This is supposed to be the second interval in the story Temporal Tempest

#1: Drago and Star play Mario Kart.

Drago: Star, you always choose King Boo, don't you?

Star: Because it's SO cute! I know you always choose Yoshi, Drago-- HEY!! You said we were going to Coconut Mall this time!

Drago: Forget it. I like Maple Treeway.

Star: Then let me use the Wheel!

Drago: EH?! Um... Okay...

Dan: Here's a snack! Who wants some?

Star: I'd love to!

Drago: Star! It's starting!! DAN!! Don't say it when were playing games!

Dan: Oh, sorry. Drago, don't you want some?

Drago: ... Yes...

#2: A Snail

Star: Hahahaha!! IT'S SO FUNNY!! LOL Oh, yeah! When I went for my walk, I found a snail! I put it in my pocke--!

(And that's when she realizes that the snail went into the wash with her pants.)

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