This is Episode 1 of Bakugan: Sky Raiders. It is written by Zierant the next episode will come as soon as possible, so have fun reading and please comment and rate this episode!

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The episode starts off at a mysterious ship, in there is a mysterious person. A Darkus Bakugan named Dio Sivac heads to his master saying "Hello, Master Guthans." Guthans is sitting on a large throne looking at a orb, he sees Dan Kuso brawling against his enemys back then, Mag Mel,Wiseman,Zenoheld,and more. Guthans calls to of his shadowreaver guards, He then calls three of his minions, Lux, Aegis, and Shade. He tells them of the mighty Battle Brawlers, a powerful team of bakugan battlers who have defeated many enemys; He then gives Lux Darkus Kodokor, Gives Darkus Mutabrid to Aegis, and Darkus Betadron to Shade. Guthans says they will do very well and succeed. Before that can happen the ship is attacked, it is two of his enemys, Itzal and Caolan. Guthans tells Dio Sivac to attack as Dio Sivac activates Zero Flash Savac and damages Caolan's ship, Caolan appears out of the ship with Ventus Rayzerak, Caolan activates Razing Wind as Dio Sivac protects itself with Death Portal the ability seems to suck the ability's energy and boosts Dio Sivacs strength! Itzal tells his servant to run the controls, Itzal throws out Haos Sparixx and attacks with Spear Stinger, Dio Sivacs eyes glow bright red and he starts to laugh; he then activates Chaos Negashock which defeats Sparixx and Rayzerak! they both go to ball form as they retreat. Guthans then sends Aegis,Lux,and Shade to Bakugan City.

The scene shifts to Earth, Shade appears and challenges Dan, Shade sends Betadron out which surprises dan since Betadron was a nonet. Shade activates Doom Blaze which damages Drago alot, before Drago is finished a person appears sending out a haos bakugan which defeats betadron! Aegis an" Lux send out their bakugan, The bakugans name is Geminoid, the person says My name is Geminon, lets finish this.. ability activate! Crystal Storm!, Kodokor and Mutabrid are then defeated; Guthans minions retreat. Geminon explains he is a alien, and the 3 people are his enemys. Shun and Marucho then appear, Geminon gives them Aquos Saint Aquas an original bakugan and Ventus Van Falco as new guardian bakugan. Van Falco greets shun, Saint Aquas appears to smack talk like Marucho's old bakugan; Geminon explains he is a sky warrior, a person who was a warrior of the sky.

The scene shifts to Guthans ship, he appears to be talking to a person named dread. "So, you want help, shall me to bring my shadowreaver army?" Dread says, Guthans then laughs evilly as Dread makes an agreement to help him evolve his bakugan, Darkus Zephyros. Guthans then sees his other bakugan, Killer Volca and Storm Raveius seeing Van Falco and Saint Aquas in the orb, they were their major enemys. Guthans then sends the evil band of brothers who have been ressurected into powerful forms, Coredegon X, Slycerak X, Mandibor X, and Exostriker X! Guthans then says "Go my evil mechtogan and Destroy the battle brawlers!" (End of Episode)

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