This Is a list for the medipian tribe chapter list. enjoy! -Skawo1

-Book One-

Chapter 1: Tribal Beginnings

Plot: Marucho makes interspace 2,runo returns and dan faces her and wins

Chapter 2: Termination

plot: people start to bring new bakugan to interspace 2. and at somepoint interspace goes on rampage.

Chapter 3: Burning Energy

plot: still fighting the chaos, drago uses a incredible powerful ability that wipes everything out. drago then plans on finding out this ability. and controling it

Chapter 4: Unknown Strength

Plot: while having a dream dan and drago train to control the strange powerful ability and find clues.

Chapter 5: Blaze Judgement

Plot: dan and drago find out the ability is called blaze judgement. and the only way to control it is to battle a Clone of drago.

Chapter 6: Fighting Fire With Fire

Plot: the incredible battle with a clone of drago continues as drago begins to gain control of blaze judgement

Chapter 7: Enter The Medipians

Plot: after their win they meet ken, a medipian who needs their help. dan accepts but trys to think how hes gonna explain this to runo and julie.

Chapter 8: Aeons Back

Plot: A Friend From the past "In Gundalian X" returns to help along to fight the medipians enemys the essexians.

Chapter 10: ????

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