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Bakugan: Tech Brawlers is a fanfictional Bakugan season. It's the anime version of the manga BakuTech! Bakugan.



Not long after Dan & the Battle Brawlers saved the world from the evil Nomad Mechtogan Faction, a new breed of Bakugan have appeared around the world. These Bakugan have amazing techniques & they're referred to as Tech Bakugan. Those who use Tech Bakugan are known as Tech Brawlers. Right now, two brawlers, Harley & Raichi, both race to become the greatest Tech Brawlers of all time!

Convert SystemEdit

Main article: Convert System

The Convert System can enable different Tech Bakugan with this system to exchange parts made of different material, such as metal and plastic.


Team DragaonEdit

The main protagonists of the series.

  • Harley Hinode (Original name: Harubaru Hinode)- Leader of Team Dragaon. He's also one of the "Best Eight" Pairs. He's a Pyrus Brawler.
  • Pyrus Flare Dragaon - Harley's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a dragon.
  • Haos Sechs Tavanel - Harley & Raichi's secondary Guardian Bakugan.
  • Raichi Kuronashi - Member of Team Dragaon & good friend of Harley. He's also one of the "Best Eight" Pairs. He's a Darkus Brawler.
  • Darkus Destroy Munikis - Raichi's Guardian Bakugan & rival of Flare Dragaon. Resembles a winged demon.
  • Haos Sechs Tavanel
  • Koh Grif - Member of Team Dragaon & Sho's younger brother. He's also one of the "Best Eight" Pairs. He's a Haos Brawler.
  • Haos Kilan Leoness - Koh's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a robotic liger.
  • Darkus Gravi Norm - A secondary Bakugan used by Koh & Sho. Resembles a large warrior.
  • Sho Grif - Koh's older brother & member of Team Dragaon. He's also one of the "Best Eight" Pairs. He's a Ventus Brawler.
  • Ventus Van Falco - Sho's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a falcon.
  • Darkus Gravi Norm


The main antagonists of the series.

  • Zakuro - The main antagonist & leader of the BakuThieves. He's also one of the "Best Eight" Pairs. He's a Darkus Brawler.
  • Darkus Dio Sivac - Zakuro's Guardian Bakugan.
    • Savac - An evil deity that's released by Dio Sivac.
  • Darkus Bone Skulls - Zakuro's secondary Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a bony quadraped.
  • Darkus Sis Tavanel - Zakuro's third Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a demonic centaur.
  • BB - A mysterious Brawler who serves as a double agent for the BakuThieves & calls Raichi his leader.
  • Pumpkey - A BakuThief who's very afraid of Zakuro. He's also one of the "Best Eight" Pairs. He's a Subterra Brawler.
  • Subterra Gran Panzer - Pumpkey's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a robotic fortress.
  • Catol - A BakuThief who shows obedience to Zakuro. He is very cruel & shows no mercy against opponents. He's also one of the "Best Eight" Pairs. He's a Pyrus Brawler.
  • Pyrus Hammer Cannon - Catol's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a robot with a large hammer sticking out of his torso.
  • P-Man - Real name Hanmyou Pikko; a mysterious & masked member of the BakuThieves. She's also one of the "Best Eight" Pairs.

Rare Bakugan HuntersEdit

These Brawlers are competitors in the Tech Bakugan Colliseum but have the utmost goal of capturing rare & elusive Bakugan.

  • Sham - A Haos Brawler.
  • Haos Blan Shoult - Sham's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a dragon humanoid.
  • Shachi - An Aquos Brawler who is a Rare Bakugan Hunter. He's also one of the "Best Eight" Pairs.
  • Aquos Killer Volca - Shachi's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles an orca whale.
  • Hyou - A Subterra Brawler & Shachi's partner. He's also one of the "Best Eight" Pairs.
  • Subterra Zak Jaguard - Hyou's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a feline humanoid.

Shadow SanjushiEdit

A trio of ninjas & the newest rival team to face Team Dragaon.

  • Karashina - A member of Shadow Sanjushi & a Darkus Brawler.
  • Darkus Borg Mahisas - Karashina's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a scorpion.
  • Jinza - A member of Shadow Sanjushi & a Haos Brawler.
  • Haos Well Garrou - Jinza's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a wolf.
  • Tohga - A member of Shadow Sanjushi & a Subterra Brawler.
  • Subterra Acro Gezard - Tohga's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a lizard.
  • Master Jyou - Also known as Mr. Up; master of the Shadow Sanjushi & Master Shimo's rival. He's a Pyrus Brawler. He's an Aquos Brawler.
  • Pyrus Kachia Gell - Master Jyou's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Bakugan Dojo MembersEdit

  • Hono Moetaro - The master of Bakugan games.
  • Master Shimo - Also known as Mr. Down; the teacher of Harley & Raichi. He's the one who gave Harley & Raichi their Guardian Bakugan. He's an Aquos Brawler.
  • Aquos Butta Gill - Master Shimo's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a winged sea serpent.
  • Quilt - Master Shimo's master; an Aquos Brawler who looks like a 10-year-old boy but is actually 150 years old.
  • Aquos Saint Aqua - Quilt's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a three-headed sea serpent.
  • Tatsuma - A young Aquos Brawler.
  • Aquos Gif Ginryu - Tatsuma's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a dragon humanoid.
  • Aquos Twin Doubrew - Tatsuma's second Guardian Bakugan. Resembles two dragons in one.

Tech Bakugan Colliseum CompetitorsEdit

  • Harou Kido - Also known as Haro Dodgy, Harou is the champion of the Tech Bakugan Colliseum. He's also one of the "Best Eight" Pairs. He's a Pyrus Brawler.
  • Pyrus G-Garuda - Harou's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a garuda.
  • Albino - Harou's brawling partner.
  • Houhou - One of the "Best Eight" Pairs.
  • V-Tarou - Houhou's brawling partner, & one of the "Best Eight" Pairs.
  • Rio - One of the "Best Eight" Pairs.
  • Yuma- Rio's brawling partner & one of the "Best Eight" Pairs.

Minor CompetitorsEdit

  • Atra - A brawny Haos Brawler who likes wearing in a Viking style.
    • Haos Gigan Taures - Atra's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a minotaur.
  • Ankylo
  • Arson
  • Batten
  • Cargo
  • Dahn
  • Douke
  • Gelnika
  • Gunso
  • Jirenma
  • Johnny
  • Jumper
  • Karasu
  • Lucaro
  • Maneko
  • Metals Kong
  • Mummy Blood
  • Noppo Jejyo
  • Onibi
  • Orochi - A Subterra Brawler.
    • Subterra Gavli Anacon - Orochi's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a serpent.
  • Paon
  • Pyonaref
  • Raiden Minade
  • Rikera
  • Scaffy
  • Schickten
  • Simpson
  • Shimli
  • Strassbuoy
  • Suneo
  • Tabitt
  • Tooyama
  • Uomasa

Tavanel Cup CompetitorsEdit

  • Nivil - A competitor who competes at the Tavanel Cup & Raichi's new rival. He's an Aquos/Pyrus Brawler.
  • Aquos Go Garyu - Nivil's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a feathered dragon while his original form, Gaga Garyu, resembles a water dragon.
  • Pyrus Gaga Horus - Nivil's second Guardian Bakugan. Somewhat resembles a cockatrice while his original form. Go Horus, resembles a phoenix.
  • Taran - A competitor who competes at the Tavanel Cup. He's an Aquos Brawler.
  • Aquos Barri Beyond - Taran's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a spider.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Jinda
  • Gumito - A young Pyrus Brawler who refers to Raichi as her master.
  • Pyrus Flame Eagle - Gumito's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles an eagle.
  • Master Odore - A Ventus Brawler.
  • Ventus Win Domiru - Master Odore's Guardian Bakugan.
  • Master Grizz - A Subterra Brawler.
  • Subterra Hugger Doguma - Master Grizz's Guardian Bakugan. Resembles a bear humanoid.
  • Shade of Odos
  • Darkus Dagger Odos
  • "Zakuro"
  • Darkus Sis Tavanel

Unknown Tech BakuganEdit


  1. A New Kind of Brawl

Differences between Tech Brawlers & BakuTech! BakuganEdit

  • Unlike the anime version of BakuTech! Bakugan, in which the episodes are only six minutes, the episodes in Bakugan: Tech Brawlers will hopefully be longer than that.
  • The kind-of sad thing about BakuTech! Bakugan is that, unlike the original series of Bakugan, the Guardian Bakugan don't seem to talk at all, & only a few of them are shown in their Bakugan forms. In Bakugan: Tech Brawlers, most of the Guardian Bakugan will talk & have their own personality; also, all of the Bakugan will have their Bakugan forms shown.

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