This Page is a FanFic on the future of the Battle Brawlers. It focuses on the children of the Battle Brawlers.


Serenity Kuso: The Ventus Brawler, daughter of Dan and Runo. Her Guardian Bakugan is Krave, a Lizard like quick Bakugan. (Evolution: Hyper Krave)(Male Bakugan)

Kevin Kuso: The Darkus Brawler, younger son of Dan and Runo. His Guardin Bakugan is Tramen, a Lion like Bakugan.(Evolution: Burst Tramen)(Male Bakugan)

Mark Kazami: The Pyrus Brawler, the only son of Shun and Mira, leader of the Battle Brawlers 2. His Guardian Bakugan is Hex, a more evolved form of the Dragonoid Line. (Evolution:Volcanic Hex)(Male Bakugan)

Sheila Clay:: The Aquos Brawler, Only Daughter of Keith (Spectra) and Julie. Her Guardian Bakugan is Lashrex, a Snake empres sort of Bakugan. (Evolution:Swirl Lashrex)(Female Bakugan)

John Marukara: The Haos Brawler, younger son of Marucho and Fabia. His Guardian Bakugan is Tripaxx, a dog with dragon wings. (Evolution:Solar Tripaxx)(Male Bakugan)

Katie Marukara: The Subterra Brawler, older daughter of Marucho and Paige. Her Guardian Bakugan is Ramparaxx, a bird like bakugan with enourmous wings and stone armor covering her entire body. (Evolution: Stomp Ramparaxx) (Female Bakugan)


After the retirement of the Battle Brawlers, Their children go ahead and take the spotlight. As the new champions of BakuWorlds (The evolved and highly improved Bakugan Interspace), The Battle Brawlers II face many new and tough apponents. But when everyone in BakuWorlds goes missing, more each day, the BB2 try to find out what's happening. They soon find out after their last visit, that they have been trapped inside BakuWorlds. Soon, a whole bunch of new and unknown Bakugan Start popping up everywhere in BakuWorlds. They soon find out that bakuWorlds was taken hostage by the Shadow Army of the far off planet, Agravar, spawned in the Doom Demension. The Agravarian Army wants more territiories so they try to capture BakuWorlds. After finding a tear in a Dimension in the Digital outskirts of BakuWorlds, the BB2 are transported to the world of Agravar.

New BakuganEdit

  • Mallum- Eagle/Cheetah Bakugan
  • Kradegh- Undersea Crab Bakugan
  • Sawmass- (One of the Nature Guardians of Mother Earth, later shown in Bakugan: The Next Gen: Season 2: Mass Destruction)the very first tree Bakugan, a child of the Earth, Sawmass is a raging and powerful- Haos and Ventus Guardian
  • Naxmass- (One of the Nature Guardians of Mother Earth, later shown in Bakugan: The Next Gen: Season 2: Mass Destruction)Volcanoe Bakugan, A giant Volcanoe of rock, steel, and boiling magma.- Darkus and Pyrus Guardian
  • Shiftmass- (One of the Nature Guardians of Mother Earth, later shown in Bakugan: The Next Gen: Season 2: Mass Destruction) A giant sea-monster of and and mud, smothers opponents- The Subterra and Aquos Guardian
  • Mamezak- General Kahazam's Darkus Bakugan- a scaley Dragon Bakugan, with six wings and 3 tales]

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