Bakugan: Time Travelers
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Bakugan: Time Travelers is a Bakugan story that follows Bakugan: Dimensions Collide. It will begin to be published in 2012.


While camping, three friends see a shot of light and discover a brawl between a girl with strange dressing and a man half human, half machine, after the brawl they are teleported by the girl to the future, to face the Cyborg Rebelion and the androids that plan to change the future so that machines can rule the world...

Team Time TravelersEdit

  • Reid O'Graddy: an aquos brawler. Bakugan: Aquos ??
  • Tyler McLaghen: a pyrus brawler. Bakugan: Pyrus ??
  • Nicole Gallagher: Reid's girlfriend, she is now a darkus brawler. Bakugan: Darkus ??
  • Johan Rossenberg: Tyler's classmate who goes with them camping, he is an exchange student from Norway and a ventus brawler too. Bakugan: Ventus ??
  • Tim Couric: he is the school's news reporter, he goes with Reid, Tyler and Nicole to get the news. Bakugan: Subterra ??
  • Mackenzie Diamond: she came from the future chasing Harpoohook she gives Reid and his friends new bakugans. Bakugan: Haos ?? Bakunano: ?? Mechtogan: ??

The Cyborg RebelionEdit

They are the main villains of the story, they want to take over the future world but they must change some things in the past.

  • Lady Data: she is the main villain of the story, she began the revelion and is the leader of it.
  • Harpoonhook: he is Lady Data's most loyable soldier and he is the first soldier to travel to the past and fight against Reid. Bakugan: Ventus ??
  • Wallcrusher: he has a giant cannon instead of his left hand and a metal hump. Bakugan: Subterra ??
  • O'Clock: he is the android in charge of the time machine and took Reid's Elfin from the past and changed her form along other bakugan. Bakugan: ??
  • Bazooka: he is a pyrus brawler and has a thin but big cannon in his back. Bakugan: ??
  • Sonicboom: a darkus brawler that stuns enemies with a high pitched sound that comes from the microphone in his head. Bakugan: Darkus ??
  • Maiden: a haos brawler. Bakugan: ??

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