1. Dan returns to the series along with Drago.
  2. Runo returns to the series along with Tigrerra.
  3. Marucho returns to the series along with Preyas, Elfin, and Akwimos.
  4. Julie returns to the series along with Gorem.
  5. Shun returns to the seires along with Ingram and Hawktor.
  6. Alice returns to the series along with Hydranoid.
  7. Mira returns to the series along with Wilda.
  8. Ace returns to the series along with Percival.
  9. Baron returns to the series along with Nemus.
  10. Fabia returns to the series along with Aranaut.
  11. Jake returns to the series along with Coredem.
  12. Linus returns to the series along with Neo.
  13. Ren returns to the series along with Linehalt.
  14. Taylor returns to the series along with Venoclaw.

  1. Barodius returns with Dharak.
  2. Gill returns with Krakix.
  3. Kazarina returns with Lumagrowl.
  4. Airzel returns with Strikeflier.
  5. Stoica returns with Lythirius.
  6. Nurzak returns with Sabator.
  7. Zenoheld returns with Farbros.
  8. Hydron returns with Dryoid.
  9. Mylene returns with Elico and Macubass.
  10. Shadow Prove returns with Hades and Mac Spider.
  11. Lync returns with Aluze and Altair.
  12. Volt returns with Brontes and Boriates.

Chapter One: The RevolutionEdit

Recap: "It has been about two years since we defeated the Gundalians, or so we thought we did. Barodius came out, and brought the Twelve Orders with him. Zenoheld also heard about another one of our victories. He is back with The Vexos. They are teamed up and determend to beat us. We will give them everything. This, is the last battle."

Dan, Runo, Marucho, Julie, Shun, Alice, and Jake are all on Earth, playing frisbee at the park. They have all moved, to a new location, they are all in a city one hour away from Bayview. They are still by the beach, so that is where they are tight now. Dan gets teleported away after the frisbee goes to him. Everyone looks shocked and they gasp.

The teleport was from Fabia, Linus, Ren, Queen Serena, and Captain Elright. They see the Gundalian ships, going up into Space! Dan tells them they they will go down, they can't just do this now, and he gets teleported again. This time itis from Mira, Ace, and Baron. They say that they saw the Vexos ships just go up into space. Dan calls it familiar, and tells them to grab hand with each other and himself. Drago teleports them to Earth.

Fabia teleports all of the people on the beach to the Neathian Palace, luckily it was just the brawlers. They all talk. Mira and Fabia tell each other that They saw those ships go up. The Neathians, Vestals, Humans, and Ren all agree to fight together. Captain Elright comes in with a serious message, he says, "It seems the Vexos and Gundalians are after the six elemental attribute gems, on the planet known as Jutars. Together, they can destroy, or do good things."

Fabia gasp. Mira, Baron, and Ace agree to go up. Dan and Jake do too. Julie, Alice, and Runo say, "We aren't being left behind now." and Fabia and Ren nod and join. Right before they are about to go up and leave, Linus wishes them luck. Captain Elright tells him that he should go, to help. He looks confused. Queen Serena says, "You have Neo Ziperator again, you will be a great value." He says fine. He catches up to them and joins their force.

Mira is looking up info on the Gems. She says, "Yup, that looks like that is where they are going. Lets roll." They all get to the planet. King Zenoheld and Emperor Barodius are shaking hand when they get there, with the Vexos and Twelve Orders behind them.

They get out freeze rays, that will freeze the brawlers, and make it so they can get the gems. Kazarina and Mylene come out and challenge some of them to fight. Runo and Baron chose to fight. Dana nd the others run past the Evil Brawlers, take their gem trackers, and run until they can't see them anymore.

Runo places her gate card and sends out Haos Lightning Tigrerra, Baron sends out Egyptian Nemus, Kazarina sends out Shocking Lumagrowl, and Mylene sends out Mystic Elico. Runo uses the ability Haos Ruler and gives Tigrerra, Nemus, and Lumagrowl +300gs. Kazarina calls it a stupid move, and Lumagrowl knocks Tigrerra down, and Tigrerra says, "That's it! Lets go Nemus!" Ans Nemus Tackles Elico, and just as he was about to hit back, Nemus dissapears.

Baron says, "Ability, Activate! Moonlight Mirage! This lets Nemus dissapear for three rounds, and come back as a Darkus Bakugan." Elico calls it a confusing ability. Tigrerra and Lumagrowl are just wrestling. Elico changes to Ventus, and flies into the sky. Nemus is back as Darkus, and sees Elico about to bounce on top of him. He puts his hands up, but is crushed anyways. Zenoheld and Barodius send the others out to find the brawlers. Mylene calls this boring, and freezes Runo and Baron. While Nemus and Tigrerra are disstracted, they beat them. Mylene and Kazarina take them into the ships. They catch up to the others, and continue to look for the brawlers.

Linus and Shun see Airzel and Hydron coming from across a frozen lake. Linus uses Neo by saying, "Melting Fury!" and melts the river apart. However, Airzel and Strikeflier get across the river by flying, so does Hydron and Dryoid. Shun and Jake team up and fight together against them while the others move on.

Shun throws down his gate card. And puts out Samurai Ingram and Soaring Hawktor. Jake puts out Mountain Coredem. Airzel is thinking of the plan. Shun is reading his mind whith ninja powers. Hydron and Airzel pull out freeze guns. Jake panics, and gets hit, so does Coredem. Shun hops on Ingram and Hawktor, and leaves before they can get him.

Zenoheld and Baroduis are dissapointed in them, and they send them back to the ship with Kazarina and Mylene. They send out Lync and Stoica to brawl the others, and Lync runs ahead, knowing what they are doing is wrong, trying to warnt he brawlers.

He makes it with Stoica way behind, he tells the brawlers, "Look, I am forced on the bad side, I have to brawl you right now, with Stoica so I am sorry." Stoica comes closer. Lync says, so Stoica can hear him, "I challenge you, Alice. And Marucho!" Stoica smiles, and they start. Stocia freeze Marucho before the brawl starts, and the others run.

Alice looks scared at Lync. Lync freezes Stoica and says oops like he didn't mean to do it. Alice smiles and calls him a hero. They run off and catch up to the others. But on the way, a ray gun freezes Alice, and teleports her away, Lync hides and runs to the brawlers.

Back at the ship, Runo, Baron, Jake, Marucho, Alice, and Stoica are un-frozen. They put the brawlers and their bakugan in the containers that they put Shun, Ace, and Marucho in back in New Vestroia. Stoica is upset because he thinks that Lync did it on accident and calls him stupid. Mylene ask where Lync is, and Stoica says he doesn't know.

Julie is talking everyone's ears off by talking about shopping after this is over. Lync and Dan yell, "Shut up Julie! We dont care!" and she calls them grumpy. They see Volt and Nurzak up ahead, Julie and Ren run up and challenge them, while the others sneak past them.

Nurzak freezes Ren, and Volt chases Julie, who is doing backflips, and running, she says, "I am so glad I do cheerleading and gymnastics!" Nurzak teleports Ren back, and holds Julie still. The Brawlers hear her scream. Dan yells, "Julie!" and is about to run, Linus says, "Dan, there is no point of trying to save her. She is now frozen, just like the others. And Volt finally freezes her and teleports her back.

Stoica says that he wants to go back out to find Lync and beat some more brawlers. Mylene says, "Barodius and Zenoheld said that you can't until either Lync comes back or Shadow Prove." Stoica growls.

Linus says that they are close to their destination. Mira says that she can't wait any longer. Ace nods. Shadow Prove and Gill come by and challenge Linus, Ace, and Shun. Shadow Prove shoots everywhere, and freezes Shun, Linus, and Fabia. The Brawlers are hiding Lync, and he is carrying Fabia, while they walk away.

Ace says that he thought this was going to be a brawl. Gill says no, and freezes him. Shadow Prove and Gill go back, and put the other brawlers away. Stoica and Shadow Prove now to back out to find Lync.

Now it is just Dan, Fabia, and Mira. They look around the corner, and see Casey and Taylor, wondering around the new planet, and Taylor gets frozen by Shadow Prove and Stoica, and they spot The brawlers with Lync, and they teleport Lync back and Challenge Mira to a brawl. Casey says that he will help her.

He and Mira are running, knowing it wont be a brawl, but end up frozen. They all go back tot he ship.

Fabia says, "You know, your friends are pretty strong and smart." Dan says, "Which ones?" She says, "You know, Runo, Alice, Lync, Mira, Baron, Ace, Casey, and Taylor" Dan says that if they were that smart they wouldn't have been caught. She says anyone could, and just then Zenoheld and Barodius come and freeze Fabia.

Dan brings out Drago, and makes Smoke all over, and continues the quest. He finds the gems. He says, "Woah! I can make these into necklaces, then the Evil Brawlers won't even know what they truely are!" Just then, Captain Elright gives a message, he says that he has released the other brawlers, Casey, and Taylor all out and they are waiting down there for Dan.

He says, "Dan, devide them to give the others strength." He does, and trows the peices in the air, but it makes a big gem, with all of the gems combined. Elright says, "Okay, now instead, just hide it in the ship." and he dissapears. Dan does so, and tells Casey and Taylor, that they can travel with them while they wait for the Ship to be able to go to other planet again. They agree. The episode finishes.

Chapter Two: Get Him Out!Edit

The camera goes on Zenoheld and Barodius who are reveiwing what happened with the Vexos and Twelve Orders, who are knelt down, listening. Barodius says, "You guys have failed." Mylene says, "We didn't fail sir, we won, but Dan somehow got out and cheated." Airzel says, "Mylene is right on this, We had almost all of them" Everyone starts talking except Lync.

Zenoheld says, "Lync! Why did we find you with them last night?" He says, "Um, I was trying to freeze Dan, sorry." Zenoheld and Barodius roll their eyes. Now back with the brawlers, Casey couldn't sleep last night. He misses home too much. He goes out to the kitchen, and Taylor is awake also. She greets him. He says, "I wanna go home. I am sick of this planet." Taylor says, "No, I like it here. I want to help the brawlers, and this is fun and exciting!"

Shun is ease dropping, and Baron and Jake come behind sneaking, and they trip. They accidentally push Shun down, and Taylor and Casey are startled. Shun nervously laughs. Casey says, "Well, now you guys heard me. I want out." Shun says, If we empty out this place, Casey, you can take this place home"

Casey agrees.

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