Bakugan: The Xenodal Saga is an AU spin-off series that takes place shortly after the season finale of the first season of Bakugan. It features a group of Top 20 Bakugan players(who later name their team the "The PlasmaSlayers") on a quest to liberate Vestroia and the neighboring pocket dimension, Caliban, from the evil forces of Xenodal, an extremely dangerous mad scientist possesing both human and Bakugan DNA, whose plan is to conquer the universe using his close-to-unbeatable army of monsters which he made by splicing Bakugan DNA with that of other alien species. His trump cards are the fearsome Plasma Soldiers, an elite troop of scientifically altered Bakugan which he created by injecting White Ones with the special "Elemental Serum" which contains the powers of all six attributes.

The series is originally based off a RP on a Russian site called

Unlike the original Bakugan series, the spin-off is a lot darker than the former and contains elements of Post-Apocalyptic Fiction. It's oriented towards a more mature audience (rated PG-13 ) and is rather violent compared to the canon Bakugan series. Though the rules are the same as the season 1 rules, the Brawls in the spin-off are more lethal because the upgrades Xenodal gives his Bakugan allow them to beat a Bakugan to death without using a Doom Card. Unlike the original series, blood is shown in a few scenes.


The Plasmaslayers

Maria Kakuzawa - a 13 year old middle school girl, a Darkus/Plasma Brawler in the M2BB. She is a smart and cunning strategist and relies on various tricks and traps in battle. Her Guardian Bakugan is Plasma Chimeriad (Later evolves into Warp Chimeriad)

Amaya Suzuki - a 12 year old Haos Brawler with a monstrous appetite, a short fuse and a case of sleepwalking. When deprived of food she usually goes into a blind rage (it saves her life once while being held captive by Xenodal's minions. She relies on power play in battle. Her Bakugan are Haos Diera and Haos Deeva.(evolve into Luster Deeva and Exodus Diera)

Ushiromiya Inke - She is a 14 year old Aquos Brawler and the oldest of the group. She has a serious attitude, but is kind-hearted. She is always against unnecessary bloodshed. Inke is also able to breath underwater thanks to the invention of her relatives Heracles and Zira. Her Bakugan are Aquos Primera and Aquos Panterra. (When they evolve, their names and appearance stay the same, but they gain the ability to change attributes to Haos and Pyrus)

Renge Sayaki - Inke's closest friend and a Ventus Brawler. She's brave and energetic and is good friends with Shun, who taught her martial arts.. She's 14 years old. Her Bakugan is Ariel (a male version of Oberus) He later evolves into Tempest Ariel.

Kuroi Akami - The Pyrus Brawler of the group. Unlike Dan, he is calm and level-headed, but often takes things way too seriously.He is the childhood friend/ boyfriend of Amaya Suzuki. He is 13 years old. His bakugan is Pyrus Dravir (An evolution of Ultra Dragonoid) Later he evolves into Pyrus Firestorm Dravir.

Main BakuganEdit

Plasma Chimeriad - A former lackey of Xenodal's that joined the Brawlers after failing his reconnaissance mission. Originally a White One, he was infused with the Elemental Serum containing all six attributes.

Even though he has the power of all six attributes within him, he looks similar to a Darkus Bakugan. The only thing that tells the Plasma and darkus Bakugan apart is that the Plasma' base color is silvery gray.

In Bakugan form he appears as a humanoid warrior wielding two sickle-like blades. He is very fast and has great stamina that allows him to keep fighting even when he's injured. He is very young for a warrior Bakugan (in human years he would be in his teens), but it doesn't mean that he's weak.

His personality is hyperactive and disrespectful. He enjoys causing trouble and likes to mock and taunt his enemies. Despite that, he has a strong sense of justice, an when he learns what his former master is really up to, he joins the Brawlers and dedicates his life to fighting against Xenodal.

He is Maria's Guardian Bakugan.

Haos Deeva - A ditzy, butterfly-like Bakugan. She has the personality of a teenage girl, being obsessed with pink things, dieting and, most of all, males. She has a bad habit of throwing fits when she's in trouble.

She's one of Amaya's Guardian Bakugan

Haos Diera - a Chinese dragon-like Bakugan. She is wise and serious and always gives good advice. In the past she had a crush on Drago, but grew out of it. Right now she seems to have affection for Kuroi's Dravir.

She's Amaya's second Bakugan.

Haos Apollo - Amaya's third talking Bakugan, even though he isn't her actual guardian. He is polite and respects Amaya a lot.

Aquos Primera - An elf/mermaid- like Bakugan. She has a huge shell which she uses to summon the spirits of the sea and create tidal waves. She is friendly and caring and becomes enraged when somebody tries to hurt her friends. She also has a crush on Panterra. She's Inke's Bakugan.

Aquos Panterra - a humanoid panther-like Bakugan. He's the brawn of the duo, but he's also wise and strategic. He's Inke's second Guardian.

Pyrus Dravir (nicknamed Dracol by his master) - a dragon-like Bakugan guardian of Kuroi. He shares a strong bond with his master and is willing to protect his friends with his life. Just like Amaya and Kuroi, Dravir and Diera have affection for each other that is more than just friendship.

Ventus Ober - a humanoid cat-like Ventus Bakugan and the Guardian of Renge. He considers himself a hero whose duty is to ward off evildoers and protect the weak. He is also known for his weird-named abilities, such as his Ultimate Ability "Cat Cat Nyan Hammer"

Plasma Gretel - the anti-hero of the spinoff,a White One who was turned into a Plasma due to a disturbance in the Silent Core. She's the ruler of the Doom Dimension and also the owner of the Orb Of Miracles, a magical entity that keeps the destructive energy of the Doom Dimension from spilling into neighboring realms. She inhabits the Doom Dimension's only oasis - the DarkStar Garden, a garden where roses made of crystal grow and two red moons glimmer in the black sky. She puts both teams through a grueling test in order to bring out their true potential. They have to fight her army of crystal clones to leave the Doom Dimension. After they pass, she returns a few times to aid them when they're battling Xenodal's minions.



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