"Shade Strikes Again" Is The 4th Chapter Of Bakugan: Sky Warriors In This Chapter, Shade Battles Indigo once again, but the battle heats up when Shade Throws In his new bakugan dartroid.

Chapter 4: Shade Strikes AgainEdit

•After Heading Back To Earth, indigo recieves a message from shade on his bakupod He wants to battle once again. Indigo heads to a stadium and finds shade waiting there ready with his new bakugan dartroid. They both summon their bakugan and Shade activates the ability Shadow Hammer, Indigo Tries to counter with the ability "Blazing Punch" and they both manage to make a hit. Tino Says "It Seems They Both Have Even Strength" Shade activates another ability "Doom Meteor" And Indigo Activates "Hyper Asteroid" Their bakugan glow red and purple and start crashing into each other. Meanwhile....

•Lord Kromos Is Testing A Experiment of Spatterix and stronk. They try to combine to Scorptak. But Some Strange Force prevents it as when stronk and spatterix (Clones) try to combine they both get shocked. Kromos Figures he needs more power to Make scorptak rise so he can Defeat anybody. Clair walks in and Tries to secretly Spy on kromos she sees Kromos but quickly hides before she gets caught by his guards. She tries to check again but Lucas comes in and says what are you doing? Clair explains she is Observating What kromos is trying to do. Lucas Comments "Pathetic"

•while still fighting altroid and dartroid are still not finished, Tino comments "They could fight nonstop intill the end" Altroid and Dartroid start to supercharge their attack and Crash And Both Get into ball form, The Battle Resulted In A Tie. Indigo, And Shade Throw their bakugan once again.. As thought dartoid and altroid smash each other, Indigo activates the ability: Flaming Burst and it really Burns Dartroid, Dartroid says "Is That All You Got?" and uses "Ghouling Spark" And Altroid Actually Loses the battle, Luckly Indigos Life Meter Is 60 Percent, He can still Turn This Battle Around, He Summons Altroid And Activates Comet Punch and Dartroid activates shadow hammer. Altroid Hits. To Finish Dartroid off, he activates Comet Omega and Defeats dartroid, but Shades life meter goes to 60 percent. It's Still a even match.

•On Neathia, Captain elright decides to send a bakugan battle suit to Yin,Yao,Tino,Ken,And Mary. He Messages them that he is going to give them a battle suit very soon, But Once starting the transfer Clair appears with radizen, Ken Notices And Tells Tino To Stay and the rest will head to neathia.

•Once Again, Most Of Indigos team heads to neathia and get their bakugan ready, Crabtrix Uses Haos Freeze And Jaakor Activates Earth knuckle. Radizen Takes Much Damage and Turns into ball form. Clair was Outnumbered and she Quickly Escaped Before the Castle knights could catch her. The Download then completes and Now all the brawlers have battle suits. they head back to the Battlefield where shade is at.

•Shade Summons A Bakugan Battle Suit Laserate, As Well as indigo who summons Blasterate. Shade activates a consective ability Laser Pulse. Indigo does too. The result is a huge explosion. But Did Anyone Lose?

Find out in chapter 5!

Preview For Episode 5: Uncrushing DefeatEdit

•After the explosion, both altroid and dartroid lost and shade and indigo's life force are both 20 Percent, Who will finally win?

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