"Chaos Surge" Is The 12th Episode Of Bakugan: Sky Warriors it will premiere tommorow


  • While The Others Are Defending The Planet, Dan And Indigo Are Battling Mag Mel But The Battle Heats Up As Razen Overlord Becomes

Too Much. Meanwhile Earth Kids Try to help defend the chaos bakugan on earth aswell and of course the brawlers and indigos team are still fighting the mechtogan titans.

Battle Suit DebutEdit

  • Fortatron
  • Coreveil

Bakugan DebutEdit

  • Drill Vulcan

Episode 12Edit

  • After A Beating From Mag Mel Our Heros Find themselves trapped in a no Forfeit Battle, meanwhile On Vestal Where Mechtogan Titans Have Appeared! tino,Spectra,And Gus Have Cleared New Vestroia while many bakugan are fighting off the titans They Struggle With Some Venexus Titans But then, mira,ace, and baron Help out to defend vestal from the invaders knight percival Activates Gyore Gunnar And Defeats several chaos bakugan Spectra Summons Doomtronic and Gus summons a new battle suit called Coreveil, And Summons his new Bakugan Drill Vulcan. At New Vestroia Minx Elfin And Master Ingram Are Fighting Off Some Mechtogan Aswell As 3 Titans Helping out. On Neathia Aqwimos and hawktor appear and help out to fight the chaos bakugan, The Castle Knights Also Use Some Mobile Assaults to attack Yin begins using fortatron to slash Many Mechtogan. On Gundalia Razen Titan 2's Are About to attack the Castle as Sabator Smashs Into them, Mason And Ren Are Telling Everyone to evacuate before they get destroyed, but then The ground breaks and out pops Dark Bakugan!

As The Battle Rages With Drago And Razenoid The earth kids decide to help (Being lead by team anubias and sellon members) Mag Mel Then Glows Very Purple/Black And Throws Shadow Balls At Drago And Altroid, While that happens their energies become drained! Razenoid activates Galoua Magnalia and Fires At The Chaos Mechtogan! Dam question why doe that at his army and Mag Mel replys back saying it will give razenoid much chaos energy like last time when he eliminated zenthon and his Titan. Razenoid Begins to become much bigger, Indigo goes for a sneak attack but fails When Mag Mel Activates Chaos Sweep which Slams razenoids tail to altroid. Back On Vestal While many citizens run The Mechtogans just keep coming and coming Spectra Comes Up With A Plan To Gather All Mechtogan While Mira,Baron,Tino,Ace,And Gus Combinde their attacks while spectra destroys the dark portal. They use Light Earth Doom Twister and Destroys all of the mechtogan and spectra activates Doomonic Cannon Which Makes the portal Disapear And get destroyed, Now Vestal Is Safe, Aswell as new vestroia Now Only Gundalia And Neathia Are Left. Spectra and the others split up, Paige And Rafe Are Both using Blasterates as spectra Swoops in with the destroyer and Destroys most of the mechtogan. gundalia then is Safe Now Neathia is left but.. most of the titans have been transported there, Hawktor Is Trying to Defeat A Smasheon As Tino Destroys it using defendtrix. Neathia is finally safe and everyone heads to earth except for the gundalians and neathians. Back On Earth Mag Mel Recieves that all dark Portals have been destroyed his eyes then glow very red and millions Of Dreadeon Titans Appear And Scatter Throughout Earth! Spectra And Everyone Split Up To Attack the mechtogan. indigo says it's like a chaos surge! Dan agrees as fusion dragonoid falls to the ground after getting pummeled by Draco razenoid, Razenoid Taunts drago That He Is Pathetic And weak this makes Dan and drago angry Which Turns For the worse as Mag Mel Calls them a fool because this has happened last time they fought on the dark moon. Dan And Indigo Begin To Use their ultimate abilitys Dragon Ultimate Reactor And Aeonic Surge. They then fire a huge blast aswell as razenoid who uses his ultimate ability called Extreme Chaos Destruction the blasts collide causing a major explosion which everyone notices They All Worrie what has happened to Dan and indigo.

  • Did Dan And Indigo Survive? will The Universe Be at peace again? How will Mag Mel Be Defeated? is There anyway our heroes can stop him? Find Out In Episode 13 Entitled "Dragon Warriors"!

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