This Is Episode 7: Of Bakugan: Sky Warriors

If You Haven't Seen Episode 6 Heres the link,

Bakugan: Sky Warriors Episode 5: Secrets Revealed

so here's episode 7,

Episode 7Edit

•Last time... Indigo Defeated Lord Kromos And Spatterix, And Met Geminon Who Explains the story of The star x.

The episode starts in a dimension where A ancient text although it seems to be faded, it only seems to say "D And L Mu Nev Comb O The Uni And Mult Will Be ???" It cannot be understanded yet geminon says, Indigo says "Who are these 2?" Geminon tells indigo.

Geminon: Well, Those are the 2 Sky Warriors Or Should I say the legendary ones Itzal And Caolan. They protected the world from mysterious creatures Some say they were Experiments that Were created by a evil scientist, Named Clay.

Indigo: Wasn't he dead?

Geminon: Yes, he was. but alas He was revived by a person named Eon. A Dark Masked Man Who Plans On Unlocking The Way into the Bakugans DNA.

Geminon: time for battle.

•Geminon Sends out Geminoid And Indigo Throws out Altroid.

Indigo: Wha. ...

???: Two Cannot Live... one will Lose, One will Take Control...

Altroid: Indigo?

Geminon: Whats That Indigos being transported?

Indigo: Where am I..

???: Finally You Are Here.... indigo.

Indigo: who are you?

???: My Name Is Eon....

Indigo: WHAT!

Eon: You Have Messed With My Plans Long Enough.... Time to take my powers back... After what you did.

Indigo: Grr.. (Glows) What. I'm Glowing, Wait A Lightsaber or sword.

Eon: Use It.... (Pulls Out Light Sword)

indigo: Your going down! (Hits Mask)

indigo: No. it Can't be. It's...

Eon: .....

Indigo: Its ZAROS!!! But I destroyed you!

Eon: No, You Destroyed me.. but, When you defeated zaros 2.0, the energy it had left. I drained it plus altrons. Now I Have Something to take.

Indigo: Not the spirit Key!

Eon: Yes... I can feel the power!!!

(Fire Hits Eon)

eon: Wha.. NO! Not right now!!!!!

Indigo: Im getting transported again!

Geminon: Its Indigo!

Indigo: Im Ready.

•the battle begins as geminon activates the ability "Crystal Missile" Altroid Activates Flame Blast, and Altroid gets Severly Damaged by the attack. Indigo Uses the ultimate ability and Geminoid Gets Knocked out, But Geminoid Is Still standing, after many attacks Geminoid is still standing, Geminon Explains that None of his attacks won't work, because You Must user you and your partners True Strength,

•Altroid Says to indigo that he's right, And I must focus now and you aswell. they both focus And Unleash Something called ability x. Geminoid Gets defeated and turns into ball form. Geminon Says Thats His Inner Strength.

"So Thats Your Power Indigo."

"Indigo: So what now"

"Geminon: Here. take this,"

"Indigo: No way.. It's the... Light star!!"

"Geminon: Yes, You use it, I'm going to transport you to earth now."


Indigo: Tino!

Tino: Come quickly to interspace! it's A Siege!

Indigo: What? No way!

(At Interspace)

Ken: Those Are Mechtogan! That's Slynix,Deltron,And The Mechtogan Titan Faser!

Yin: Alright everyone!

All: Bakugan Battle Suit Wield!

Indigo: Whats That..

Yao: No Way.. it's A Mechtogan Overlord!

Indigo: I Thought there were only titans...

Yao: Mechtogan Overlords Are the final Stage of evolution, they are 5x Powerful than Normal Mechtogan. and that must be Darkron Overlord!

Lord Kromos: Yes It Is..

Indigo: Kromos! So your resposible, but why attack here?

Lord Kromos: I Have Created my own army of bakugan called Zartroid! It's even stronger than your battlesuits!

Clair: Radizen.. combinded into.. It's ultimate form!

Lucas: Orbeum Combind into Magmafury!

Lord Kromos: You Can't Defeat My ultimate Army! And look what I got... the Dark star!

Indigo: NO!

Light star: it's you!

Dark star: subject Target!

Light star: Subject Target!

Dark star: Taste My Dark power!

light star: Taste My light power!


lord Kromos: Darkron Overload Attack!

Spatterix: your going down altroid!

Altroid: I Will Not Lose!

Mary: Reptak! we can do this! Ability activate! X Accel!

Zartroid: Rrrragh! (Activates Dragon Outrage)

reptak: Ahh!! I'm hit!

Ken: Ability activate! Drill Spike!!!

Jaakor: What. nothing happened. It's to Powerful!

Yin: Crabtrix! How can this be.

Duskfury: Yao, I can't seem to defeat those zartroids.

Yao: More Mechtogan!

Yin: Thats Not Good...

Tino: Skytruss we can do this.

Skytruss: Im struggling.......

Skytruss: Uh Oh Im Hit!

Tino: Nothing seems to work.

Light star: Indigos Friends... I will lend them my power.

Skytruss: I feel something! It's Time for revenge!

All Bakugan: YEAH!

Indigo: We Were Supossed to not let kromos Get the DSX And we shall!

Altroid: Spatterix Your Going Down!

Kromos: You will never stop me!

Spatterix: Pathetic!!!


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