"Termination" Is the 9th episode of Bakugan: Sky Warriors

Link: Bakugan: Sky Warriors Episode 8: Mechtogan Rumble

Episode 9Edit

  • The Episode Starts Where Mary is talking to ken and tino to gather all bakugan to section a. Skytruss tries to annoy the fusion dragonoids and they start chasing after her, then they get trapped in a electric fence where they cannot escape. Jaakor starts punching the Aerogans which also chase after him and as result get trapped. Reptak Throws the tremblar into the elefence before they explode but one of them explode in the elefence. meanwhile yin and yao are fighting of a faser titan with the help of aeon titan they defeat it and hurry to help the others. Indigo is still battling but after that explosion spatterix and altroid are still standing

and they seem to be crashing into each other, just like how dartroid did, kromos uses his battle suit and wipes out a fake building, altroid activates Comet Hammer and hits spatterix but it wasn't enough. back where ken and the others are at, marucho activates the terminate section a plan and all the bakugan start getting transported and shocked into a blank dimension. tino and everyone else cheer but they are still in trouble, now the mechtogan have returned as razen,faser,and venexus titan attack everyone. Aeon titan helps out to defend the attacks but its too much. then.. a portal opens and guess who it is, none other than geminon with his Crypto Titan which defeats all the other mechtogan, tino asks who he is, geminon answers that hes an alien that indigo met. still fighting off lord kromos the light star and dark star are having a fight to the death. Darkron and aeon are firing many weapons but still indigo and kromos are not finished, they may have fought twice but this is a big battle that both don't want to lose. indigo focuses and activates his ultimate ability which damages spatterix alot. indigo says "How is he still standing?" kromos explains that spatterix is the ultimate bakugan. indigo finally manages to activate ability x, and spatterix is finally defeated.

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