Here Is A List Of Chapters For FanFic: "Bakugan: Spirit Of Brawling"

Chapter 1: Brawler SpiritEdit


Date Released: May 5th 2011

Summary: a new beginning as some brawlers start to act weird and so does dan so they try to figure out why. turns out they are out of sync for some reason.

Chapter 2: Brawling ForeverEdit


Date Released: May 6th 2011

Summary: people start brawling alot and then a few create mechtogans but dan and the brawlers arent happy about its chaos its unleashing.

Chapter 3: Battle On!Edit


Date Released: May 7th 2011

Summary: Shun And Dan have a battle in interspace meanwhile marucho deals with a brawler who wants to steal bakugan.

Chapter 4: Training NewcomersEdit


Date Released: May 8th 2011

Summary: a few young kids begin brawling but they dont know how to brawl so dan and the brawlers help them.

Chapter 5: The Tourney BeginsEdit


Date Released: May 10th 2011

Summary: a new competiton or "Tourney" begins in interspace so dan and the brawlers, alice,julie, and runo sign up so the first battle is marucho vs a mysterious brawler named mike.

Special Chapter 1: The 2 Sides Of LuckEdit


Date Released: May 13th 2011 0.0

Summary: its friday the 13th shun recieves bad luck and starts to lose alot.

Chapter 5: The Next LevelEdit

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