. Vanishing, he lets out his final words.

DIO: Angels...and Demons...forbid.

Dan: Farewell, a future that was never meant to be.

Dallas: He's gone.

Abel: The Bakugan that he summoned should return to normal.

Dan: I guess they're all returning to their senses.

Dallas: Let's all go home.

Dan: Right! We're having a great dinner so I can't miss it.

Drago and Spinzaku finally regained consciousness.

Drago: What...happened?

Spinzaku: Did we missed all the party?

Dan: DIO's gone. The universe is safe once again.

Drago: That's...good to hear.

Dan: You did great back there, buddy.

Drago: I did?

Spinzaku: Burn, baby burn!

Drago: Hey! That's supposed to be my line!

Dallas, on the other hand had began his incantation.

Dallas: Light of the universe, guide me. Return thee to thy humble abodes.

A portal opened before them. Dallas beckoned everyone

Dallas: Let's all return home.

Dan: Okay, let's go.

Drago returned to Ball Form and Rested into Dan's shoulder. They were the first to go home. Spinzaku followed while Dallas and Abel are not too far behind.

Dallas: Everyone, let's go. It won't be open for long.

Jasper rolled over trying to get up but he couldn't. The venom he made was coastly and absorbing DIO's powers didn't help either. Jasper just moaned.

Jasper: Dallas!

Dallas heard Jasper faith cry.

Dallas: Oh are you okay Jasper? I am sorry you had to do that but it was the only way.

Wolfgirl: Oh he does look so good.

Silver: Are you going to be okay Jasper? Maybe we should take him to a hospital?

Jasper: No just let me rest a bit...

Mungallchops groaned for his partner. The Bakugan had already turned back into ball form and rolled over next to Jasper. Dan came over and picked Jasper trying to get him to stand.

Dan: Come on man. The portal won't stay open forever.

Jasper: I can just open another one. Or ask for....

Jasper trailed off. He moaned reaching his arms out for Mungallchops to come with him. Skawo grabbed Jaspe rby the other arm and he and Dan carried Jasper depsite the fact Jasper didn't want to be moved. Mungallchops followed close behind.

Jasper: Dan, you just killed a Bakugan...

Dan: ...................mph

Wolf: Oh wait for us!

Wolf, Blade, Drake, Danielle, Vince and Lisani came over. They had been battling the last od the shadow clones Bakugan. Vince went over to Jasper.

Vince: Come on ow Jasp Jasp. It's time to go home.

Jasper: Fine then....

Jasper stood on his own now, still wobbly but he was standing. He slowly moved over to where Dallas had opened the portal. As soon as he got up to Dallas, he collapse on him.

Dallas: Jasper... You are suddenly really heavy... Come on... keep going...

Jasper moaned and slowly lifted his head. He saw a light at the other side of the portal.

Frida: It's time to come home Jasper...

Jasper stood back up and went into the portal followed by everyone else one by one.

Hidden Chapter: The Perfect BeginingEdit

After the final battle, everyone made their way into their respective homes. Dallas went back to Professor Kunagiri's laboratory with Abel and Spinzaku.

Dallas: Okay, one final rehearsal about what I'm gonna tell my old man.

Abel: Seriously, just tell him the truth.

Spinzaku: I'm sure his head has cooled off already.

Dallas: Here goes...

Just as Dallas was about to open the door, it bursted open with Kunagiri giving them a big hug.

Kunagiri: Dallas, you're back!

Dallas: Pops...I...I can't breathe! 0__0

Kunagiri: Sorry. Get back inside, all of you!

Dallas: Yes, pops.

Kunagiri had prepared dinner. Dallas sat down and looked at his adoptive father in the eyes.

Dallas: Pops, listen...I...

Kunagiri: You don't have to tell me anything.

Dallas: Why, pops?

Kunagiri: For some reason, I've foreseen everything.

Dallas: Everything?

Kunagiri: My intuition perhaps.

Dallas: Alright then. Thanks, pops.

Kunagiri: You're still in trouble, young man.

Dallas: But...but...

Kunagiri: You'll go wash the plates once we're through eating.

Dallas: Ow...alright.

Abel: Hahahaha.

Spinzaku: Epic!

Kunagiri: Say, what happened to the big baddie you encountered?

Dallas: He's gone.

Kunagiri: Gone?

Dallas: He disintegrated into the air.

Kunagiri: I see...

Spinzaku: It was an Epic Win moment!

Kunagiri can't help but feel sad about the loss of DIO for some reason. He was about to cry when Spinzaku climbed up to his head and...

Kunagiri: Stop hanging by my stick up hair, Spinzaku!

Spinzaku: Aho~Ahoge. Nyenyeeeeeh~

Kunagiri: I mean it, mister Phoenix! Get out of there!

Spinzaku: Oww!

Kunagiri takes Spinzaku and puts the naughty phoenix in the table. Dallas looked at his adoptive father and asked him.

Dallas: Say, pops. Can I ask you something?

Kunagiri: Sure, go ahead.

Dallas: I found a time machine in your room.

Kunagiri: That...?!

Dallas: What's it for? It appears used.

Kunagiri: Nothing...It''s just for a thought experiment.

Dallas: I see. I'd like to see it work though.

Kunagiri: Please excuse me for a while.

Kunagiri stood from the dinner table and went outside. He looks at the sky with disillusioned eyes.

Kunagiri: Our fates are always matter what...


Kunagiri: May you and Runo both rest in peace and find happiness in Heaven.

Meanwhile in the Kuso household, Dan was welcomed by his mother.

Miyoko: Oh Daniel~ <3

Dan: Hi mom.

Miyoko: Where have you been?

Dan: Just came from an awesome brawl.

Miyoko: You look dirty and beat-up. Go take a shower before you eat dinner.

Dan: Yes, mom.

Dan went to the bathroom and took off his shirt. One side glance at the mirror and he noticed something.

Dan: There's...some writing on my back...

Dan stood by the mirror to read the writing.

Dan: Angeli et Diaboli...Prohibeo?

Dan remembered that it was the exact same writing inscribed on DIO's back. A few moments later, Dan's eyes glowed in ominous blood red color. He staggered to the tiled floors of their bathroom before he lost his consciousness.

Miyoko: Daniel?

Dan was found by his mother. She took him into his bed. A few hours later when everyone is already asleep at the Kuso Household...

"Dan": It's time...

Dan floated above his bed and stood up, his voice sounding sinisterly.

"Dan": That scoundrel who took my power...I think I can make a good use of him for my new ensemble.

Dan went out of his room through the window and walked off to the streets of Bayview.

"Dan": Now, where to find that guy... Jasper JaXX was it?

Jasper: I want my pops...

Jasper was sitting in a tree outside of Dallas' house. He had followed him home but couldn't go any father. Jasper had no home to return too.

Jasper: I thought we were brothers now...

Mungallchops unhooked himself from Jasper's necklace. He few up to Jasper's face and rubbed against him.

Jasper: At least I have you. (Jasper took Mungallchops in his hands) Dallas doesn't need me. He has his parent... I miss my father... I am no longer convenient to him anymore.

Jasper reached into his jacket and pulled out the card he had used on DIO. He looked at the simple artwork on the card Aniju had drawn for him. Not her best art work, but she made it for Jasper. On the front it a a little picture of a wilting flower and said "Anemic" on the top. Below the picture it said, "You are getting sleepy."

Jasper: I wonder if I should go back to her... She awfully busy. I guess no one needs me now.

A gust of wind rustled the tree and the card fell out of Jasper's hand. Jasper leaned down and watched the card fly away from him. Panic came over him. That was a gift! Jasper jumped to the next tree over in a desperate attempt to get the card back, Mungallchops trailed after him. When Jasper made it to the next tree he stopped. He thought he heard something.

"How long do you think he'll be your friend?"

Jasper: Huh?

Mungallchops crashed into Jasper.

Mungallchops: Umph!

Jasper looked around but it was only him and Mungallchops. There was no one else. He looked down and saw that the card had gotten stuck in a bush by Dallas' house.

"How long will he stay with you?"

Jasper: You mean Dallas?

Mungallchops: ?

"How long will he love you?"

Jasper: .......

"How can you try and love him, When in the end he'll only leave you? Why do you care? Why don't you hate him? Why don't you hate them all for leaving you?"

Jasper: Hate? How can I hate Dallas? He's my bro...

"But he left you when you were down and weak. He just left you!"

Jasper: Shut Up! Dallas is not that kind of guy! He cares about me!

"He only needed you to help him defeat HIS enemy. Now he has left you to go back to his old life. The life without you!"

Jasper: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! I'll help him because he is important to me! Anyone who is his enemy, I will defeat them! Anything he cherishes I will protect with all that I have! He loves me like a brother!

Mungallchops rubbed up against Jasper in an attempt to calm his partner. Then he glanced down at the card and flew off after it.

"And has he invited you into his home? If you are his brother now?"

Jasper: (Thinking) He left me? Dallas didn't leave me, did he? Where is he now? He's in his home with his pops. He's in there with Abel too. He's in there with his family without me. No, Dallas still loves me. He said so.

Mungallchops returned to Jasper with the card in his paws.

Jasper: Okay voice! I'll show you Dallas still loves me!

"Oh this will be interesting. How long will he care about you now that I'm gone. Look there's his adopted father. Go see how much he loves you."

Jasper looked down and saw that Dallas' adopted father Kunagiri. Jasper sniffed the air to make sure he carried Dallas' scene. Mungallchops nuzzled Jasper again and this time Jasper took the card from him.

"How long will he love you? As long as it's convenient...He'll never..."

The voice vanished from Jasper mind. Jasper narrowed his eyes and watched Kunagiri for a moment before jumping down.

Kunagiri: Huh oh god... Jasper slowly stood up and started at Dallas' signal parent. His eyes glowed slightly rust red. Kunagiri shiver and took a step back. Jasper took a step forward his a low grumble in his troat. He sniff again now that he was closer. The scent of someone fimiliar brushed up to his nose and he stopped.

Jasper: Why hello there! (Smiling with his eyes closed but when he opened them his eyes were blue)

Kunagiri: .......

Jasper: You are Dallas' popsie?

Kunagiri: Yes, that would be me. What brings you here?

Spinzaku flies to Kunagiri and dangles by his stick-up hair again.

Spinzaku: Caw caw Caw!!

Kunagiri: I said stop that!

Spinzaku: That's the weirdo I saw with Dallas. He's purdy strong!

Kunagiri: Alright but get off, Spinzaku.

Spinzaku: Owwwkay. Caw caw!

Spinzaku moved away as Kunagiri asks Jasper again.

Kunagiri: I assume you are here for Dallas?

Spinzaku: Dallas is already asleep.

Kunagiri: Come back again some other time.

Just as when Kunagiri told Jasper to leave, he heard the ominous voice.

"So, of all the places you would be. You'd be here protecting my big catch."

Kunagiri: Who's there?!

"You don't know me? "

Kunagiri: How should I?

"You are a fool, man. We've known each other all our lives! Or you had already shed off who you used to be and pretended that you simply wanted to escape it all while trying to grab the role of the hero from me?"

Kunagiri finally realized whose voice it is.

Kunagiri: I never grabbed the role of the hero from you, Dan. You're the one who became evil!

"I'm not evil. I'm simply someone who knows how to love and be hurt by the loss of a loved one. Unlike you, pretty boy. You never loved anyone! You are always selfish, keeping to yourself all your woes while trying to be cool all the time. "

Kunagiri: You're wrong! I always treasured my friends and it was you who ruined everything!

"Let's see how long you can hide the truth about who you truly are. Unfortunately for you, now that you have a treasured son; I'd like to see how you would feel if you are to lose him."

Kunagiri: Don't you dare, Dan. I'm warning you!


Kunagiri looked around and the voice vanished.

Kunagiri: Dallas...I have to protect him. He's...the only one that I have.

Kunagiri's yelling woke Dallas up.

Dallas: Pops, what's going on there?

Dallas went out of his room into the yard where he sees Kunagiri and Jasper.

Dallas: Huh, Jasper? Hello there.

Kunagiri: Fine, you go talk to him.

Jasper: Dallas! I followed you home like a lost puppy! I am your brother now right? You will love me right!

hidden chapter blade and wolfgirl foreverEdit

(after the battle blade opened a portal to vestal and is walking towards when he is aproached by wolfgirl)

wolfgirl: blade where you going

blade: home it's odvious you dont and never will like me.

wolfgirl: but

blade: but nothing. see yah.

wolfgirl: i'll miss you (kisses blade and blad feints)

wolfgirl(wispers): i love you.

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