This is episode 2 of Bakugan: Sky Raiders, Please leave a comment and rate, and Enjoy the episode.

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The episode starts at Bakugan City, Dan is walking with Commandix Dragonoid/Fusion Dragonoid, Dans BakuPod begins to recieve a message, a mysterious person says "My name is Dread.. meet me at the old arena" Dan begins to run there, looking where Dread is; Dread pops out and greets dan. He has been looking for him to battle, Dread sends out Darkus Viperon and Pyrus Spinetore, he then tells them combine, Viperon and Spinetore combine into the chaotic Vicerak! Meanwhile.. At the headquarters, Dan has battle activity as Shun locates where Dan is, Marucho goes as well.

Marucho and Shun have reached the Old Arena sending out Stride Radizen and Thunder Jaakor, Vicerak then knocks both of them out with the combined ability Slash Fury Mira begins to transport Defendtrix, Fortatron, and Clawbruk.

(TBW) -To be written

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