Bakugan: Vestroia Exposed Ep:4

  • Somewhere in Vestroia

Leena: Jack you need to be stronger

Jack: i am trying sis

Leena: I know jack

Dragonoid ( Dragy ): Jack you need to try hard

Leena: make Dragy break that rock

Jack: sure

Dragy: lets go

Jack: Gate card set! bakugan Brawl Go Dragonoid

Dragy: Oh lets do this

Bakupod: Dragonoid 750g

Jack: Ability Activate: Pyrus Phorenam

Dragy: Grrraaaaagghhhh

Bakupod: Dragonoid 900g

  • Rock Explodes

Leena: Jack you did it

Phosphos: nice one dragy

Dragy: Thanks Phosphos

Leena: Gate Card set! bakugan brawl Stand Phosphos

Bakupod: Phosphos 1670g

Jack: whoa

Dragy: Lets do it

Jack: Brawl Dragy

Bakupod: Dragonoid 750g

Jack: we are gunna lose

Leena: Ability Activate: Poisen Sting Ray

Dragy: Arrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh (Ball Form)

Leena: See so easy Bro

Jack: Yeah

???: Hey You Lot!!!

Leena: Huh?

Jack: Theres people

???: Its us Jesse and Chris

Chris: with the brawlers

Jesse: yeah

Marcus: Hello Brawlers >:)

Dan: Give drago BACK!

Marcus: Sure

  • Marcus throws Drago at dan

Dan: Drago!!!! :)

Drago: D....D....a....n?

Dan: Yeah its me buddy

Drago: They did tests on me

Dan: And?

Drago: i evolved to Inferno Dragonoid

Dan: Wow

  • Dan Scans Drago

Dan: 2400g awsome

Drago: Really

Chris: Cool

???: I am Zack Breyback Second top Brawler of Team Fusion

Zack: I challenge Leena And Jack

Leena & Jack: Really ?

Zack: Lets Brawl

Jack: Gate Card Set! bakugan Brawl Dragy Stand

Bakupod: Dragonoid 750g

Dan: Dragonoid!

Leena: Stand Aquas Stingray Phosphos

Bakupod: Phosphos 1670g

Zack: Go Fusion Vulcan

Bakupod: Vulcan 2000g

Leena: Ability Activate: Alpha Stingrays

Vulcan: Ahhhhh Poisen

Jack: Ability Activate: Dragonoid Tornado

Vulcan: Weakling

Dragy: How dare you

Zack: Ability Activate: Fusion Subterra Earthquake

Phosphos: Jump

Dragy: Ok

Vulcan: Fusion HandBlow

Dragy: Owww

Jack: Gate Card Open! Dragonoid Double g bonus g bonus=600x2=1200

Bakupod: Dragonoid 1950g

Drago: Wow Young kid

Dragy: Thanks

Jack: Ability Activate: Pyrus Minus takes 200g off vulcan

Bakupod: Vulcan 1800g

Jack:Now Dragy

Dragy: Maximum Pyrus!

Vulcan: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh (Ball Form)

Jack: I won!!!

Dragy: I am going shiny

  • Dragy Evolves To Delta Dragonoid

Jack: Wow

Dragy: I feel Stronger already

  • the shy glows purple

???: Brawlers We are the six acient warriors of vestroia

Wavalon: What?

Dragy: Huh?

???: I am Apollinir The Pyrus Soldier

???: I am Frosch The Aquas Soldier

Wavalon: There is only 2

Frosch: We are the same attribute as you two are

Apollinir: We Think you two will become the Battle Brawlers 2

Frosch: All you need is four more brawlers with different attributes

Apollinir: We are Trusting you With Our Element Power

Frosch: Here You go wavalon

  • Wavalon Evolves

Apollinir: Here you Go Dragy

Wavalon: I am Cyclone Wavalon

Dragy: I have not evolved

Apollinir: You cant evolve twice in a day

Frosch: Too dangerous

Apollinir: You will evolve again when you found 4 other brawlers Dragy

Dragy: Ok

Soldiers: Goodbye

Dan: Wow Chris

Shun: We was trusted aswell

Marucho: Yep

???: Hello Brawlers

Brawlers: Errrm Hi

???: I am Silent Leonidas

Leonidas: call me leo

Leo:i am here to tell the scret of vestroia

Dan: Secret?

Drago: Huh?

Leo: The Acients Are telling me to tell you

Wavalon: K

Leo: Once there was 6 guardians of vestroia the pyrus dragonid the aquas Wavalon The darkus Dharaknoid the ventus zeonoid the subterra Shakrazon and the haos Eyspied they was the guardians of vestroia they guarded the world with there lives but they was seperated to different worlds likedharak and wavalon sent to gundalia and dragonoid was sent to earth if you find them there is a reward of the whole power wich controls the world

Wavalon: Wow

Leo: but the secret lies within the six guardians if you find all six vestroia will be exposed to you, goodbye.

Dragy: Cool

Dan: well lets go to vestal to have a look there

Keith: Oh yeah!

Chris: Lets go!

Next Time: Bakugan: Vestroia Exposed Ep:5 Vestal's Zeonoid lies with a partner

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