We Begin Chapter 9.

Chapter 9: Rocky DuelEdit

Zaros: My Minions!

Jaylen: What Is it master.

Clare: have you found the dark orb yet?

Zaros: No. I have a gift for you. these forbidden bakugan and mechtogan. use them and battle.

Clare: Yes Sire.

Jaylen: Alright..

---At Interspace---

Announcer: Attention Battle Fans! Are next extraviganza is a desert duel!

Kid1: Get ready. cause im gonna win this.

Kid2: what about dan kuso?

kid1: doesnt matter.

????: interesting.

kid1: huh?

?????: Good Luck. *Evil Laugh*

kid2: ok..

kid1: who was that?

Marucho: hmm.. could those be zero brawlers?

Marucho: i guess i need to make it to the finals.


Clare: So. King Zaros Plan Is A Success.

Jaylen: OK!

Clare: How Pathetic Are You Jaylen?

-Back At Interspace the desert rumble has started.

kid1: its you. oh yeah? bakugan brawl! Scaboid stand!

Clare: Humph. Bakugan Brawl! Ventus Aeroboost stand!

Clare: Now. Time for a twist

  • Activates Mechtogan

Clare: mechtogan Spiraleon SURGE!

--At Jaylens Battle

Jaylen: ability activate! dark haze!

Kid2: oh no my ability!

Jaylen: Now get ready Shadereap Time for mechtogan!

Jaylen: Mechtogan Bulkion! Surge!

Jaylen: Ability Activate! Twist End Mirage!

Kid2: AHHH! No Ziperator!

CPU: Maxs BakuLife Meter 0.

Jaylen: Punk.

-at clares battle

Clare: Ability. ACTIVATE! Devour Tornado!

Sam *Kid1*: No Scaboid!

Clare: NOW!

Scaboid: *Screeech*!

CPU: Sams BakuLife Meter 0.

Sam: Dang It!

-Maruchos Battle

Marucho: Ability activate! Whirling Kick!

Jay: Oh No Glotronoid!

CPU: Jays BakuLife Meter 0.

Marucho Yes! Thank You Preyas!

Preyas: No Problem Pal!

Dan: He Won It!

Runo: wow! but in a few more battles its those blasted zero kids.

Shun: Yes. but he can do it.

  • Later dAn Is Sleeping Again...*

Warrior X: Dan.

Dan: oh hey!

Warrior X: so zaros Has Sent more zero brawlers eh? hes almost one step close to getting the dark orb.

Dan: yes.

Warrior X: oh and watch out for a new zero brawler his name is O.

Dan: wow what a short name.

Warrior X: he has a dangerous bakugan. i guess hes been watching your brawls maybe he will become your rival.

Dan: if he is then i will not let his leader prevail! evil shall not win!

Warrior X: Great Good Luck To Your Future Battles Dan.

  • End

Marucho: After alot of brawls it seems like a tag team now because i have to battle both jaylen and clare luckily i have elfin and preyas but they have some scary mechtogans you've gotta see what happened in the end lets do this elfin and preyas bakugan brawl!

Fun FactsEdit

1. Zaros also can create a zero brawler with his dark energy he has absorbed

2. Clare And Jaylen Tend To Dislike each other but they do what zaros says.

3. It seems zaros was once a king in the past but nobody knows how he lost his rule.

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