Chapter 1The New GenarationEdit

( Gage house early ) Gage: yawn what's the time Rounno: 8.30am in other words your going to be late for school Gage: What!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh Rounno: see you later Gage: no fair Rounno come back ( later at school ) Gage: hey Shunso Shunso: hey Gage Rounno: hey Gage and hello cutie Shunso: hi Rounno: ( playing hard to get will two can play at that ) Mario: hey guys what up Gage: nothing much you Mario: same here so are we going to bakugan interspace after school Gage: yep Julie jr: hey everyone Rounno: julie long time no see julie jr: yep hey have meet the new kid Rounno: no why julie jr : see the girl siting their by her self Rounno: that's her julie jr: yep Gage: so she new Mario: do you think she nice Shunso: if you want to know talk to her Gage: i will then ( Gage slowly walks up to the girl ) Gage: hi uh.... what's your name Fantasy: hi my name is Fantasy krawler it's very nice to meet you Gage: same here hey guys came here i would like you to meet Fantasy Fantasy: hello Everyone: hi Fantasy Julie jr: hey she should come to bakugan interspace with us Mario: yea Rounno: sounds like fun Fantasy: ok ( after school ) Gage: is everyone Mario: looks like it Rounno: well let's go then ( in bakugan interspace ) Shunso: Gage look at this someone wants to vs you Gage: really who ? Mario: someone who new their name is reliy krawler Rounno: Fantasy do you know him Fantasy: his my big brother julie jr: hey look his aready got to third place on the list Rounno: in only a few days Mario: his bakugan is Dakus linehalt Shunso: how did he get that many points in so little time Gage: who knows and who cares it's time to show reliy why im the best here( Every ran to the arena where the battle would be ) Reliy: so you made it Gage: same to you Reliy : stop talking let's get brawlering you hear Gage: no pro i will go first gate card set bakugan bralwer let's go inferno beast Reliy: bakugan brawler let's do this Dakus linehalt Gage: ability card inferrno bast Reliy: ability card dakus bast Fantasy: look at the power that they both have Mario: can you feel the ground sakeing Shunso: interspace is going cazy Rounno: every runing away julie jr: should we run to Mario: we can't leave Gage Everyone: aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 2The turthEdit

Gage: what the Reliy: linehalt return Gage: come back beast Mario: interspace is going cazy we have to get out of here ( every start to run out of interspace but as Gage try to live it stop working) Gage:aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!Gage: huh what happen where am i i'm still in bakugan interspace ???: who are you Gage: my name Daniel kuso ???: Dan long time no see Gage: huh sorry but i dont know you ???: Dan it's me drago ahhh Gage: ahh did that bakugan talk and then pass out i dont feel so good ( 3 days later) Gage: huh where am i Gage mum: at home your friends found pass out their down stairs Gage: ok Gage mum: he's awake Shunso: hey you ok Mario: we were so worried Fantasy: so you are ok now right julie jr: your awake great we should celerbrate Rounno: i knew he was fakeing it Mario: you were pass out for 3 days Rounno: Reliy went interspace and found you Gage: where is Reliy anyway Fantasy: he left like i should see yea Eeryone: bye Julie jr: we should let you rest Shunso: yes see you later Mario: bye bye Rounno: yep good night ( later that night ) Gage: NO dont i wont let you who are what do you want ahhhhhhhhhhhh Drago: dan are you ok Gage: huh who said that Drago: it's ok it's me drago you had a bad dream Gage: ok how do you know me Drago : i remember now i was battling then i pass out dan was calling me but i didn't come back Gage: huh hid Gage dad: are you ok Gage i hread you scream Gage: yea i'm find Gage dad: ok good night son Drago: wait dan is that you Gage dad: Drago is that you Gage: huh whats going on here Dan: um i will tell in the morning it's a satuday Gage: um ok good night dad Dan: good night son (morning) Dan: good morning kids Gage mum: breakfast is ready Rounno: yea let's eat Gage: dad so your going tell me right Rounno: what tell me Dan: ok that me tell you Drago you hear Drago: yes Dan: ok back when i was a kid let's say i was the best their was my bakugan noun other then Drago right Drago: yes he was my friend Gage you look so much like your dad when he was your age Gage: hang on my dad was the best brawler no way sorry dont belive you Drago: yes it's heard to belive but that is the truth Dan: yes me drago and the brawlers were the best we save the world so many times Drago: Dan and the brawlers along with their bakugan we stop all evil Dan: even your mum was brawler but that like such a long time ago Runo: Dan are you calling me old Dan: of course not dear Gage: mum dad Dan: ok back to what i was saying that was back when i was a kid and dont brawler now i'm to old now Drago: i guess thats ture by the way Gage do you have a bakugan yet Gage: not really why Drago: how about we become partner's Gage: really cool Rounno: oh why dont i get a talking bakugan Gage: i'm so lucky.

Chapter 3 A new beiningEdit

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