Sorry for the delay. heres chapter 1, enjoy!

Chapter 1: Brawler SpiritEdit

Dan: Lets Go! Ability Activate! Dragon Flame!

Drago: *Shoots A Fiery Flame*

Shun: Oh Yeah? Skyress.

Skyress: Ready!

Shun: Ability Activate!

Shun: Green Wild Wind Twister Soar!

Drago: Dan?

Dan: Ability Activate! Dragon Scorch!

  • A Explosion Gets Caused But Skyress Has Deflected Dragos Attack.

Dan: Hmm.. Not good. i know!

Dan: Drago up!

Drago: alright!

Dan: Ability Activate! Dragon Burst!

  • A Powerful Energy Sphere Gets Shot And Causes A Rain Of Flames On Skyress.

Skyress: oh no!

  • Skyress turns into ball*

CPU: Shuns BakuLife Meter 0.

Shun: Shoot...

Announcer: And That Concludes the battle vs the runner up shun kazami and bakugan interspace champion dan kuso!

  • Meanwhile A Mysterious Dimension Appears.

Zaros: So... This Is bakugan interspace.. interesting.

Zythurvius: And That Must Be the bakugan they call "Drago!"

Zaros: i must have the power.. of the sync of brawlers. and chaos.

Zythurvius: So... shall we unleash a Zero Brawler?

Zaros: Mwahaha! Yes! Unleash The Power Inside!

Blaze: No.

Bright: no more zero battlers.

Dark: Zaros Must be stopped. but who will help us?

Tide: As The 6 Legendary Crystal Guardians We Shall Stop Him!

Terra: Guardian Terra Agrees.

Dark: lets go!

Blaze: And We Must Stop Zaros From Controling Holyrus And Shaderus, Not To Mention The Original One. Godrus.

Storm: I guess We Should message the human they call dan and his bakugan drago in a dream

Dan: Goodnight

Dans Mom: goodnight daniel.

Dan: *Struggling*

  • Dan Has A Dream.. As Well As Drago*

Dan: Where Are we?

???: Groooah!

???: Gwerrragh!

????: Ruas!

Dan: Drago?

Drago: Dan! did you hear.

Dan: Yes. but where are we?

Drago: i dont know.

Blaze: dan drago, greetings my name is blaze. i am a guardian of the pyrus crystal.

dan: huh?

Blaze: you must save us from the being called zaros.

Dan: Whos Zaros?

Blaze: zaros is trying to control shaderus and holyrus leading him to the ruler godrus. they are dragons.

Dan: Ok.

Blaze: find people for help to stop zaros tommorow you will meet tide, another guardian.

Dan: Ok.

  • End Of Chapter 1

Dan: ok, so as i try to figure out that zaros guy a new brawler named tom comes and defeats everyone! but hes bad and mean, so 3 battle him! can i win? meanwhile i meet another guardian named tide!

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