The prolouge starts with a grand feast at the Milky Way-Andromeda core. Iris comes in a rage and puts a golden apple down on the golden table, on which the immortals, greek gods and bakugan deities, are dining. When Iris leaves, Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite all reach for the apple, but Zeus gives Darkus Dio Sivac, the bakugan deity responsible for the uninvitation, the pick of who gets the apple. Athena promises wealth, Hera promises power, and Aphrodite promises the most beautiful bakugan in the universe, in the name of code eve, and Dio Sivac, wanting war to release the evil entity Savac from within him, picks Aphrodite, who, after the feast, is seen opening the portal to earth for Sivac and his comrades, the higher deities.

On earth, a beautiful dragonoid is seen walking in a lovely, maze-like garden, singing in hebrew. Suddenly, a portal opens behind her, and she gasps, but before she could say more, she is dragged into the portal by Dio Sivac, screaming for her father.

Meanwhile, in a throne room, the dragonoid we all know and love is staring out a window showing the sunny courtyard when hears his daughter's cries for him, and he helplessly witnesses his 9-year-old daughter get kidnapped in horror, and after the gate closes, he whispers, "Dio Sivac," in shock.

This is when the Andromedan war begins.


Ten years after the abuction.

We go to a brawling ground in the galaxy of Andromeda, where two seventeen-year-olds, a boy and a girl, are brawling, with cool breezes on their faces. The boy had loose, red hair, and chocolate brown eyes, and wore beige jeans and a brown jacket over an orange tank, and had brown loafers, and his guardian bakugan was Subterra Gran Panzer. The girl, our heroine, had shiny, long, curly black hair, and beautiful blue eyes. She had a jacket that was the feminine version of Dan's from the first arc of MS, a jeans skirt with a red lightning charm dangling from the belt loop, and short black leggings, and golden gladiator sandals. Her guardian was Pyrus Flare Dragaon.

Me: "Ability activate! Flare Energy!"

Dragaon (Playfully): "Eat this, Panzer!" (Attacks Panzer)

Theseus (Playfully): "No fair! How come you always get the upper hand whenever you do that, Helen?"

Me (Playfully): "Because I'm smarter than you, duh!"

Theseus: "Oh, is that so? Then try this on for size! Ability activate! Iron Castle!"

Me: "Let's finsh this, Dragaon! Ability activate!-"

We both heard footsteps.

S'more later. Eevee. :3

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