Bakugan: Vestroia Exposed Ep: 3 Ren In Vestroia

Dan: Is this Vestroia?

Drago: Yes, It has been turned different

Wavalon: So This is my home?

Chris: I think

Jesse: I sense a gundalian close by

Plitheon: I sense a bakugan near by

Chris: ???

Wavalon: Really Who?

Plitheon: I dunno its sense is strong

???: Hello Jesse, Chris

Chris & Jesse: Ren!

Dan: What, Ren :D

Linehalt: Hello Wavalon

Wavalon: Sup Liney

Linehalt: Dont call me that please

  • Teleport Opens

Hydron: Hello Daniel

Chris: You Again

Marucho: They got me help

Dan: Let him go NOW!

Mylene: Not after you stole Macubass

Chris: It Mine now sucka

Mylene: Me and Lync Vs Chris And Marucho

Chris: If we win we get Marucho

Mylene: If we win we get wavalon

Marucho & Chris: Deal

Marucho: Gate Card Set Bakugan Brawl stand Aquas Akwam

Chris: Bakugan Brawl Stand Aquas Macubass

Mylene: Huh? Go! Mecha Elico

Lync: Go Strike Aluze

Mylene: Attribute Change: Ventus

Chris: Ability Activate: Macubass Duo Beam

Lync: No AAluze, Ability Activate: Ventus Air Sheild

Marucho: Ability Activate: Aquas Revenger

Mylene: No! my new Bakugan

Lynce: Metal Bakugan Trap Go! Hylash

Chris: Trap Go! Sky Dragonoid

Marucho: Get em Gaia Dragonoid

Chris: Ability Activate Sky+Gaia Fusion

Marucho: Ability Activate Sky+Gaia Connect

Sky Gaia Dragonoid: I am stronger than you Elico

Marucho: Ability Activate: Gaia Blaster

Elico: Gggggggrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh (Ball Form)

Mylene: Urgh Worthless

Chris: Ability Activate: Sky Destroyer

Hylash: UUUUUUUrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (Cylinder Form)

Lync: Blast Em

Aluze: 3....2.....1.............

Chris: Macubass Special Ability: Zeon Cannon

Aluze: Gyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (ball Form)

???: Oh No You Dont

???: I am Marcus Azon Pyrus Brawler of Team Fusion

Marcus: Prepare To Be destroyed

Dan: My Fight!

Marcus: Gate card set Bakugan Brawl Go Fusion Bozoid

Dan: Brawl Typhoon Dragonoid

Bozoid: Hahaha Thats what we want

Dan: Oh Yeah

Drago: Core Quazer!!!

Marcus: Ability Activate: Pyro Fusion

Drago: What?

Bozoid: Prepare to become part of me

Drago: I would Be Fusion Dragonoid?

Marcus: Yes Dragonoid!

Dan: Lets try This Cyborg Gear Activate: Maxus Gear

Drago: hahahahaha

Dan: Cyborg Ability Activate: Maxus Neo Blaster

Marcus: Oh You wanna dance

Dan: Nope

Bozoid: He means fight

Drago: Ugh

Dan: We wanna fight yeah

Marcus: Mechtagon Go!: Fusion Zenthon

Dan: What the

Drago: Easy Peasy

Dan: Cyborg Ability: Maxus Rise up

Chris: Hes at level 2

Jesse: Strong!

Marcus: Mechtagon Ability: Dragonoid Stomper

Drago: How

Dan: Ability Activate: Dull Feild

Marcus: Nullified my ability

Drago: Urrrrrggggggghhhhh Level 3

Marucho: How did he.....

Chris: I dunno

Shun: Taylean We need to help

Marcus: Wont be very helpful to him ill crush you

Shun: Ok i wont help

Dan: Cyborg Ability Go: Level 3 Maxus Blast

Bozoid: Ooohhhhhh Nnnnnnnooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Marcus: You cant beat us

Ren: Go! Linehalt

Linehalt: Darkus Shadow Blaster!

Marcus: No you dont

Ren: Battle gear boost: Dual Boomix

Chris: Wow

Marcus: Fusion Zenthon Special Ability: Mega shooter

Drago: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (Ball Form)

* Marcus takes drago

Dan: Drago!!!!!!!

Marcus: Ability Activate: Darkus Eliminate

Ren: Battle Gear Ability Activate: Dual Boomix Charger

Marcus: Ha Gate Card Open! Battle Gear Blow Up

Dan: No

Ren: Command Ability: Duck and Win Player with lower gs wins

Marcus: Noooo

* marcus teleports

Dan: Sighs

Ren: Dont worry I will Track them down

Dan: Thanks

Runo: Daniel Kuso you left me on earth!

Dan: Oh By

Chris: Time to track down more friends to destroy marcus

Jesse: Sure ok

Plitheon: Theres an aquas gundalian brawler somewhere in vestroia

Wavalon: I have a sensor i am gundalian aquas guardian

Dan: Ok

Runo: I am part of your team

Shun: Time to get stronger

Keith: Me and helios will help

Dan: All set lets go!

Brawlers: Yeah!

Next Time: Bakugan: Vestroia Exposed Ep:4: Leena,Jack Secret of Vestroia

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