This Is Episode 6 Of Bakugan: Sky Warriors This Isnt Ep 6 I switched it because i wanted this to be the episode not the next one "Suit Up" so enjoy!

Episode 6: Secrets RevealedEdit

•Last time, Shade was defeated once again, but while the brawlers head to neathia, indigo gets teleported to a ancient battlefield. And discovers lord kromos is there.

"(Indigo): what do you want kromos,"

"Kromos: A Battle."

"Indigo: Ok, Prepare to lose."


indigo: what is that.

Kromos: that's the Power Circle, where all 6 attribute crystals use to be. But I guess you don't know. Long ago, 6 Bakugan Protected these crystals, One day mechtogans invaded this place and Someone saved them, His name was Warrior X. He holds the light star, While Someone else holds the dark star. They were both said if combinded the universe will be destroyed. The original star was "Star X" which had The dark and light star combinded. So enough talk. Let's battle. go spatterix!

•Indigo Says That if I beat you, tell me more about this power circle and star x. Kromos activates the ability Dragon Blast and Altroid Quickly Avoids before he gets hit. Spatterix Tells altroid to come at him But once he does kromos activates The ability Dark Surge and altroid loses the battle. Indigos BakuLife Meter is now 40%, The 2nd round begins as altroid attribute changes to haos. Kromos says even if Light is stronger than dark, darkness eats light! Spatterix activates dark surge again. Aswell, Altroid activates Lightplode. Indigo manages to Make spatterix in ball form, Now lord kromos BakuLife Meter is 50%. Kromos begins to use doomtronic and indigo uses altroids battle suit blasterate, Indigo Says battle suit ability: Flame Cannon! Kromos counters with the ability: Chaos Cannon. Spatterix and altroid begin Attacking eachother. indigo finally manages to activate altroids ultimate ability Fusion Strike and spatterix goes into ball form. Kromos Loses and indigo wins, Kromos tells indigo to just talk to geminon. And Right there He reveals that he came from the darkness. Indigo talks to geminon. Geminon says that when star x was Turned into 2 halves dark and light, a ancient Plaque appeared and said if dark and light tried to Fuse to star x once again, the universe would be destroyed. He also comments that The light star and dark star have a counterpart Their x forms, A.K.A the "Dark star x and light star x" but.... Warrior x was cloned to the dark warrior x, And Now warrior x has the light star x, The dark warrior x was deceased. Geminon Explains warrior x hasn't been seen that time, and the 6 crystals were Some of the power when The star x split, The Attributes Pyrus,Haos,Aquos Was the left piece (Light star) and the attributes Subterra,Ventus,And Darkus was the (dark star) the right side. Indigo comments he still doesn't get it, Geminon finally says that There may be a way To make star x whole, But it's risky because the true Person must Combind the dark star and light star (Both x and normal forms) including the crystals to make star x into it's perfect form once again, Indigo says why do I need to know this? geminon explains that lord kromos True plan is to find the dark star x and Destroy it's counterpart.

Indigo: Whoa. Thats not good.

Geminon: Yes, And I heard you defeated zaros, So I'm gonna test you, so you can be ready to fight Him.

Indigo: But I already beat him. He's easy.

Geminon: in the future, kromos will unleash something that is "Hard to handle" I mean spatterix will become extremely strong. But you can change this, prevent kromos from completling his goal, and finish him off for good.

Indigo: OK.

Geminon: Ready for a bakugan brawl? And a fight.

Indigo: yes but what do you mean by fight?

Geminon: you have a inner power, I have one too, you can activate it by having perfect sync with your partner.

Indigo: Thanks For the tip... I think.

Geminon: Ready?

Indigo: Yes.

•Will Indigo beat geminon? What is this inner strength, and what Is the real secret of the star x? Find out in episode 7!

Link To Episode 5Edit

Bakugan: Sky Warriors Episode 5: Uncrushing Defeat

Indigo: Lets go altroid!


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