This Is The Next Season Of "Bakugan: Evil Collides/Evil Rises" it takes place as dan and the others must find the 3 superior Z pieces to enter the next step to stop naga.


Dan Must Travel With the others to face many journeys and new challenges and battle the chaos brawlers and zexo dragons.

Battle BrawlersEdit

Celestius: A Light Only Carrieing The Powers Of Fire,Shadow,And Light, It Is A Tri-Life Force

Dan Kuso

Bakugan: Pyrus Blaze Dragonoid

Shun Kazami

Bakugan: Gaia Stormbreaker, Como Ingram

Marucho Marakura

Bakugan: Wave Hydro,Mirage Elfin,Preyas 3,MichaelAngelo

Spectra Phantom/Keith Ferman

Bakugan: Pyrus Core Helios

Gus Grav: Subterra Tyron Vulcan

Runo Misaki: Thunderous Tigrerra

Julie Mikamoto: Subterra Erupt Gorem

Ace Grit: Midnight Percival

Baron Letoy: Lunar Nemis

Mira Ferman/Clay: Fissure Wilda

Alice Gehabich: Lead Hydranoid

Ren Krawler

Bakugan: Alter Linehalt

Fabia Sheen

Bakugan: Hyperon Aranaut


Bakugan: Boulderon


Bakugan: Wolfurio


Bakugan: Nighthaul

  • Note: These Are Not All Of The Heros Im Coming Up With More.



Barodius: Bakugan: Gunnar Dharak

Zenoheld: Zern

Hydron: Mooroid

Kazarina: Magerell Tayghen X

Drumen X

Centerrior X

Tricloid X

Rabeeder X

Heiredee X Kor: Alphantic

Darky: Zwelloid

Zexo BeastsEdit

Zythurvion Zytragicus *lilys* Zymagicus *Adams* Zysmashicus Zolar Xlar Gunok Blasticus BurstWrath Aquius Tournadoom Shockrin Zebraw: A Pale Colored Zebra Beast

X-Ray: A Fish Like Dragon

BladeLeaf: A Foresty Green Slasher

Groundhog: A Hog Who Likes To Break He Ground

Chaos BrawlersEdit

Lily: Zytragicus, And Darkus Splight

Adam: Zymagicus, And Haos Splight

Nate: Pyrus Rickrodan, And Blastius

Lin: Aquos Olifus, And Aquius

Min: Haos Olifus, And Burstwrath

Ken: Subterra Damakor, And Zysmashicus

Brawly X: The Leader Of The Chaos Brawler, He Has A Current Bakugan Named Brawlinoid

Bakugan: Brawlinoid


0. A New Journey

1. Zythurvia

2. Darky And A Z Piece

3. Dusk Forest Scares

4. Death Of A Hero?

5. Sands Of Doom.

6. Back On Earth..

7. Mysterious Lays Here

8. Enter Abyss

9. The Abisyaal Ruins

10. Zythurvion!

11. The Final Battle Of Bravery

12. Return Of Old Friends: Rafe And Paige!

13. Neathian In Training: Elias Appears!

14. Another One Brights The Dust

15. Kazarina And Magicus

16. A Lions Roar: Lumagrowl Returns?

17. GateKeepers X?

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