Bakugan: Vestroia Exposed Ep: 8Edit

Dan: Well im leaving to college mom

Mrs.Kuso: Sweetie ill visit one day

Drago: Yes me too

Runo: Dan!!!!!!

Dan: ???

Runo: Im coming with you

Dan: Really

Drago: Dan im not leaving earth im staying with your mother

Dan: Thanks Drago

Brawlers: Dan!!!!

Chris: Well See ya mate

Jack: Have a nice trip dude

Gilly: Hope you have a great time

Jason: Visit Interspace some time

Dan: Will Do!!!

( 5 Weeks Later )

Chris: Dan has been gone for weeks

Shun: Yeah I know

Jack: Runo went too

Drago: Hey Brawlers

Dragy: Hello Stranger

  • Portal Opens *

Spectra: Drago is with me ;)

Shun: Wha.... But how

Spectra: Drago came to vestal

  • Somewhere on Vestal *

Hydron: Shadow you got us in jail

Shadow: Well Sorry Dude

To be continued........

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