Bakugan: Vestroia Exposed

Bakugan: Vestroia Exposed
Chris Hewitt
39 (5 Aired)
Proceeded By:
Mechtanium Surge
Followed By:
Bakugan: Battle Brawlers 2

Summary: This Series Takes after Mechtanium Surge The Brawlers Have Defeated Magmel And Razenoid, Dan And the brawlers have been reunited with some new friends and marucho has created a new battle system in bakugan interspace wich is called Cyborg Gear. The cybor ger allows the bakugan to have a robotic body for a battle but you have to activate it, this comes with stronger abilitys.



Dan Kuso: Pyrus Brawler- Bakugan: Typhoon Dragonoid G's 2000 (Stolen)Bakugan: Inferno Dragonoid 2400g

Julie Makimoto: Subterra Brawler- Bakugan: Quakix Gorem G's 1400

Runo Misaki: Haos Brawler- Bakugan: Thunder Tigrerra ( Tig ) G's 1250

Shun Kazami: Ventus Brawler- Bakugan: Mega Taylean G's 2000

Marucho Marakura: Aquas Brawler- Bakugan:Akwam G's 1950

Alice Gehabich: Darkus Brawler- Bakugan: Rex Hydranoid G's 1650

Keith Clay: Darkus Brawler- Bakugan: Primal Helios G's 1980

Mira Clay: Subterra Brawler-Bakugan: Magma Wilda G's 1300

Ren Crawler: Darkus Brawler-Bakugan: Shadow Linehalt G's 1990

Fabia Sheen: Haos Brawler-Bakugan: Gold Aranaut G's 1900( Leaves Ep:6 )

Chris Glenn: Aquas Brawler-Bakugan: Wavalon G's 2500(Evolved)Cyclone Wavalon G's 2550

Jesse Glenn: Ventus Brawler-Bakugan: Whirl Plitheon G's 2100

Jack Isis: Pyrus Brawler-Bakugan: Dragonoid G's 750(Evolved)Delta Dragonoid G's 1200

Leena isis: Aquas Brawler-Bakugan: Stingray Phosphos G's 1670

Gus Grav: Multi Brawler-Bakugan: Blast Elico G's1000(Aquas) Rex Vulcan G's 1900(Subterra) Alto Brontes G's 1000(Haos)

Jason Bolto: Ventus Brawler-Bakugan: Samurai Hawktor 1950 G's

Gilly Goother: Haos Brawler-Bakugan: Light Nemus

Team Fusion:Edit

Marcus Azen: Pyrus Brawler-Bakugan: Fusion Bozoid G's 2000

Zaden Crozon ( Leader ): Darkus Brawler- Bakugan: Fusion Krozac G's 2550 + Fusion Dragonoid G's 3000

Zack Greyback: Subterra Brawler-Bakugan: Fusion Vulcan G's 2000

Shane Salva: Aquas Brawler- Bakugan: Fusion Akwimos G's 2400

Allie Phabos: Haos Brawler-Bakugan: Fusion Devilon G's 2000

The New Vexos:Edit

Hydron: Subterra Brawler Brawler-Bakugan: Drone Dryoid G's 1700

Mylene Farrow: Aquas Brawler-Bakugan: Splash Macubass G's 1500 (Stolen) Bakugan: Mecha ElicoG's 1900

Shadow Prove: Darkus Brawler-Bakugan: Myriad Hades G's 1750 + Razor Alpha Hydranoid G's 2500

Lync Volan; Ventus Brawler-Bakugan: Strike Aluze G's 1790

Cyborg Gears:Edit

Drago: Maxus Gear

Gorem: Meta Cross Gear

Tigrerra: Thunder Cyclone Gear

Wavalon: Aquarius Gear


Marcus's: Pyrus Fusion Zenthon

Dans: Pyrus Zenthon Titan

Chris's: Aquas Valon


James Sinar: Ventus Zeonoid G's 2000

Chris Glenn: Aquas Cyclone Wavalon G' s 2550

Jack Isis: Pyrus Delta Dragonoid G's 1200

Fabia Sheen: Haos Eyspied G's 2000

New FeaturesEdit

* Cyborg Gear

* Bakugan Combine with Mechtogon

* Higher G's

* Baku Ultimate Assualt

* Battle Gear V.5

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