hhh  This story takes place during Gundalian Invaders with a few twisted odds and ends.  This story will also include my character from the bakugan video game and his partner, Pyrus Omega Leonidas.  This is during the hostile take over of Bakugan Interspace.


Sean and Omega Leonidas

Dan and Drago

Marucho and Akwimos

Shun and Hawktor

Jake and Coredem

Fabia and Aranaut

Ren and Linehalt

Runo and Tigrerra

Alice and Hydranoid

Chan Lee and Fortress

Komba and Harpus

Julie and Gorem

Billy and Cycloid

all the Gundalians (too many to list with their bakugan and their names, im running out of space and the list is getting annoying)

In the Brawlers hideout: Dan- Aw man, the Gundalians are messing up Bakugan Interspace!!!

Jake- Dan The Man, calm down. As long as we keep sneaking kids out of Interspace, it makes things a whole lot more hard for the Gundalians.

Drago- Jake has a point Dan, you need to control your self and focus on evacuating all the kids.

Dan- You guys are right, but we need some back-up. Hey Marucho.

Marucho- Yeah Dan?

Dan- Can you get a hold of some people and pick them up in the copter?

Marucho- Sure, who did you have in mind Dan?

Dan- A few old friends from back when Naga took the Silent Core. Let's see.......

Later in the copter after quite a few calls:

Sean- Wow, I cant beleive that happened in Bakugan Interspace

Runo- I know, those Gundalians are sick people. Using those kids for war, it's just un-thinkable

Alice- We know how you feel Runo, but that's why we're going to Dan and the others. To evacuate the kids trapped inside Bakugan Interspace.

Runo- You're right Alice. Besides, this is Dan we're talking about, once he sets his mind on something he never gives up on it.

Komba- How much longer till we get there?!

Kaedo- A couple minutes untill we arrive everyone.

Billy- Finally, now it's time for some action!

Chan Lee- Yeah, let's go help everyone!

Sean- Alright, let's go!!!

Back in the hideout:

Runo- Dan!!! It's so great to see you again!!

Dan- Same here Runo!

Sean- Dan, Shun, Marucho. Great to see you guys again!!

Dan- Like wise Sean.

Drago- Leonidas, it's good to see again.

Leonidas- You to Drago.

Dan- Ok everyone, I want to introduce the latest 2 members of the Brawlers. This is Jake and his Partner Coredem!

Jake- Hey everyone, Dan The Man has told me a lot about each of you!!

Sean- Dan The Man?

Dan- Dont ask, just go with it. And this is the Princess of Neathia, Fabia and her partner, Aranaught!

Fabia- It's nice to meet you all.


To be continued.....

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