Story by Aniju Aura


The moons glowed bright over the dirt rock below. The silvery light reflected on the crystal glass in a libratory room inside a great building. The sound of a green fluid lithe on the ground echoed down on the sides of the glass. All around moved humans in white coats. They were trying their best to keep the glass from breaking. The glass cracked and cracked all over in a snowflake like pattern. Inside the crystal glass floated a blossom like structure. One of the humans was trying to stop the glass from break while another was trying to keep the structure inside from waking. Another was just standing there in front.

“Why is this happen?” question someone. “The glass shouldn’t be breaking.”

“Look, the water on the inside is vibrating,” said another. “Something is shacking the glass.”

“Quiet, do you here that?” said a third person.

Three humans stop and listened. They could hear a low humming sound. It sounded like bees but there were no insects inside the lab. The sound was coming from inside the glass. The thing inside was making the sound shaking the glass to the point of breaking. The glass reached its critical pilot and the whole thing shattered. The three humans covered themselves with her arms to shield them from the glass. The emerald liquid poured out in a flood. The thing on the inside stood now on two small feet sticking out from under the petal like structure. It looks a bit like a blossom with feet.

“Hurry and stop her from escaping!” a wemon in a white coat yelled. “Don’t let Gemini escape!”

The petals unfolded to reveal that they were really wings. Someone was inside; she was a strange looking thing. She was over in fur which looked like a coat from the back. She had wings on her arms. Her last figure was elongated into a wing and her three other figures were partially wed. All but her Thumb was free. Her coat was light lavender and her main and hair was purple. Her ears were long and curled back. They almost looked like another set of wing on her head. Her hand claws were not human but more like talons on some great animal. Her tail was long and seek that ended in a fluffy wave. Her eyes were bright and yellow like the sun. Gemini was no human.

Gemini leaped on to the wall across from her. She hung on with her claws. She hissed at anything that moved. The humans scrabbled around the lab in terror. Gemini jumped down from the wall and landed on one of the equipment. It cracked as she hit the metal surface. Gemini stood up on her hind hunches. She screeched loudly and there was an exploration across from her. The human ran in all directions. Gemini screeched again but at the glass roof. It scattered into a million pieces at once. The rain of crystal fell down on to the frenzy of scattering humans. Gemini opened her wings and flapped three or four times. She took aloft and was in the air. She circled twice before she headed for the opening.

“Don’t let her escape!”

From down below in the frenzy of ants, another group of humans appeared. These ones were all male and dressed in black. They carried long tubes. They aimed at the flying creature. One gave an order and only on fired. A net shot out faster than Gemini could move. She rolled, closing her wings but it still hit her in the leg. That threw her off balance. She fell a few feet down but righted herself. Gemini grabbed onto the wall and skid down a bit. She hissed wildly and lashed pit with her tail. The men stayed back but another aimed his big firestick. Gemini screeched again in their direction. The men stretchered as the explosion threw a blast wave. Gemini crawled up the wall using her claws.

“Stop her before she gets free!” yelled that women in a white coat.

The men shot another firestick. This one shot out red flashes followed by a loud bang. Gemini leaped around slowly making her way up while avoiding the hot embers. Gemini crawled faster. The hot embers singed her fur burning her sink. The sharp pain panged at her nervous but she kept going. Gemini turned her head and screeched in a random direction. That stop some of the on slot but they were still coming. Gemini jumped up grabbing onto the metal frame of the window. As she did so she felt a stab of pain on her back and then another on her arm. Gemini lost her grip and slid down. She screeched down at the humans. Over and over again she screeched her deadly cry and the more the smoke rose. Gemini pushed up with her hind legs and slipped out of the window.

She was free!

Chapert I: PhreedomEdit

Gemini was shocked to feel the temperature difference. She could fell the cold air blow against her back. She inside the lavatory was much warmer. Her fur was still wet from the liquid they had her in. She began to shiver. Gemini had to keep moving or she would freeze. It was night outside with made thing worst. Gemini flew low into the trees where she touched down into the snow. She rolled around in the powdery white stuff till her fur began to dry. She wasn’t completely dry but better than before. Gemini kept going.

They land was dark and vast. There was nothing by trees as far as she could see. They were all tangle shaped and prickly. Gemini only saw a few animals as she went but as she got further away from the lab more and more appeared. That place was bad if the animals stayed away from it. Gemini used sound to see since the night was so dark. She omitted sound wave after sound wave and waited for the echoes to return. There wasn’t much to see anyways. Some animal scuttled in the snow on all four feet. It was tall and very big with branches on its head. Gemini didn’t know the name of it but her Creator probably did. Gemini flew on.

The wind hissed in her ears. It sounded like words. Gemini twisted her head to shake it out. The wind wined back into her ears and whiskered her name loudly. Gemini turned her head into the wind and listen again. The wind voice became more clear and she could hear the words clearly now.

“There you are Gemini,” said a voice she remembered.

“Master, where are you?”

“I’m on New Vestroia. I need to come here and get you sisters,” said the voice but Gemini could not find the source.

“Where is New Vestroia?”

“It’s beyond the tunnel. Go find someone to take you here. He lives in our house’s shed remember?”

“Our house? Where is our house?” Gemini asked looking around.

“Follow the river below till you see the Arch Way. Follow the path along the Three Sentinels. When you get to a split in the trail you will have to find the Claw of a Beast. Go in the direction it is facing away from. You will find an Old Y. Fly threw in and it will give you your new direction along the Snake Path. Follow it till you see our home. Find Hoax but do not touch him. Give him some food and he should take you to New Vestroia.”

With that the wind died down and no longer sounded like a voice she ones knew.

Gemini called again for her Creator but got no responds. Finally she started flying again looking for that river. It didn’t’ take her long to spot a river below her. She wasn’t sure it that was it but she didn’t see any other rivers around. That had to be it. She flew low till she was only a few feet above the water’s surface. Arch Way, she didn’t know what that was. So she kept flying hoping she would see it. The river came to a bend with some large rocks jugging out. As she came around the bend she spotted an arch. It was a fallen tree that had broken in an arch shape. Gemini flew around it scanning it with her echolocation. Was this the Arch Way her Creator was telling her about? Gemini landed on the fallen tree and looked around. She had found and arch but there was supposed to be Three Sentinels nearby that would guide her next direction. Gemini saw no threes of anything. Just water, rocks, lots of rocks and dark trees everywhere. Gemini shot out waves of sound in all directions but when the echoes came back she saw no threes of any sorts. Well Gemini wasn’t sure so she took off back into the air again. This time she flew up a little higher to have a better look.

From her higher point a view Gemini spotted something below under some big trees. There was a light and a path. Gemini decided to have a look. Maybe this would help her any ways. As Gemini closed in the trees opened up and that’s when she saw it. She had found another arch. It was bridge crossing the river. Gemini landed on the bridge and looked around. She wasn’t sure it this was the Arch Way but it was an arch. She landed on it and looked around. It was bright under the light with a few moths. Gemini crawled over to one side where a sign stood. It read: Arch Way with some more stuff Gemini didn’t need to know. She had found the arch her Creator was talking about. Now she had to find the Three Sentinels. The sign said nothing. Gemini at least knew she was on the right path. She looked from on direction to the other. Both paths on both sides snakes way into the distance but Gemini needed to know which one would take her home. Arch Way was only the start so Gemini jumped up on the sign to get a better view.

As soon as she settled down on the sign she scanned the area for any sign of the Three Sentinels. Gemini looked down but only found rocks, many rocks and water. There was a tree branch suck in the rocks but that couldn’t be it. That would get washed away by spring when the snow melts. Gemini looked down the river in the direction she was going. She saw nothing of interest. The she looked up and saw a big tree, then another and another. She twisted her head around. There behind her were three big trees. That had to be it! These three tall pine trees must be the Three Sentinels. Gemini leaped off of the sign and crawled over to one of the big pines. Under one of the trees stood another sign. This one read The Three Sentinels, General Pinecorn, Captain Acorn and Commander Evergreen. Gemini looked up at the big pines. They all had names.

“Hello, General Pinecorn, Captain Acorn and Commander Evergreen,” Gemini introduced herself. “I am Gemini, named after the one in the sky.”

Gemini looked beyond the trees and saw a dirt trail leading away from the Sentinels. That was the way to her home. Gemini frolicked long on all four down the path. From the air, her view of the path was blocked by the trees. Gemini wasn’t too fast on all four. She was meant to fly. Gemini finally got tires and began to fly. She’ll have to keep track of the path with her echolocation. It wasn’t hard to follow it. It was a long time before she located the split in the trail. Gemini landed once more. She looked around for the Claw of a Beast. This one wasn’t hard to find. There in the middle of the split sat a big rock, or a group of rocks that looked like a claw standing on the earth. It looked like a bear claw or a lion. Gemini jumped on it and found that one of the paths in the split went in the direction facing away from Claw of a Beast. Gemini followed the new path like before except this time she was looking for the Old Y. She flew some more till she located a broken tree. It was split right down the middle but was still alive. Gemini knew this had to be it. It was too weird not to. Gemini flew right threw it like told. I took her in a new direction. Down below her was a small stream that snake along the trees.

“Snake Path,” Gemini muttered to herself.

She followed it for an hour and she began to worry that she followed the wrong path. But then she saw a familiar shape in the distance. It was her home where she was born. It was an old looking house, very big with many rooms. It was a dark color with many windows. It looked a bit like the old scar movies houses that would be haunted. Gemini flew up to it and crawled inside threw one of the windows. Gemini wondered around calling for her sisters and brothers but couldn’t find any of them. She looked in the living room, the kitchen, the study, the den, and all the various rooms and hiding places but found no one at all. No one was home. Gemini was too tired to keep looking. She hoped they would return in the morning. So she crawled into her nest and went to sleep.

Chapter II: The HoaxEdit

Coming Soon

Preview: Gemini meets a new friend with connections.

Gemini's To-Do ListEdit

Here a list of Things Gemini Needs to do. As you can see she has done some of them.

Find River and follow it

Find Arch Way

Locate Three Sentinels and follow the path

Find the Claw of a Beast and go in the direction facing away from if

Find the Old Y and fly threw it to get new derction

Locate the Snake Pathand fly along it

Find Hoax and feed him

Go to New Vestroia

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