Sudden Departure
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 9
Preceeded By Reinforcements
Followed By Intergalactic Reunion
Sudden Departure is the 9th episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. Due to a possible conflict next week, episode 9 is airing a day early and episode 10 will air on Aug 4th, 2011.


The episode starts with Atrion on his ship with Jin kneeling in front of him. Atrion said he has brought him back from the dead and will now serve him. Jin immediately accepts, since he has no memory of his past like Floria who is standing nearby. Atrion then tells him to arise and gives him a Bakugan – Haos Star Samuraxx. He tells Jin to use it well, which he says he will and joins Floria. Atrion then tells Tivala to prepare the ship for their next destination, which Tivala responds that they are already on their way. Atrion comments that there are only two more stops and then - it will be time for the battle to finally begin as the ship continues down the Tunnel.

The scene now shifts to Bakugan Interspace where Spectra and Marucho have just won another battle. Zakaros comes down from the stands and congratulates them both on their victory. Marucho comments that even though they have to manage Interspace most of the time, they still have to keep their rankings up. Spectra asks how Zakaros is doing in the rankings. Zakaros says he is doing pretty well, for a beginner. He also mentions that he is getting used to the new equipment that Spectra gave to him a couple days ago. Gran Panzer pops out and says he loves his new Terrix Gear because he can fly. Zakaros also comments that he likes the Bakugan Traps both in battle as well as friends. Carlsnaut then comes out and speaks for all the Traps that they like battling with them as well. Marucho suggests that they head to the Café from something to eat and all three of them walk there together. Meanwhile, Dan and Shun are already at the Café after finishing their own battles when they get a message from Captain Elright. He tells Dan and Shun that a large, flat spaceship just left Neathian airspace a few hours ago. Dan says to Shun that must have been Atrion and tells Elright to leave it alone. Elright say that he already has but in the meantime, Rafe and the Castle Knights are strengthening themselves in case it comes back. As the transmission closes, Shun says they should tell the rest of the Brawlers right now, which Dan agrees. But just as they get ready to leave, Zakaros, Marucho and Spectra walk into the Cafe and join them. They all notice the concerned look on Dan and Shun's faces and Marucho asks what is wrong. Dan tells them of Captain Elright’s recent transmission, which puzzles the Brawlers, especially Zakaros, on why Atrion went to Neathia. Zakaros asks if there are any planets that are nearby that Atrion might also go to. Spectra says that there is his home Vestal, New Vestroia and finally, Earth. Zakaros comments that Atrion must be getting closer and he might have to leave for New Vestroia sooner than expected. Spectra mentions that the help he requested will be here by tomorrow evening. Zakaros says that they he may not have that much time, so he decides to go to New Vestroia in the next few hours. He heads out to get ready while the rest of the Brawlers look on worried.

The scene now shifts to the zoo in Marucho’s house, where some birds fly by and Zakaros is seen resting on a large tree branch. He is pondering whether he can actually kill his former best friend, let alone another BakuGod. His Bakugan try to give him advice but it is falling on deaf ears. Dan then comes into the room, sees Zakaros in the tree and says that he has been looking everywhere for him. Dan then notices Zakaros' concerned face and asks what is wrong. Zakaros jumps down from the tree and says that he is fine but has felt conflicted. Dan asks how so and Zakaros says that while he is prepared to fight against Atrion - he's not sure if he can actually kill him, since he was once his best friend. Dan thinks for a moment and then tries to cheer Zakaros up by saying that maybe Atrion still has good in him, which surprises Zakaros. Dan also says that if Atrion does have good still in him, the Brawlers will do what they can to save him. Zakaros thanks Dan and then Kato comes in and says that lunch has been served in the conference room. As Kato walks out, Dan suggests that they should hurry before all the good stuff is gone. Zakaros says all right and thanks Dan for cheering his spirits up. Dan says no problem - it's a gift. They both laugh as they walk out and the door closes behind them.

The scene now moves to the conference room, where the Brawlers have just finished eating lunch. Zakaros thanks Kato for the delicious food and then says it is time for him to head to New Vestroia. Kato then says to Zakaros that before he prepared some meals for him, which Zakaros says thank you. Marucho then asks why he can’t wait until their friends arrive so they can get to know each other. Zakaros says that if time was on his side, he would but since it appears that Atrion is getting closer, he does not have much time and must regain his full power as soon as possible. Wavern then appears & says that she is going as well since Zakaros will need a way back to Earth. Dan then asks Drago to open a Dimensional Tunnel, which he does. Drago tells Wavern to be careful, which she says she will - "Dragoruny", which causes the Brawlers and Zakaros to laugh hysterically while Drago hides from embarrassment. Zakaros and Wavern then head into the Tunnel together but before the tunnel closes, Zakaros turns around and says that he will back before they know it. The portal then closes behind them with the Brawlers looking on and ending with Dan saying not to worry - they will be waiting for him.

The scene now moves to a large asteroid field, where Atrion's ship arrives out of a Dimensional Tunnel. Atrion and Tivala then come out of the ship and head into the asteroid field, which is actually composed of machines and metal. As they move through the field, Atrion says to himself how this looks like what is left of Bakuthia and Bakutopia and appears to be somewhat saddened. As he looks around, he sees a large capsule pod floating nearby. Atrion levitates the capsule to him and, at first glance, the glass is foggy. Atrion then waves his hand over the capsule and the glass becomes clear. It is revealed that the person inside the capsule is Professor Clay! And where they are is the leftover debris of the Alternative! Atrion opens the capsule, waves his hand and commands Clay to arise and serve him. At that moment, Professor Clay’s eyes open! (End of episode)

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