Hey everyone! this is the last part for the first chapter of Bakugan: Sky Warriors links to part 1 and 2 are right under.

Link: Bakugan: Sky Warriors Chapter 1: The Invaders

Link: Bakugan: Sky Warriors Chapter 1 (Part 2/3)

-Part 3

  • After Heading to neathia indigo and his team are in a fierce battle againist lord kromo's pawns clair and lucas. but now only indigo and tino stand, and whats happening now to neathia where the army is at?

"Spatterix, Finish them off. ability activate! Deathly Blast!"

"(Captain Elright): Ugh. he's too strong. what do we do."

"(Aranaut) distract spatterix and his brawler. i will do a sneak attack. Hope it works."

"(Aranaut) Now! Battle Crusher Extreme!"

"Spatterix: WHAT? Guhh! Is that all you got?"

"Lord Kromos: Those fools won't stand down. alright if they really want to not give up. THEY WILL!! Come Battle Suit Doomtronic!"

"Elright: A Bakugan battle suit? everyone take cover!"

(Doomtronic Fires Many Lasers)

"Elright: Kromos is too strong..."

  • Back with indigo...

Lucas: Hah! You still can't beat me! orbeum, Lets show them something called Tech Gear 2.0.

Indigo: WHAT?

Lucas: Tech Gear Fuse! Go Lustercannon!

Indigo: Seems he won't stop. altroid lets use a strong attack we need to beat him quick and save the citizens.

Altroid: Ok! Ability Maximum Hyper Punch!!!

Lucas: YOU ARE GOING DOWN! Ability activate! Heavyfire Omega!

  • Explosion*

  • Back with tino....

Clair: ability activate! Whirling Chaos!

Tino: Skytruss. we must figure out how to... oh wait i got it! Ability activate! Green Aerial!

Radizen: What? but how?

Clair: thats enough! abilit activate! Whirling Destruction!

Tino: Ability activate! Shooting Hawk Strike!

"Lord Kromos: I feel the chaos! its massive! soon i will use that power and make spatterix the ultimate bakugan!"

  • Will tino and indigo ever defeat clair and lucas how will the neathians deal with lord kromos,

spatterix, and worst of all his bakugan battle suit: doomtronic! find out in chapter 2!

  • End

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