Bakugan: The Next Generation is a Bakugan fanfic. It focuses on the children of the original Battle Brawlers.

Characters (This is Fake)Edit

Battle BrawlersEdit

  • Lena Kuso - The daughter of Dan & Runo. A tomboy who uses Hoas ability. She is sometimes more stubborn than parents! Her Bakugan is Dragonoid, her Bakugan Trap is Scorpion, her Battle Gear is JetKor, her Bakunano is SonicCannon, her Mechtogan Destroyer is Dragonoid Destroyer, & her Battle Suit is Defendtrix.
  • Casey Kuso - Lena's older brother. He uses Pyrus ability. He is very stubborn and hates to reason with people. His Bakugan is Tigrerra, & his Bakugan Trap is Carlsnaut.
  • Kenny Marakura- The son of Marucho. Just as his father, he is a technology geek. He uses Aquos ability. His Bakugan his Preyas, & his Bakugan Trap is Tripod Theta.
  • Misty Marakura - Kenny's twin sister. She finds more interest in painting rather than messing with computers, like her brother. She uses Aquos ability like her brother. Her Bakugan is Elfin, & her Bakugan Trap is Tripod Epsilon.
  • Norman Marakura - The second son of Marucho. He always dreamed of becoming a scientist. His Bakugan is Akwimos, & has no battle gear.
  • Rocky Gilbert - The son of Julie & Billy. He uses Subterra ability. He loves to play baseball with his father. His Bakugan is Gorem, & his Bakugan Trap is Zoack.
  • Nicole Vallory - The daughter of Jake. Like Rocky & John, she's a Subterra Brawler. Her Bakugan is Coredem, & her Battle Gear is Rock Hammer.
  • Yukari Kazami - The son of Shun & Alice. He's a Ventus Brawler. Sometimes he is arragent like his father and a strong battler. He is 12 years old. His Bakugan is Ingram, & his Bakugan Trap is Hylash.
  • Clair Brown- The daughter of Joe & Chan. Her Bakugan is Fortress, and has a crush on Yukari.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers ResistanceEdit

  • Sarah Letloy - The daughter of Baron. Like Lena, she uses Haos ability. She is very kind and loves to be with little kids, especially her many cousins. She has a crush on Casey. Her Bakugan is Nemus, & her Bakugan Trap is Piercian.
  • John Grit - The son of Mira & Ace. Like Rocky, he uses Subterra ability. His parents told him a lot of lessons like "Never say never" & "You don't follow, you always lead". His Bakugan is Wilda, & his Bakugan Trap is Baliton.
  • Gabriel Grit - John's sister. Like her Drew, she uses Darkus ability. She has a crush on Drew. Her Bakugan is Percival, & her Bakugan Trap is Falcon Fly.
  • Ammon Firman - The son of Keith & is also John & Gabriel's cousin. Like Lena, he uses Pyrus/Darkus abilities. His Bakugan is Helios, his Bakugan Trap is Metal Fencer, his Bakunano is Bombaplode, his Mechtogan is Slynix, & his Battle Suit is DoomTronic.
  • Keith does not get married
  • Rachel Grav - The daughter of Gus and Baron. She's uses Subterra like the other Subterra Brawlers. Her Bakugan is Vulcan

  • mag mel and spectra were twin brothers when they were separated at birth. one was token to vestal and the other to gundalia.
  • Dan and ginka are long lost brothers LOL(the name Yukari was not my idea

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • The Parents
  • Ricky Brown- Clair's brother. He refused to work for Spectra-Mask. His Bakugan is Pyrus Fortress.


  • Shadow- A mysterious person who is a cross between Masquerade & Spectra. His Bakugan is Pyrus/Darkus Trio Helios, a cybernetic Bakugan that is a cross between Helios & Hades.
  • Van Cloud- Spectra-Mask's creator. He's trying to destroy New Vestroia forever. His Bakugan is Subterra Dryoid.
  • Eleanor von Herzen- Drew's older sister. She works for Spectra-Mask. Her Bakugan is Aquos Sirenoid.
  • Kaze- The son of Nene. He works for Spectra-Mask. His Bakugan is Ventus Ravenoid.
  • Kim (Kimmy) Gilbert- Rocky's older sister. Rocky has a nickname for her, and she gets very annoyed with her baby name. She works for Spectra-Mask. Her Bakugan is Subterra Cycloid.
  • Yamato Galivix- the inventor of bakugan fusion where bakugan fuse together for 30 minutes but he betrays king Hydron and beg for forgivness to the brawlers

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