lily: oh.. master naga..

adam: um we failed you.


naga: find the brawlers in zythurvia!

naga: and... it seems my new plan is about to set. my new chaos forms for my minions!

Tayghen: im back!

Naga: *Eyes Glow Red*

Tayghen: what?

  • transforms*

Naga: you are now tayghen x!

Tayghen X: mwahaaha! wheres the infinity core!

G: I Dont think so.

Naga: so its you. again.

Z: and me.

N: you monster!

Naga: Gwroooooah!!!


Naga: lily adam! destroy the brawlers!

  • Eyes Glow*

lily: destroooooooooy!!!!!!

adam: hahaaaahaaaaahahaaaa.!

  • In Zythurvia

Celestius: Brawlers, Your First Superior Z Piece Is In The Peak Of the zero mountain.

dan: lets go then.

ace: hmm.. is that?

lily: *hiding* revenge! on the braaawlers!! bwahaha!

celestius: ok, first go to the zero mountain peak, then go to the death plateau for the 2nd piece, and finally to the forest of illusions where you will meet illuse, master of illusions and tricks.

dan: what is that?

lily: braaaawlersa.!.!!

adam: haaaaaahaaaahaaa!!!!!

shun: cmon dan!

lily: gate card sseeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!

lily: go splight x!

adam: splight x! haaahahaaaa!

dan: go blaze drago!

shun: go cyclonebreaker!

drago: dragon flare!

lily: ABILITY ACTIVATE! dark cloth!

lily: chaos ability! chaotic blast!

adam: chaos ability! light explosion x!

shun: ability activate! hyper cyclone blow!

  • explosion*

lily: exceed ability activation!

lily: more more destruction! MOOOOORE!!!!!!!!

adam: haaaaaaaaaahaaaaaahhhaahaa

adam: ability activate magic dimensonal!

cyclonebrker: shun.

shun: ability activate! Kazami Style...

?????: enough with the ninja name abilitys!

shun: kazami style hyper extreme sonic speed!

cyclone: time for a blowing!

shun: ability activate! fusionplode!

adam: ahhhhhh!!.!

adam life force 0.

lily: go zexon monster! zymagicus!

dan: not so fast!

lily: tooo late!

drago: ultimate blitz!

lily: noooooooooo0!

lily life force 0.

lily: we failed.

adam: awww.

  • end

ep2: the gang head to the death plateau and dan brawls darky!

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