This is episode 15 of Bakugan: Sky Warriors, it is created by Zierant, Feel free to comment and rate this episode, thanks!


The episode starts in Lord Kromo's tower, where altroid and Spatterix are standing.

Spatterix: Another battle begins.

Altroid: your going down Spatterix!

Spatterix: Really? i would like to see you try.

Kromos: Ability activate! Deathrange Shot! a dark fiery blast hits altroid.

Indigo: Altroid!

Altroid: is that all you GOT?

Kromos: Impressive, seems you have gotten stronger from our last battle, but not good enough. Gate Card Open! Phantasm!

Altroid: Im turning into stone!

Indigo: Oh No! Gate card.. its not working! I'll use a ability! Abil..

Kromos: Not so fast! ability activate! Doom Evade! a powerful force prevents indigo from activating any ability.

Indigo: .. (What should i.. Thats it!)

Indigo: Battle Suit Defendtrix!

Spatterix: Whats that? a pathetic airplane?

Kromos: So, a BakuSuit. Come Darkus Battle Suit Defendtrix!

Spatterix: Engage!

Altroid: Engage!

Spatterix: Ruuuuhhh!

Altroid: aahhhh!

(Both Battle Suits Get Destroyed)

Spatterix: Chaotic Blast! a hyper blast of chaos hits altroid.

Altroid: Alter Shield!

Spatterix: Kromos! Do it...

Kromos: Go Darkus Stronk!

Kromos: Im tired of waiting, Now that i have the power to combine these two... We shall see how altroid will survive, Never the less. I Will Destroy the Bakugan.

Spatterix: Bakugan Fuse!

Kromos: Arise.... DARKUS SCORPTAK!!!!!!

Indigo: What?

Altroid: a fusion?!

Scorptak: Chaos Exodus!!!

Altroid: AUGHH!!! (turns into ball form)

Kromos: (Smiles) looks like i win.

Indigo: Altroid....


Clair: Enough! Bakugan Fuse! rise Betakor!

Skytruss: Lets do this..

Jaakor: Ready...

Lucas: Darkus Orbeum... Finish them..

Crabtrix: Grr...

Duskfury: This is going to far...

Reptak: Attack!

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