Well.. This Episode 8 Of Bakugan: Sky Warriors enjoy! Also here's the link to episode 7 hope you enjoy!

Bakugan: Sky Warriors Episode 7: Inner Strength

Episode 8Edit

•Last Time.. Indigo Defeated Geminon And Was Rewarded The Light star, but things didn't go so well when Interspace was being attacked by a army of mechtogan, and Kromos was there aswell with the dark star!

Indigo: We Must Summon Aeon Titan!

Altroid: Alright! Rrrgh...

Aeon Titan: Time to Defeat The Evildoers!

Mary: Ability Activate! Aqua Tornado!

Clair: Not So Fast, Betakor! Urbance Destruction!

Tino: Skytruss!

Skytruss: Delta Bird!

Ken: Your going down Lucas!

Lucas: Magmafury.. Ability activate! Deathblow!

Jaakor: Darkus Durrance!

Yin: The Mechtogan Keep coming!

Yao: Its Slynix!

Yin: Ability activate! Light Hammer!

Yao: Mind If I Help, Bulk Boost!

Crabtrix: Hmm.

Yin: attack it's chest!

Crabtrix: You Got It, Take This!

Slynix: (Gets Majorly Damaged)

Yao: It Didnt work! It Sure is powerful!

Yin: If We're going to Destroy the mechtogan Yao, We must combind our strength Make A Fusion Attack!

Yin: Ability Hyper Haos!

Yao: Hyper Darkus!

Yin/Yao: Fusion Ability! Light Dark Power Surge!

Slynix: (Defeated)

Yin: Yes! Oh no more!

Yao: Its Venexus And Faser Titan!

Indigo: Lets Do It. come Aeon Overlord!

Kromos: No Way!

Indigo: Aeon Titan, Help Yin defeated those two titans!

Aeon titan: Yes Master.

Kromos: Ability Activate! Eclipse Wave!

Altroid: Ugh.

Indigo: No Altroid!

Darkron Overlord: DESTROY AEON!

Aeon: You May Be Powerful But I Won't Be The Loser!

Tino: Mary, Go To The Creator Marucho! he Probally Has a solution.

Mary: Ok!

(Mary Runs To The Quarters)

Mary: Oh No Are Those? Tremblar?

Reptak: We Must Sneak Because if they Awake, They will Well explode.

Mary: Right. (Quietly Walks)

Mary: Ouch!

Reptak: Uh Oh...

Tremblar: (Explodes)


Mary: Oh No Another Mechtogan! it's Dreadeon!

Reptak: Summon A Battle Suit!

Mary: Ok! Bakugan Battle Suit. Combustoid Equip!

Reptak: Attack!!!!!

Dreadeon: Destroy!!!!


Ken: Ability Activate! Volcano Trumble!

Magmafury: That Is A Weak Counter!

Clair: Ability Aegis Trump!

Skytruss: What! I Can't attack! Grr! (Smashing the shield) Ahh!! It's shocking me!

Tino: What was..

Clair: Aegis Trump, Makes the bakugan trapped, and if it trys to break free it will get shocked, Kinda Shocking Isn't it.

Tino: You Fail At humor....

Clair: Quiet You!

Tino: Ok Then..

Tino: (Whispering) Lets See. i. She made me unable to use abilitys then, that's it! gate card open! Defuse!


Skytruss: Im Freeeee!

Clair: Lets Roast You Chicken!

Tino: Your still not funny!

Clair: Ability Ancient Fire!

Skytruss: Oh That Burns. what's next?

Clair: See?

Tino: You Suck At Humor Clair..


Tino: Now!

Skytruss: Wind Counter!

Betakor: No!!! (Ball Form)

Clair: WHat? how? Impossible!

Tino: With Wind Counter It Deflects the attack AT YOU. Who's the lmbesile now?

Clair: .....Whatever.

Jaakor: We Can't seem To Defeat magmafury...

Skytruss: Mind if we Stop by?

Jaakor: Skytruss your just in time!

Tino: Lets Burn This Guy!

Lucas; Whats the humor today?

Clair: Thats I What I Said...

Lucas: Get out of the way Clair..

Clair: No.

Lucas: I Said. GET OUT OF MY WAY!

Clair: Nope..


Clair: Will you zip it? look!

Magmafury: a little help here Lucas!

Lucas: Oh Wow.. Ability Dark quazaar!

Skytruss: Jaakor! hop On!

Tino: Ability Activate! whirling drill!

Ken: Ability activate! magma Hammer!

Magmafury: Im Done.

Magmafury: Nooo! (Ball Form)

lucas: Ugh Lost again.

•The Scene Changes To where Mary is, She has defeated dreadeon.

Mary: Um. marucho?

Marucho: Yes I know the mechtogan invasion

Mary: oh so you know, But how will we get rid of them?

Marucho: Get them to area A ASAP!

Mary: Right! Oh and maybe Ken and tino can help,

marucho: Yes ask them Lure the bakugan and mechtogan, I will send them into a Blank Dimension.

Mary: Ok! (Hurrys Back)

Indigo: Kromos! you will never get the dark star x!!

Kromos: I Will!

Indigo: ultimate ability....

Kromos: ultimate ability!!!

Indigo/Kromos: FIRE!!!!!!!


•Who Is Still standing? will interspace be free again? And what's up the humor in this episode? haha Nevermind.....

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