Chapter 3 Is Based On... the ??? guy's story, dan and shun tag team in the "Bakugan Interspace Tag Team Tournament" but find some zero brawlers who are tough.

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Chapter 3: Tag Team TerrorEdit

  • This Starts As Dan,Marucho,Shun,Julie,And Runo are in the maruchos quarters.

Announcer: attention Bakufans! we are having a tag team tournament! whoever wins will be titled as the best tag team!

Dan: awesome! shun lets tag team!

shun: alright..

runo: wow. so i get to stick with julie..

Julie: *Mad* RUNO!!!!!!!!!!

runo: oh sorry... ok i guess we could beat dan and shun.

julie: yeah alright! get ready danny! cause we're gonna win!

dan: i dont think so.

julie: grr..

runo: w0w.

---At Dans House *Nightime*---

Dan: Huh?

?????: hello.

dan: so will you finally reveal your name whoever you are?

?????: alright.

?????: My Name Is..

?????: .......

?????: Warrior X.

Dan: WHAT?????

dan: why are you called that anyway?

warrior x: well, i am a warrior who protects the light and dark orbs. and trying to protect them currently from zaros.

dan: so i have to help?

Warrior X: that is correct.

Warrior X: oh and in that tag team thing, two zero brawlers have entered. you must make it to the finals and defeat the evil zero brawlers who worship zaros.

Dan: sounds easy. i was going to make it to the finals anyway.

Warrior X: Do You Understand What Im Saying?

Dan: Yes.

Warrior X: Great, Farewell Dan, I Wish You Good Luck.

Dan: Thanks!

The Next Day.....---

Announcer: Attention Battle Fans.. The Bakugan Interspace Tag Team Starts Today Get Ready!

Shun/Dan: We're Ready, lets do this!

random team: we will win!

Julie/Runo: Lets See How Danny Boy And Shun Try To Defeat Us!

Dan: Lets See..

  • End

Marucho: as the tournament begins big battles are coming this way as dan and shun face two kids named todd and scott. they have a little troube but they still manage to do it. find out who won!

Fun FactsEdit

  • The Dark Orb And The Light Orb Were Once "One"
  • Warrior X Hasnt Told The True Story Yet.
  • Zero Brawler; Are Similar To Chaos Brawlers

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