These are the characters in my first fan-fic, Temporal Tempest

The major plot is that Star Kuso, who is supposedly Dan's daughter from 20 years in the future, returns to her "father's" past in order to learn her own. She takes her Bakugan, Neo, and starts on an adventure she'll never forget!

Star Kuso (Real Name: Star Zatsune): Dan's apparent daughter of fifteen. After realizing she doesn't belong, she travels back twenty years into the past (around the timeline of Mechtanium Surge) and battles alongside her father.

Neo: Star's Guardian Bakugan, a Pyrus Battalix Dragonoid, and the fastest Dragonoid alive.

Dan Kuso: The number one ranked Bakugan player in the world. He is surprised to see Star, as she looks a lot like him.

Drago: Dan's Guardian Bakugan, a Pyrus Titanium Dragonoid.

Dialga: A mysterious creature that keeps appearing in Star's dreams, he is trying to remind Star of her "true past".

Mag Mell: Self-explanatory if you know Mechtanium Surge as well as I do.

Razenoid: Mag Mell's Guardian Bakugan. He wants Star dead for some reason.

Chapter One's Plot: Star awakens from a horrible nightmare involving Dialga for the first time. She tells her father, Dan, but he refuses to believe her since Dialga was "just a myth". Star decides to go to the past to uncover the mysteries behind the freaky visions of "her true past".

Chapter Two's Plot: Star arrives in Bakugan Interspace twenty years in the past in order to challenge her father to a brawl. She meets up with him and is surprised that he owns the living legend, Drago. Using her own tactics and what her father taught her, she barely claims victory over Dan and Drago, then tells them that she thought of them as "a better challenge".

Chapter Three's Plot: Star decides to travel to Neathia after having a vision of Dan and Barodius. She later learns that Drago has a long-lost twin sister whom he calls "Zatsune", adding another piece to her mysterious past.

Chapter Four's Plot: Star returns to Earth and tells Dan and Drago that she is from the future and that she is Dan's daughter. Shaken with disbelief, Drago returns to New Vestroia to find some answers of his own.

Chapter Five's Plot: Star follows Drago to New Vestroia and can't help but feeling that she has been there before. She later hears Wayvern's voice tell her that she used to be a Dragonoid.

Interval: It's Star's Birthday!: Drago ends up forgetting Star's birthday. Modeled after a Vocaloid short.

Chapter Six's Plot: After learning that she wasn't human after all, Star has one more piece to add to the puzzle of her past, but two questions still remain: Who was her real family? And just who is Dialga?

Interval: Drago and Star Play Mario Kart/Star Finds a Snail: Based on a Vocaloid short: "It seems the twins are playing Mario Kart"

Chapter Seven's Plot: Star finds her home in Alpha City completely ransacked. She explores the old building and discovers that she is Drago's long-lost sister! However, a twist of events occurs as Mag Mell attacks Dan. She takes Dan and Drago with her and flees to the future.

Chapter Eight's Plot (This is where a little PMD2 comes in): Star finds that the future she lived in has become very dark and sinister. No one will listen to her, and no one will explain how it got this way. To make matters worse, the evil creatures are led by an all-too-familiar Dragonoid. Dan and Drago suspect that it is Naga returned from the dead, but Star has other ideas...

Chapter Nine's Plot: Dan, Drago, and Star explore the dark future all little further and manage to get information on how the future became this way. He tells them that time came to a standstill when the Time Gears suddenly went missing. They still have no clue who is leading all of the sinister creatures.

Chapter Ten's Plot: Dan and Star look around a bit more when they are ambushed by Dusknoir, one of the higher leveled creatures, and kidnapped as bait to lure in Drago. The plan succeeds to perfection, though no one knows why.

Chapter Eleven's Plot: The secrets to the dark future are revealed as the group finds out that the dark leader is... DRAGO?! (Whoa, sudden twist in plot there!) The dark Drago reveals that he has seen that being a hero isn't all it's cracked up to be, though the Drago we know and love refuses to believe him.

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