Welcome To The first chapter of my new series! please enjoy! send me any comments on my "Talk: Essexian Rulers" thanks! =Skawo1

Chapter 1: Starting PointEdit

Elias: one day. 6 mysterious lights appeared. they talked. and said they were bakugan. and they need our help to stop a evil alien force called the essexians. and we must protect their target, the mestrians. can we do it?

                        -Chapter 1-

Elias: so dragonoid. im gonna call you dragy.

dragy: alright. im fine with it.

Gina: this is so AWESOME! my new bakugan rhyrok!

Tino: Swian lets win every battle!

Swian: Ok.

--At Nightime A Mysterious Hooded Person With A Strange Voice is looking into a crystal ball that is showing elias and the gang.--

????: So.. The Brawlers got their bakugan. I Need to stop them from ruining my PLANs!

????: Zexo Minion! Go and stop those pest brawlers from ruining my plans!

Zexo Min: Yes Master.

?????: It Wont be long till i break free from my clutches. these are Pathetic.

  • The Crystal Ball Glows*

??????: Soo... The Mestrians And Essexians Are still at war? Excellent. soon with all the evil energy of their spirits i will break free and finally restore my Kingdom! Bwahahaha!!

?????: And Then. Zythurvius Will Be Reborn! into the ultimate bakugan once again! with my help i can create my own world that i have desired.

?????: Lets Send My Zero Bakugan. To Mess Up The Troubles IN The war.

--On Mestria The war continues--

Mestrian Soldier: Now attack!

Diablo Freezer: Blarrrgh!!!

  • While the zero bakugan is atking a huge army of midnight percivals and Orbit Helios are attacking

Essexian Commander: we must destroy those bakugan! go Haos Damakor!

  • The War Is Happening and a few zero bakugan are taken down

?????: So... *Eyes Glow* Now Restore The Zero Bakugan with more dark energy!

  • Meanwhile Elias Is Sleeping. in his room

Elias: Zzzzzzz...

???: Hello.

Elias: huh? where am i?

???: this is a dream. so have you tried to make it to mestria yet?

Elias: no. whats mestria?

???: a good planet who is being attacked by the evil essexians take a look at this.

  • ???, shows a clip of the war and the zero bakugan

elias: whoa those bakugan are on a rampage!

???: thats why you must save them.

elias: ok tommorow we will start.

???: oh and my name is "shade"

elias: ok. bye.

  • Elias Wakes up.

elias: ok we must go save mestria tommorow!

  • End Of Chapter 1

Fun FactsEdit

  • ????, was imprisoned due to creating the zero bakugan and freeing the forbidden bakugan "zythurvius"
  • Zaros Has a simularity to ?????
  • Who realy is shade? and he wil reveal more in chp 2.

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