Bakugan: Sky Warriors Episode 1: The Big Beginning
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This is Episode 1 of Bakugan: Sky Warriors it is created by Zierant/Skawo1, the next episode will be up soon. So Enjoy, and please comment!

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The episode starts at Bayview, where Indigos team is relaxing with their new partners, Ken has gotten Subterra Jaakor, Yin has gotten Haos Reptak, Yao has gotten Darkus Orbeum, Mary has gotten Aquos Swifteon, Tino has gotten Ventus Skytruss, and for Indigo he still has his partner; Pyrus Altroid.

The BLT (Bakugan League Tournament) has begun. the first matchups is Yao Vs Yin, a brother rivalry. Yin sends out Haos Reptak and activates the ability with his bakupod Spark Hook. Orbeum quickly manages to dodge the attacks but gets hit, Yao counters with Dark Run, Reptak gets constantly hit by the fast attacks. Just then.. Yao activates Night Bind Yin activates Thunder Shot, the two powerful attacks hit each other and both bakugan are defeated! Meanwhile, in a mysterous Dark Realm.. a unknown person is looking through a globe at Indigos Past battles, He smiles and says "This human is interesting, how i would like to battle him someday.." The Person then calls a band of Mechtogan.. Coredegon,Slycerak,Exostriker,and Mandibor. The Person tells the9 "Do you thnk you can defeat these pathetic bakugan?" Cordegon laughs saying these puny bakugan are like tiny, i can destroy any of them! The person says "You think.. can you defeat the mighty Indigo?" Coredegon says Who cares and his band of minions head to the Bakugan City tournament, awaiting what evil is coming.

The 2nd battle is Ken Vs Mary, However Mary is defeated by Jaakors powerful Magma Hammer. The 3rd match is Ken Vs Tino, Skytruss uses its ability Solar Shard, Jaakor reflects it with Terra Shield, Skytruss heads for a nosedive and quickly crashs Jaakor into the wall. In the Finals its Indigo Vs Tino.. They both throw their bakugan out, Indigo activates Comet Pawn, Skytruss gets damaged but isn't enough to take him down. Tino then activates his strongest ability Aerostrike. Indigo does as well activating Meteor Tackle, The blast is then prevented by Coredegon and his minions! The audience gasps and then screams as everyone takes cover from Coredegons deadly blasts. Indigo is then angry as evil has returned once again..

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