Bakugan: Time Riders Edit

"But, professor We're the only ones who are ready to face them."Said a young boy about the age of 15, he wore a uniform very similar to that of the castle knights and had blond hair."No Ty! This is more important, this could save us all!"Said a balding professor with some grey hair. "Professor Yamoki, I just don't think the others can keep the enemy forces at bay, while I try the time rider project."Ty Argued. "We will manage, but this is our last great hope, go."Pleaded Professor Yamoki. "Fine." Ty said with anger and annoyance in his voice.He stood up and picked a bakugan that was in two parts, that of a dragon and that of a warrior."Come on Ty."The Warrior said. Then the started to phase out and disappeared from the cluttered lab. Soon it's a seen change and they reapeared in a modern day Vestal forest. "What do you know, the old man was right, we made it."Ty said.

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