The Final Round Faceoff Is the 11th Episode Of Bakugan: Sky Warriors It Will Probally Premiere On Thursday.


  • As The Tournament Continues The Matchups Is Still Dan Vs Spectra And Tino Vs Indigo, Indigo Has already won. Dan is struggling againist spectra but manages to win. The final round is Indigo Vs Dan, But This Battle Begins to be Huge.

Bakugan DebutEdit

  • Draco Razenoid

Episode 11Edit

  • After A Large Tournament Dan And Drago Are Struggling againist Helios, who will win?

Dan: Drago! I Know! ability activate! Power Hummer!

Spectra: Ability activate! Shock Destroyer!

Dan: Dragon Flare!

Helios: uh Oh! Gwaaa!! (Ball Form)

Announcer: The Winner Is.. Dan!

  • The Scene Shifts To Indigo And Dans Battle.

  • They Summon there bakugan, indigo activates the ability meteor charge and he has a fiery shield defending him as he crashs into drago, Drago Gets Knocked out but still stands, Dan activates Dragon Reactor! And A Beam Of Flare Hits Altroid, before that can happen altroid activates Hyper Splice and the Attack fails. Dan Goes With the attack Maximum Blazer And altroid does a attribute change to aquos, he does get damaged aswell. Indigo Activates the ability Trident Impact and fusion dragonoid manages to Half The Damage, Altroid Attacks with his ultimate attack Exceed Buster Fusion Dragonoid Gets Knocked Out, Dan Struggles to come up with an idea and Then He Uses His Battle Suit Defendtrix, Tino also has the battle suit as he comments but in ventus. Indigo Says "Bakugan Battle Suit Fuse!" He then uses Blasterate. Indigo Uses the attack Burn Pods which blasterate shoots out pods that shoot fiery lasers. Drago Attacks with "Hyper Blast" and Destroys some of the pods and blasterate takes some damage aswell.
  • The Battle Continues with tons of energy blasts, but altroid and drago are not down. The Two Bakugan activate the battle suits powerful abilities, Blasterate attacks with "Blast Fury" and Defendtrix attacks with "Power Surge" Drago uses the attack Maximum Reactor and indigo Uses the ability Exceed Striker the blasts collide in a mighty explosion which does almost hit the audience. Dan And Indigo Are About To do it again, then a dark thunder strikes, The Audience is terrified it Is the Dark Moon! And Everyone sees Mag Mel In A New Suit, His Crystals Have Become Red And Black Colored, And His Suit Has Become Darker than before. Dan Questions how did this happen, Mag Mel Explains He Has Taken Mysterious Powers And Has Become Mag Mel X. Indigo Gasps because he has heard the x before, the X Is A Human Or Bakugans Ultimate Form as geminon explained. Mag Mel Also Reveals that razenoid Has become much stronger than fusion dragonoid he also sees Altroid And Wonders who is that bakugan, Mag Mel Then Forgets About it and Summons a massive army of dreadeon titans and mechtogan, Aswell As Chaos Bakugan. The Crowd Then Runs To Hide. Mag Mel Then Uses A Strange Power To Teleport them to the dark reverse dimension.
  • The Brawlers attack The titans but fail, it seems they have gotten extremely strong even infinity Helios has struggled with it. Dan Then Shares Some of his power and makes the mechtogan summon their Titan form. Accelerak Titan,Swift Sweep Titan,Vexfist Titan,Slynix Titan

although shun already has a Titan. which is faser Titan. Rafe Activates his mobile assault cannonfury. Marucho does too. Then The Mechtogan Titan Teleport to gundalia,neathia and ,New Vestroia! They start to drill to the center. The brawlers hatch a plan. Marucho And Shun Head to neathia, Rafe And Paige Head to gundalia. And Spectra and Gus head to new vestroia while Dan stays. Indigo appears and asks if he can assist and explains he has been In these kind of attacks before. Altroid And Drago Begin To Defend Bayview from an army of dreadeons, Mag

Mel then throws his new bakugan "Draco Razenoid" And it activates Omega Meteor Destruction and Team anubias and sellons bakugan get defeated easily.
  • At Gundalia Rafe Summons Lanzato and attacks Many Smasheon And Braxion. Boulderon Smashs the chaos bakugan while their two titans are attacking the razen titans, Just the Ren,Nurzal,And His Team

aswell as the soldiers use their bakugan to fight. the Scene Changes to

neathia as marucho and shun, And the castle knights are attacking the

chaos bakugan and mechtogan. Just then A Portal Appears with another version of razen Titan. Razen Titan 2! It is too much for Faser and Accelerak Titan. Now 2 more razen Titan 2 appear on each world.

Marucho Messages Dan And Indigo tells his team to help out, Mary And Ken Head to Gundalia, Tino Heads to new vestroia, and yin and Yao head to Neathia.
  • Tino And Skytruss appear And distract Razen Titan 2 While slynix Titan attacks In a perfect shot. Mary And Ken Are Trying to attack the Titan 2 but their attacks are deflected. They trie to use Landstronk and

combustoid for better attacks and it works. Finally on neathia Yin And Yao Are doing excellent battling as They Manage to defeat the razen Titan 2. Although many titans then attack.

  • Dan And Indigo Are Still defending bayview as Draco Razenoid Tries to stop them. Mag Mels Eyes Glow And 3 Razen Titan 2 appear, Dan

says to mag Mel why are you doing this BARODIOUS, Mag Mel Becomes furious and He Glows With A Black And Purple Color and summons Something they can't believe, it is a Mechtogan Overlord!! Indigo summons Blazereon Overlord but sadly dan has a Titan. Just then they focus as summon Zenthon Overlord! Now Its A Massive Battle Of Mechtogan.

  • On The Other Planets The Mechogan Titan 2 have been defeated but

more are appearing and now it's a Super Massive war for the fate of the planets.

Characters SeenEdit

  • Dan
  • Marucho
  • Spectra
  • Shun
  • Rafe
  • Paige
  • Soon
  • Criss
  • Noah
  • Ben
  • Robin
  • Jack
  • Mary
  • Indigo
  • Tino
  • Ken
  • Yin
  • Yao
  • Mag Mel "Original" (Flashback)
  • Mag Mel X
  • Gus
  • Fabia
  • Ren
  • Nurzak
  • Zenet
  • Jesse
  • Lena
  • Mason
  • Linus
  • Captain Elright
  • Gundalian Soldiers
  • Neathian Castle Knights

Bakugan SeenEdit

  • Fusion Dragonoid
  • Altroid
  • Trister
  • Infinity Helios
  • Boulderon
  • Wolfurio
  • Taylean
  • Rex Vulcan
  • Reptak
  • Duskfury
  • Crabtrix
  • Skytruss
  • Jaakor
  • Iron Dragonoid
  • Cyclone Percival
  • Flash Ingram
  • Raptorix
  • Razenoid (Flashback)
  • Draco Razenoid
  • Scaboid
  • Ziperator (Subterra,Aquos,Ventus,Pyrus)
  • Rickoran

Battle SuitsEdit

  • Blasterate
  • Combustoid
  • Landstronk
  • Doomtronic


  • Smasheon
  • Braxion
  • Vexfist
  • Zenthon Overlord
  • Blazereon Overlord
  • Razen Overlord
  • Dreadeon
  • Razen Titan
  • Razen Titan 2
  • Vexfist Titan
  • Faser Titan
  • Slynix Titan
  • Swift Sweep Titan
  • Accelerak Titan


  • This Episode Debuts A New Major Edit On My Episode Pages
  • This Debuts The Brawlers New Titans

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