Bakugan: Vestroia Exposed Ep#1 Mechtagon Returns

Dan: its been a few months since we beat magmel right drago?

Drago: Yes Dan it has

Runo: DAN KUSO! you missed our date again

Dan: This is bad

Runo: yes it is kuso

Drago: whoa runo calm it

Tigrerra: Drago Dont talk to me lady like that

Drago: ill talk how i need to tigrerra dan has done nothing wrong

Tig: He Missed Runo Date

Julie: Hiya Me and gorem has been catching up

Gorem: Drago i thank you for bringing me bac to Julie

Drago: No worries Gorem, Tigrerra Isnt Greatful

Tig: Drago I am i am just upset

Drago: why?


Drago: No way ladie

???: He may not battle but i will

Tig: Who Are you?

???: i am Wavalon The aquas Guardian Of Gundalia

Drago: What! We have not seen a gundalian since ages

Wavalon: I came with my partner and his brother

Dan: Who are TheY ?

Wavalon: Chris And Jesse Glenn

Dan: Really!

Drago: Really!

Chris: Oh yeah

Jesse: i sense a friend close by

Plitheon: Jesse stop it drama boy

Jesse: yes partner

Dan: Yo Jesse

Jesse: my senses was correct hello Dan

Drago: Greeting Plitheon

Plitheon: Hi Drago

( There is an explosion )

???: I am Zenthon Titan Te Mechtagon

Dan & Drago: What!

Zenthon: yes

Chapter 2 Zenthon Returned:

Runo: What your zenthon

Zenthon: indeed

Dan: Drago Dont Battle Him

Drago: sure Dan

Zenthon: No i came to get Wavalon

Wavalon: No way robot dude

Chris: Lets battle for wavalon

Wavalon: NO

Chris: we will win of course

Wavalon: Ok then

Chris: BakuFeild Open!

Zenthon: Gate card set

Chris: Bakugan Brawl Wavalon Stand

Zenthon: Bring it on

Chris: Ability Activate Wavlon Split!

Zenthon:Pyrus Shaker !

Wavalon: Too bad there is 2 of me wich on is real

Chris: Double Ability Activate Aquas Striker Plus Spin Wave

Wavalon: Oh yeah sucker

Zenthon: Sheild Ball

Wavalon: Chris use the guardian ability

Chris: Ability Activate Aquas Guardian Wavalon BLAST

Wavalon: DIE

Zenthon: No way

Wavalon:Take this Noob

Zenthon: Aaarghhh

Chris: Ha Gate Card Set

Zenthon: Time for the last battle wavalon

Chris: Bakugan Brawl Stand Wavalon

Wavalon: Wave Strike!

Zenthon: aaaaahhhh

Chris: Ability Activate G Power Riser

Zenthon: 4000g This is bad

Wavalon: G Power Double time!

Zenthon: 8000g Oh No im gonna die

Wavalon: Yes you are

Dan: Wow Intense

Drago: Yeah

Chris: Guardian Strike Triple Blow

Wavalon: up to 24000 g im gonna die with any more power

Zenthon: whoa

Chris: Engage

Wavalon: Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhh

(Zenthon Explodes)

wavalon: 1g Left i win

Chris: awsome

Next time:

Bakugan: Vestroia Exposure Ep#2 Return From Vestal

Writer: Chris Hewitt

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