Beginner's Luck
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 7
Preceeded By Blending In
Followed By Reinforcements
Beginner's Luck is the 7th episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. The next episode will be on July 28th, 2011.


The episode starts with Atrion's ship flying through a Dimensional Tunnel. Then, it moves to the bridge where Atrion and Tivala are. While on route, Tivala asks Atrion where they are going. Atrion says that for the past few years, he has been watching the events that have transpired with the Bakugan race and knows what is to come when they have to fight. He also says that he needs servants to fight for him and he has chosen four special individuals for this special task. They are now going to pick them up. Atrion then closes his eyes and says that have arrived at their first stop as the ship comes out of the tunnel. In the far distance, it show that they have arrived at the planet of Gundalia.

The scene now shifts to Marucho’s house where Marucho, Shun and Spectra are eating breakfast when Zakaros and his Bakugan walk in. They all say good morning to Zakaros as he does the same. He thanks Marucho for letting him stay at his fine home which Marucho replies you are welcome and don’t worry about it as he is their friend and a member of the Battle Brawlers now. While the Brawlers and Zakaros eat, Zakaros’ Bakugan strike up a conversation with the Brawlers’ Bakugan in order to know them better. Zakaros is especially amazed at the “cake that is flat” (pancake) and comments how delicious they are. After finishing breakfast, Kato drives them to the Interspace Terminal, where Dan, Runo and Julie are waiting by the entrance. They all log in and are transported into Interspace. When they arrive, Marucho and Spectra say they have to go check up on the system so they will be there for the battle as soon as possible. Dan and Drago, acting confident as always, say the battle will be over before they know it. Flare Dragaon then pops out and says not to underestimate Zakaros or them for that matter. Destroy Munkilis also pops out and says they may not know how to brawl on Earth yet but they are fast learners. Zakaros comments that they are right and tells Dan & Shun to prepare themselves for a fierce battle. As usual, Dan and Shun comment back that they will be. The scene now shifts to the secret Battle Arena that was mentioned from before. Dan, Shun & Zakaros get into their positions while the rest of the Brawlers sit in the stands. Spectra and Marucho arrive just in time for the battle to start, mentioning that the system checks went really fast today, so they were able to make it on time. The announcer then announces the names, declares the battle to start and says “Bakugan Field, Open!”

Dan & Shun start out first with Pyrus Galaxy Dragonoid and Ventus Cyclone Skyress. Zakaros sends out Pyrus Flare Dragaon and Darkus Destroy Munkilis. Zakaros lets his Bakugan know that even though they have not battled in a long time – to just do their best. Both of them say that they will. Dan and Shun start off strong but Zakaros and his Bakugan prove to be more of a challenge then they originally thought. Zakaros wins the first round easily, which takes Dan & Shun by surprise as well as the rest of the Brawlers. Zakaros goes next and decides to bring out Aquos Saint Aquas and Subterra Gran Panzer. However, due to some simple brawling mistakes by Zakaros, Dan & Shun win the second round. Dan says it's now tied and the last one takes it. In the third round, Zakaros uses Haos Kilan Leoness and Ventus Van Falco. It was a hard fought round but in the end, Zakaros wins the round and the match. Dan & Shun are bummed by the loss but Zakaros said that it was a great battle. Dan and Drago say it was just beginner’s luck and they want a rematch soon. Zakaros agrees with them and would love to battle them again. Zakaros, Dan and Shun shake hands on it as it scene closes.

Back at Gundalia, Atrion and Tivala land undetected. As they are walking along the surface, Atrion says that Gundalia reminds him of where the DarkGods used to live. They soon arrive at a graveyard with hundreds of gravestones. Atrion walks up to one particular gravestone, holds up his hand and it turns pitch black. He then aims his hand at the grave and black lightning hits the ground. After a few seconds, he orders the person buried to arise and serve him. Suddenly, a hand pops out of the ground and a female Gundalian climbs out from under the ground. It is revealed that this person Atrion revived is Floria, Nurzak’s daughter! (End of episode).

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