This was requested by Dharakslittlegirl, who is in my science class.

I never knew the Trojan war would come back, and impact my life in the process.

It all started with the murder of two people, a Greek king and a Trojan princess.

A Trojan survivor, Cassandra, was killed, alongside her "husband", Agamemnon, at the hands of Agamemnon's wife, Clytemnestra.

Before Cassandra died, she whispered, "The one who inherits the power of Apollo shall have this curse, I do not know when."

My dragonoid was that one.

A war started when Zeus tried to make the Titaness Selene his lover, but she refused, so Hera, having had enough of her husband's shenanigans, declared another war between the Gods and the Titans.

More about THAT later.

Now, chop-chop, we need to get to business.

My name is Saffron Tanner.

I met Ares when visiting my grandmother, Keelin, in Dublin, Ireland.

My cousin, April, has her red hair.

I was walking Granny Keelin's Irish Red And White Setter around the city.

In case you don't know Irish RAW Setters are beautiful dogs.

A fox runs by.


Until it follows me home.

I run after it once I put Katlin back in the house.

I know I'll fall down the rabbit hole and into wonderland if I don't stop.

Until the fox leads me into an intense light.

And I'm in a dark dimension, in front of a maze, with a terrible roar coming from it.

The maze constructed by the father of the winged boy, Icarus.

I'm so stupid when it comes to mythology, I forgot his name.

I remembered the trick of getting to the center, and Ares was there, chained to the ceiling.

I had a bobby pin in my hair, so I undid the locks with it, and she was free.

On my way, I brought my plastic bag with soda tabs inside it, and they made a path back, and we made it out on a close call with the Bullguy Minotaur.

Let Theseus do the dirty work of killing it.

Now, back in the US, Ares is telling me, "Hera is enraged."

"Her-" I remembered the Minotaur.

"Why? Aren't her and Zeus at peace?"

"No. She's angry at the Titans also, and there will be a war on Olympus once more, a war that will decide the fate of the universe."

Ares was glowing as she was talking.

"The Titans are imprisoned in the darkest depths of the underworld. Everything will be okay. Now, go back to building your nest and go to sleep. You're just tired."

"No, I will not rest until you believe me!" The glowing stops.

Ares sighs. "If you do not believe me, you'll be gone, like Daniel."

You have got to pity for this poor bakugan.

Once she was the glorious guardian of Dan Kuso, the once number-one brawler on earth, and Ares was a male bakugan named Drago.

If you're wondering why she's female, Artemis punished the dragonoid when he even said she was attractive.

Before that Cassandra gave her curse, her suffering, to poor Drago.

Drago had warned Dan about his demise, but he told him, "Drago, no one will die in this battle. I'll be fine. So will you."

Unfortunately, the prophecy had come true, and Drago was left without a partner, as his human was dying in his arms, as Set says, "Oh, how sweet! The human has given up his life for his dragonoid! Too bad humanity will no longer be saved by it's favorite brawler!"

And then the evil god was imprisoned by Horus, the protecter of the dead.

The huntress Artemis took pity on the mourning dragonoid, and offered him to become her hunting companion.

This when the incident happened.

I don't blame Drago for liking her. Artemis is quite a cute girl.

I grab out my cell phone and speed-dialed Aqua.

"Hey. What's going on? Need help with anything? Aqua isn't here."

It was Aqua's twin sister, Bailee, but she's as good.

"Just trying to tell Ares that it's time for her nap."

Ares got her name from the god of war.

"Oh. Canite's being stubborn, also."

I put it on speakerphone when Kate, our roomate's daughter, walks in.

"Whatcha' doin'?"

"Nothin'." we all say, including Canite.

"Okay, Canite is still glaring at me for saying he was being stubborn."

We all laugh.

"It's not funny, it's creepy!" Bailee says in giggles.

We were interrupted by a third person on the line.

"I have something important to say. Meet us at the clearing."

We all hung up.

Kate and I tell our parents where we are going and go to the backyard.

We hear a car park, and Bailee talking to Aqua as they swing over the fence.

Both girls have long, curly hair and brown eyes and a tan skin tone, but Aqua is blonde-haired and Bailee has dark brown hair. They are wearing the same silver necklace as I am wearing, a symbol for our friendship. Bailee is wearing a short orange dress with brown leggings, and Aqua is wearing a white-and-blue dress with black flip-flops.

I am wearing my pink dress with flowers on it, pink ballet flats, and a heart necklace, and Kate is wearing a light green dress with a light blue sash, and green sandals and a designer necklace.

Aqua's bakugan is Aquas Baloosa, and Kate's bakugan is Ventus Fennec Atlet.

We all go deep into the woods, where Apollo, Artemis, Athena, and the Titaness Leto, were waiting for us.

Apollo is REALLY cute. He's a long blonde boy with blue eyes, and Artemis also has blue eyes, except they are much paler, and she has blue hair that hangs loose. She looks a lot like Leto, her mom, except her hair is a shorter version of Princess Serenity's from Sailor Moon, and it is pale blue, like her daughter's. Athena is wearing a golden helmet, which beautiful golden hair falls from, and she has green eyes.

"It is about time. Mt. Olympus is at war with us Titans. Hera is very angry with all of us." Leto says.

"I told you!" Ares shouts, but Leto reminds her to be quiet.

"We Olympians need help also. If I could, I would have borrowed my father's thunderbolt and ended the war. But Hera has hidden it." Athena continues.

"It can't be found anywhere! Daddy has sent me and Hermes to look, and it's nowhere to be found!" Artemis glared at Ares. "And please don't call me attractive again. You remember what happened last time."

"So, what's the plan you ladies have?" Apollo asks.

"Help us all out, mortal girls. You need two more brawlers to complete your team. Then, meet us at Aphrodite's rock. We'll be waiting for your assistance." Leto says before they all disappear.

Dear Diary,

Today was completely normal, except for a couple of things, but I'll get to them later. Well, Kassie got into my room twice, Casey's XBOX volume was on all the way high, my parents are pyscho and Ares is on her wild side. It was my duty to feed Wendi today, and my friends were so awesome!

However, Ares had a prophecy that Hera would declare war against the Titans, and she was right! The war couldn't be stopped, because Hera hid the thunderbolt where no one except her could find it. So now, me and my friends must form a team to save the Titans AND Olympus from destruction, but I'm afraid that I'll suffer the same fate as Dan Kuso's, because then Ares would lose her brawler again! Oh, please, please, Dear Lord, don't let anything bad happen to us!

The entry was short, but I didn't care. Ares was asleep in her unfinished nest, and it was 11:49, and I was in my short nightgown, and I was SO tired, I didn't notice the lightning spear that kept hitting my window.


I put on my Daddy's old socks and my black coat and opened the window. A teen in golden armor stood on the ground beneath my window, as if he were Romeo and I was Juliet.

I scowled, "Why are you here? It's almost midnight, for crying out loud!"

"Heard you're trying to save Olympus. Mind if I help out?"

"You can help out by leaving me alone and letting me sleep for now, Achilles!"

"Alright. First, here's a little present for knowin' my name. And the next brawler you're looking for is your older cousin April." He said as he tossed me a bronze sword. "Catch!"

It missed, but thanks to my lessons from sixth grade, I knew Achilles was easygoing. He called, "Maybe tomorrow, that way it'll be easier!"

"Okay. Goodnight."

"Meet me in the clearing at 8. We need to talk about somethin'."

And he left, hopping up in the trees like a ninja.

Hey, guys, Kate here! Saffron's called her cousin April and explained to her about the Immortal war, and Ares warns us of getting attacked by Trojan soldiers, which sounded pretty crazy, but then we get ambushed by Hector and his army! OMG! OMG! Luck has it that Achilles is with us, and two sudden helping hands come by, also, but who are they! Find out next time in Bakugan: The Trojan Revival-EP. 2-Sneak Attack!

See ya there!

(End of episode)

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