Bakugan: Vestroia Exposed Ep:8 Gundalian PalaceEdit

Nurzac: Anubias you shall get out now!

Anubias: Just because i attacked brawlers?

Nurzac: Yes you ignorent runt!

Anubias: Bye Then!

Sabator: Huh? Where is Horridian

  • Bell Rings *

Nurzac: Mason Open the doors!

Mason: Yes sire

Zennet: Master Mason an enemy is near

  • Back on earth *

Dan: Guys im leaving the brawlers

Marucho: But Why..... ?

Gus: May i suggest why are you leaving Dan?

Dan: im going to college


Tigrerra: Yes i agree

Drago: i wont be going

Chris: But Why?

Drago: i am going back home

Jack: You live for the brawlers!

Dragy: I understand Drago you have served your purpose

Drago: Thank you young one

Dan: I have to get a degree

Runo: Not without me

Dan: I need to grow up

Chris: Oh i guess your right Dan

???: Chris i have come back

Chris: Wavalon!!!

Wavalon: I escaped

Chris: What about the others

Wavalon: they have gone missing

Jack: I got dragy

Gilly: What about nemus

Wavalon: Gone

Jason: Hawktor?

Wavalon: he escaped

Gus: Chris May i entrust you with Blast Elico

Gus: Gilly may i entrust you with alto brontes

???: No you cant

Dan: Volt

Volt: Yes me Vot Luster

Gus: Wha

Volt: I want brontes

Brontes: Hehehehehehahahahaha Volt you came for me

Volt: Yes my partner

Next Time: Bakugan: Vestroia Exposed Ep:9 Volt nd te brontes

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