Pyrus: Lenny Brongor: Guilded Dragonoid

Haos: James Carbor: Snapzoid

(A person who appears in Jame's Mind to guid him: Angelica)

Aquos: Melissa Hawhar: Aranaut

Subterra: Mitch Garroon: Tricloid

Ventus: Nikki Markus: Hawktor

Darkus: Kelsey Cartger: Reaper

White One: Joe: Shining Wavern

Evil BrawlersEdit

Pyrus: Sabrina: Framkor

Haos: Danny: Saurus

Aquos: Miley: Tayghen

Subterra: Mickey: Rokar

Ventus: Kristina: Strikeflier

Darkus: Jack: Dharak

White One: Damian: Killer Naga


Chapter 1Edit

(Intro): Bakugan start falling from the sky! I have heard of this! It is up to us to fix things!

Drago: Umm Where am I?

Naga: Hey Drago!

Drago: Ahh! Naga!

Wavern: Dont! Stop it! No Naga!

Drago: Wavern?

Drago was dreaming but stops.

Bakugan fall on earth again.

Lenny: Hey Kelsey!

Kelsey: Whats up!

Lenny: *he shrugs and bakugan fall in his hands*

Kelsey: OMG! I am so blogging this! *grabs three bakugan* *starts texting*

Meanwhile is Hawaii......

James: *sees the bakugan* No! *runs*

(Angelica: No James, you must. The future does depend on it!)

James: *puts his hands out and fills them with bakugan* There! *runs inside*

Meanwhile in Chicago....

Melissa and Nikki: Ooooh! Bakugan! *they grab some*

And Meanwhile in New York.....

Mitch's Dad: Grab some of those things outside and bring them in.

Mitch: Okay! *he does*

Mom: We dont need those! Go throw them away!

But Mitch just says okay and hides them in his room to find out what they are.

Tricloid: Hey You!

Mitch: Who said that?

Tricloid: *jumps on his shoulder* Me silly!

Mitch: What are you?

Tricloid: I am Tricloid a Bakugan.

Mitch: *logs on to the Bakugan website and ends up in a chat room with Lenny and Kelsey*

Lenny: Yeah! You found some too? So did we!

Kelsey: I guess I am with Darkus bakugan. Right Reaper?

Reaper: Yes, Kelsey!

Drago: I am Pyrus Drago. I usually work with Dan Kuso, but this guys wont tell me where he is!

Lenny: I dont know anybody named Dan!

Tricloid: I miss Dan.

Drago: Tricloid?

Tricloid: Hello Drago!

Drago: Nice to see you! And you are in ball form!

Reaper: Drago, remember me?

Drago: You belonged to Masquerade didn't you!

Reaper: Yes but dont worry I am good now. The Silent Core is safe, and Naga is gone.

Drago: Yeah... *Thinking: Was my dream true? Is Naga Back?*

Mitch: Nice to meet you guys but me and Tricloid have to go!

Tricloid: Bye Bye!

They sign off.


James: Angelica, what do I do now?

(Angelica: You must now convince your parents to take you to L.A.)

James: Why?

(Angelica: There you will meet two brawlers, Lenny and Kelsey.)

James: Okay thank you Angelica.


Melissa: Nikki? What do you think they do?

Mikki: I dont know......

Hawktor: We brawl to safe people and sometimes for fun and exercise.

Melissa: Ahhhhhh!

Nikki: Woah!

Melissa: *pulls out Aranaut* Mine doesn't talk.....

Aranaut: Dont be so sure.

Both: Ahhhh!

James goes to L.A.

James: *acting like he is on the phone* Angelica, What now?

(Angelica: You go to San Pedro.)

James: But where are they?

(Angelica: Just get in a Taxi and ask them to take you to Del Amo Mall.)
James does what Angelica orders him to do.

(Angelica: Now go to Hot Dog On A Stick.)

James: What do they look like?

(Angelica: Lenny has Brown Hair and Kelsey has Sparkly purple pants.)

James: I see them! Kelsey! Lenny!

Kelsey: What? Who are you?

James: I am James. My uh.. Consions told me to see you.

Lenny: Okay. What do you want?

James: I found a Haos bakugan and heard you are building a team. I must join you to save us.

Kelsey: OKay your in.

Lenny: But save us from what?

James: Uhh...I dont know...

They get food and go sit down.

James: So I am in?

Kelsey: Yeah.

Lenny: *picks up phone* Yes. We are at Hot Dog on a stick. Do you see us?

Mitch: Yeah. I am comming.

They then see Melissa and Nikki talking to their bakugan.

Drago: *goes to them* Follow me!

They go over to Lenny.

They talk for a while.....

Lenny: Yes, the Bakugan do that too.

Tricloid: So why are we making this team?

Drago: *thinking about how Naga and Wavern returning can cause masive mayhem* I dont know? Lenny?

Lenny: I just though it wouls be cool.

Nikki: Hey James, you seem to be hiding some info.

James: I assure you I know nothing.

(Angelica: That is it, act like you dont know anything.)

James: I really dont! You haven't told me anything!

Mitch: Calm down man! She was just asking!

James: Uhhh Right, sorry Nikki.

Melissa: Anyways.... We all convinced our parents to let us live in San Pedro.

James: I didn't. I have to stay with my Aunt and Uncle.

(Angelica: James, Naga, and evil bakugan, have returned! You must keep our team together.)

James: *pretends to be on his cell again* What do you mean our?

(Angelica: Well I am guiding you!)

James: Whatever.

Kelsey: So why are we here?

Drago: Okay well I saw Naga and Wavern, they are alive again! But they have both Evolved!

James: *gasp* Well uh I knew that! From a trustworthy resorce!

(Angelica: Dont give us away.)

Lenny: Who?

James: Uhh nobody. Nevermind.

Tricloid: Naga is back! Oh no! We must protect the bakugan!

Mitch: And that is exactally what we will do!

Joe: Hey guys!

Lenny: Webmaster Joe!

Drago: Is that Wavern! So Naga is back!

Wavern: Point is, me and Joe are in. We want to help.

Lenny: Then let the brawl rage on!

All: Battle Brawlers!

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