Mechtogan Destiny - Part 1
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 65
Preceeded By Slow and Lazy
Followed By Mechtogan Destiny - Part 2
Mechtogan Destiny - Part 1 is the 65th episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods and the 1st of the two part Mechtogan special. It was written by Zachattack31. The 2nd part of this special will up soon after this one.


The episode starts in the middle of the night at the burning city from before, where screams are high as large shadowed creatures are hiding and frightened from somthing. Some are fighting back but are quickly defeated. At that moment, four familiarly shadowed Mechtogan are towering over as the main one says sinister we now control this city - fall before us and our power as the screen then goes black. At that moment, it is day time as it shifts to Zakaros' camp where everybody has woken up and is cleaning up. Blakai says come on, let's get a move on - there's a big hill up ahead as everybody else catches up. As they reach the top, they all view the beautiful landscape. As they gaze at everything, Masquerade then says look over there and everybody sees the large city.

The scene now shifts back to the hilltop where Zakaros and his group are amazed at the wonderous city that lies ahead of them. Blakai says wow, that is so cool as Masquerade says yes, I never heard about this place and it’s so big. Zakaros says yes but something is wrong. Both of them look at him and ask what do you mean as Thorius says Zakaros is right – I can smell smoke and it’s too quiet. Zakaros says there also seems to be a great unease in the landscape – be cautious but don’t look overly suspicious as they all head down the pathway into the city. As they get closer, the city becomes bigger and when they reach the front gate, it is almost as high as a Mechtogan Titan. Blakai says wow, that’s a big door as Zakaros says it appears we are at the city of Mechtros. Masquerade asks how do you know as Zakaros points up to the sign at the top saying “City of Mechtros”. Masquerade says ah, so it is as Thorius walks up to the door and pushes it, opening it slightly while saying that's a heavy door. Thorius looks around with a stern look and says remember, be cautious as they go in. As the walk, the city is shadowed with debris everywhere and is extremely silent. As they are walking, they see glowing eyes in the buildings all around them. Blakai asks Zakaros quietly what are they and why are they hiding from us. Zakaros says I believe they are Mechtogan and I don’t think they are hiding from us. Thorius says I agree as then, they come across a Mechtogan with only his head showing but encased in molten rock and debris. Zakaros and his group run up and ask if he is all right but the Mechtogan says weakly I am not but it is better than what is coming. Blakai asks what do you mean as the Mechtogan says my people and I lived in peace under our leader but these rogue Mechtogan that we do not know of and are very different from ourselves – they attacked us, supposedly killed our leader, imprisoned the ones who fought back and they are already making us citizens live in fear. I tried to fight back and this is the result. Thorius asks where are there rogue Mechtogan as the Mechtogan says at the courtyard – just go straight. Zakaros thank you – we will help you and your people. The Mechtogan then sneers and says you help us – ha, your kind has at every chance attempted to destroy our existence. Zakaros asks what do you mean as the Mechtogan then ignores them. Thorius says I regret the actions of our kind but whatever the case, we will help you as they leave. As they walk towards the courtyard, Zakaros asks Thorius what did you mean by what you said to that Mechtogan as Thorius says I will explain later. Soon, they arrive at the large courtyard with a throne and at the top, are four Mechtogan – Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker and Mandibor and two other unknown Mechtogan. As Zakaros and his group walk up, Coredegon looks down and says well, who are you travelers, brave enough to enter my domain. Zakaros introduces himself and asks who are you as Coredegon introduces himself and his subordinates. Slycerak says can we squash them now as Zakaros and his group prepare to defend themselves. Mandibor says easy Slycerak - they have done nothing but Exostriker says brother, patience is a virtue. Coredgon says you appear to be some of those creatures called BakuGods - they are quite interesting. Thorius immediately gets stern and asks what differences does it make and what have you done to these Mechtogan and this city. Coredegon then points his sword and it's blade is within one inch of Thorius' face as Coredegon says I'll tell you, you inferior being - our goal is to completely destroy all Bakugan since we are without creators and use our own power to rule this world. Then, once we take over this world, we will find a way back into the living world - we have some unfinished business there. Zakaros says so you do - I know who you all are, Mechtogan; you are enemies to the Battle Brawlers and they are my friends. Immediately, the Mechtogan attack as Zakaros' group dodges the attack. Coredegon says well, that changes things - friends of the Battle Brawlers are enemies to us so we can stop talking as they all charge. Zakaros' group prepare to throw their Bakugan and defend themselves but, at that moment, a barrage of lasers appear from the sky, hitting the rogue Mechtogan. As the laser fire continues, Coredegon asks who dares as then, Zenthon appears from the sky. He then lands as he gets into hand-to-hand combat with the six Mechtogan, taking them down one at a time. After he does that, he turns to Zakaros group and says come with me if you want to live. Everybody just looks and Thorius says well, I know I want to live but aren't we already dead so.......then silence. Blakai says he’s cool as Zakaros says all right as they get on his shoulder and fly away. After he goes, Coredegon gets furious and says Zenthon has interfered too much and next time, I’ll be sure to destroy him and those little BakuGod pests for good.

The scene now shifts to the skys and Zenthon carrying Zakaros, Blakai, Thorius and Masquerade on his shoulders, away from the city of Mechtros and Coredegon himself. Zakaros says I do thank you for your assistance, brave Mechtogan as Zenthon says there was no need for thanks – I’ve been watching the city for a while as he lands nearby in a clearing and starts walking the rest of the way. As they walk, Masquerade then asks what is your name as Zenthon says his name and that he is a friend to all races. Blakai says cool name, with Zenthon saying thank you for the compliment, but I’m wondering about something; you’re a Mechtogan so why aren’t you among your people helping out as Zenthon stops, sighs and says believe me, I want to be but we free Mechtogan; we few were forced out by that so called new leader of the Mechtogan now. Masquerade says so basically, you got beaten out of town as Zenthon says yes as he continues walking. He continues by saying our true leader was kind and just and everybody lived in peace but then, Coredegon and his followers invaded and took over everything. Thorius asks him to tell them everything as Zenthon says well (flashbacks beginning); it was a normal day for us Mechtogan - we were by ourselves when these four Mechtogan came into the city. We did not know who they were but we had a feeling they would be trouble. They defeated our leader using trickery, deceit and power and it forced him, his wife, his son, another and myself out of Mechtros - everyone else was imprisoned. Zakaros says we talked with one who said their leader was killed but Zenthon says no, he isn't but he is very gravely injured and could very well die again, ending the little amount of hope that is left. Zakaros says that is horrible – I will provide any assistance you need as Zenthon says thank you for your offer but right now, we are in a dire situation. Blakai asks what’s wrong as Zenthon says as I mentioned before, our leader is suffering from serious damage and if he isn’t healed soon – he will be no more and the only one who can lead us to victory is him. Zakaros says well, I do have advanced healing abilities – maybe I can help him. Zenthon says you can try but his wife, on the other hand, she is very distrusted of you BakuGods. Blakai asks why as Zenthon says you can find out for yourself when we arrive but just so you understand, most Mechtogan are distrusting of your kind but I, being created after their time and being particular new here, I do not hold the same grudges so I am a friend to you as Zakaros says thank you, Zenthon for accepting as Thorius agrees quickly. As they continue on, Zakaros says I do not know much about Mechtogan but I know that all Mechtogan are each created from a Bakugan; so, who was your creator, Zenthon? Zenthon says my creator was a Pyrus Dragonoid named Drago - he and I fought well but I sacrifed myself to save his life from being taken by two other Mechtogan that are enemies of mine. Zakaro is instantly surprised and says you’re Dan and Drago’s Mechtogan then. Zenthon stops and says do you know of my creator and his battler as Zakaros says yes, I do and very well in fact - we are friends. Zenthon asks how are they as Zakaros they are well but they are in a dire situation as he explains a bit of what is happening. Zenthon sighs and says that is serious, well then, it is best if we hurry to my leader’s location as they continue onward.

Meanwhile, the scene shifts to a beatiful country area where Zenthon and Zakaros’s’ group have just entered. Zakaros says wow, this place is beautiful as Zenthon says this is considered to be a safe haven for injured Mechtogan when traditional healing methods don’t work in Mechtros. As they start walking forward, a huge figure appears behind them as it shows Zenthon Titan is the one. Zenthon says I have returned Titan as Zenthon Titan says good and I see you have brought friends. Zakaros’ group are in shock as Blakai says that’s a big Mechtogan as Zakaros says yeah as he looks at Zenthon says I didn’t know Mechtogan could evolve. Zenthon chuckles a bit and says we don’t evolve – we create. This is my Mechtogan Titan – Zenthon Titan as Zenthon Titan says pleasure to meet you all. Masquerade says so, you’re Zenthon and he’s Zenthon Titan – really original as Zenthon says well, that’s how things are as Zenthon Titan points and says he is beyond there. As they continue walking toward that direction, they see another Mechtogan sitting on a rock near an entrance, polishing his shield as he says cheerfully welcome back Zenthon and I see that you brought some BakuGods with you. Zenthon says yes, they were attacked by Coredegon - you don't mind as the Mechtogan says I don't mind but my mother is a different story. He says you can go through but if I'm asked to fight you, don't say I didn't warn you as Zenthon continues through. Zakaros asks who was that as Zenthon says that is Sky Sprint - he is the son of the Mechtogan leader and while he may not look it, he has a lot of battle experience. They continue walking until they reach a clearing and a somewhat crude hut with a sunroof. The screen then focuses on a female Haos Mechtogan nursing an unseen Mechtogan on a long bed who is clearly gravely injured. The female Mechtogan then notices Zenthon is back and says happily ah, welcome back Zenthon - could you get me the........but then, she sees Zakaros and his group. She immediately gets hostile, roars and opens up, revealing lasers and fires straight at Zakaros’ group with pinpoint accuracy but Zakaros’ group manage to dodge. Zakaros then throws Blan Shoult and tries to fly around while Thorius throws Tavanel and Blakai throws Ganoreda; as they fly all over the place. While this is going on, Sky Sprint says great, there she goes again as he gets up and starts walking towards that direction. Back at the battle, Zenthon says Grace Swift, please stop – they are allies but the female Mechtogan, now known as Grace Swift, says sorry, but I don’t trust BakuGods - you know that very well as she continues firing relentlessly. While dodging, Zakaros says we do not understand – we have caused no harm and we came to help. Grace Swift says a likely story as Blakai says then we have no choice and prepares to activate an ability but Zakaros stops him, saying we have not come here to fight so stand down. Grace Swift says fine by me, it will be easier for me to hit you, not that I need it as she releases a sword like weapon from one arm and charges. But at that moment, Zenthon says Grace Swift, listen to me as he fires his lasers at her, knocking her back. As he recovers, Grace Swift says fine, I’ll listen but only for 5 seconds as her arm then turns into a large cannon. Zenthon says they went into Mechtros and Coredegon confronted them and they tried fighting against him. Grace Swift then takes a breath, looks at Zakaros and says why have you come here as Zakaros says I’m currently on a quest to retrieve an artifact as the next MasterGod and our map lead us to your city and Zenthon told you the rest. Grace Swift says well, you took a wrong turn as she prepares to fire and Zakaros’ group prepare to defend themselves. But then, a weak voice says Grace Swift – stand down now as Grace Swift says my lord, you can’t be serious – they are BakuGods; our sworn enemy as Masquerade says correctly, these three are – I’m just a human. The voice, coming from the weakened Mechtogan, says I trust Zenthon’s judgment in bringing them here – have them come closer. Grace Swift then begrudingly lowers her weapons as Zakaros' group return their Bakugan as they land on the table. Then, they see a large and old, yet has a younger appearance, Mechtogan will damage all over. He slowly raises his head and says well, hello there - it is nice to meet you all. Zakaros says it is nice to meet you and I'm sorry if we have caused any problems for you but the Mechtogan says ridiculous, you didn't come here to fight or destroy us. Masquerade says I got a question - what's your attribute. The Mechtogan says I don't have an attribute because I'm, but then, before he can finish his statement, he sees Thorius standing there. He sits up a bit faster, leans in close and asks Thorius, is that you with Grace Swift asking as well? Thorius says it's been a while, old friends as the Mechtogan says yes, it has been as he then gets on his feet, picks up Zakaros' group and goes over to a Mechtogan sized chair and sits in it and puts the group on the armrest. He then says what is new Thorius but then, Zakaros says just a second - do you two know each other as the Mechtogan says yes and by the way, you may call me Mechtotron. Blakai says awesome as Zakaros asks again but how do you two know each other. Grace Swift then says he didn't tell you, with Zakaros saying tell me what, Thorius is one of our creators (and adding the only one who cared for us) and Mechtotron is the 1st Mechtogan to ever exist. Everybody is in amazement as Grace Swift but then again, Thorius looked younger and actually used to come to our aid but he did nothing to help us later on. Thorius says like I already told you, I tried but I was imprisoned. Grace Swift says excuses, excuses but Zakaros then gets in the middle and says wait, you two (with Mechtotron concurring) but, none of my questions have been answered. Mechtotron says very well but in order to understand that and our current situation, a story must be told - the origin of the Mechtogan race. Blakai says really, can we hear it as Zakaros says I wish to as well. Mechtotron says very well and no interruptions please as he begins the tale.

The scene now shifts to a completely different scene where Mechtotron is narrating the story. Mechtotron says that the BakuGods are divine beings, they have created and destroyed many things but the core of their being was the creation of the Bakugan race. However, when the BakuGods became extremely powerful, they felt they needed to send soldiers to prove their might so they wanted to create giant mechanical warriors to do their bidding and to show their power. So, began the 1st attempts of creating a Mechtogan and as such, I was one of the first attempts at such a creation. Zakaros asks how does Thorius fit into this story as Mechtotron says Thorius was one of the scientists and designers of us and no interruptions. He continues by saying that many of us were used in various scenarios and very few ever survived because we were so unstable and overly powerful. It was almost considered to be a failed experiment and we were on the verge of being destroyed until Thorius, who had studied Bakugan physiology and characteristics, was able to develop a device that gave me a mind and what you call a soul and implanted it inside myself hence, I became the 1st offical Mechtogan in history. Thorius and I became friends and he taught me many things. He showed me to these "superior" beings but they hated it - it went against the entire purpose of their original vision. As such, the other BakuGods did not take too kindly to this and ordered me and the rest of my kind to be destroyed instantly and to never be heard of again in words or literature. Thorius tried to appeal for our freedom but he was met with silence and imprisoned until we were destroyed. The night before our execution, I escaped from my restraints, stole all of the same devices Thorius put into me and put one in each of my remaining brothers and sisters. They each gained what I had gained and we fought our way out but to be honest, we were rather clumsy since we did not know of our advanced defense and attack abilities. However, we managed to escape BakuTopia and fly down to the planet below - BakuThia. After we landed, we went looking for a place to call home but we were terrified of what others would think of us, considering that we are so much bigger than Bakugan and we didn't know about ourselves much. We found an enormous canyon with several twisted pathways that we thought would be a safe place for us to hide and to make a life for ourselves. We learned how to build, how to eat, how to survive and trust me, it wasn't easy. I was elected to be the leader of our small population and over time, our small village became a town and then a city, the city of Mechtros that you have seen yourself. We also learned more about our defensive and offensive capabilities and over time, we learned how to use these abilities effectively. Over time, Bakugan actually came to find out our small city and tried to make friends with us, since we were new but because we were frightened of how others would perceive us and whether we would be destroyed by them for being "different"; we scared them off and gained a reputation of being mean and vicious, even though we hated being that way. However, while that was going on over time - the same BakuGods that wanted to destroy us had been searching for us found out hideout and attacked us. We tried to defend ourselves but because of our inexperience, many of us were either destroyed or were so heavily damaged. I tried fighting back alone but even I almost fell. The BakuGods looked over me, kicked dust in my face and said I was a good for nothing experiment and needed to be punished. But before they could deliver the finishing blow, we had some help. Six Bakugan, one of each attribute, had come to talk with us originally but they saw the battle and prepared to fight on our behalf. As they fought for us, I asked one of them why would they protect us but all that Bakugan said was this "We fight for the right reasons and for those who need our help - we are one on this world". At that moment, something happened within me and six glowing lights appeared from me and landing on these six Bakugan. After a few seconds, these lights went up in the sky and six new Mechtogan came from the sky but they were very different from our original selves. They corresponded with that Bakugan's attribute and they were better equipped for combat - the Mechtogan race had evolved into something greater. Due to this new sudden development, we were saved from being destroyed and those BakuGods were never seen again. And, because of that, we decided to become friends with the Bakugan and allowed them to help us learn and see our city. It became a peaceful time for us, not only because we became strong again but we learned how to become more powerful and how to expand our population as well as create our own unique culture. We also learned more about how a Bakugan is the only one that can create a Mechtogan - it was the way that Thorius set it up when he created us so that we could become friends with others and be "normal". And over time, we learned about how to create Mechtogan Titans and Destroyers as you see by Zenthon Titan and Mechtavius Destroyer obviously, who is now our enemy. However, one day in the future, we were preparing to have a celebration to commemorate our friendship with the Bakugan but curiously, no Bakugan came. We wondering why and thought they were mad at us. We sent our fastest scouts and they couldn't find any Bakugan and it wasn't until the planet of BakuThia exploded that we realized what had happened. And when we arrived here in the afterlife, we learned from some old Bakugan friends of ours about the evacuation but we understood. We continued to live life as normal, even though your War has even come to us - we have been given offers to join both sides. But we have declined every time and we have defended ourselves from their attacks. As for Coredegon, you know how that has happened already. But now, you know the story of our race, the Mechtogan and how we ended up as an intelligent species.

After the story ends, Zakaros says I am so sorry and yet, so glad that you told me about this story. Grace Swift then asks sternly what do you mean by glad as Zakaros says I have wanted to learn more about the Mechtogan ever since I saw them on New Vestroia. Sky Sprint then asks excitngly there are Mechtogan still alive as Zakaros says yes, I met them and some Mechtogan Titans as well. Mechtotron smiles and says that is a good thing - I always thought the Mechtogan had become extinct for all time. Zakaros says but I have a confession to make but then, Mechtotron says there is no need - I already know that you are the one who ordered the evacuation of the Bakugan and is the reason why I didn't allow Grace Swift to destroy you. Zakaros is surprised but says thank you - I would have saved you if I had known but I didn't as Grace Swift sneers and says obviously, since they eliminated our existance from your culture. Zakaros then says anyway, we need to figure out a plan on how to free your people from Coredegon. Mechtotron says it won't be easy because not only am I not at full strength but he has imprisoned my General, Streamtrak and his forces and he has two extra followers on his side. Blakai says yeah, there were two Mechtogan he didn't address by name - who are they, anyway. Sky Sprint says I know them - their names are Ventral and Troxtor and were once close friends of mine: Ventral was known as being the fastest Mechtogan in our army and Troxtor having the best eyesight and accuracy - they won't be easy to beat. Thorius says we need to strategize as Grace Swift says hold on - you aren't seriously going to trust these BakuGods with saving us - it goes against every moral thing we Mechtogan know as Masquerade says to be honest guys, I'm not entirely down with this either - how can we trust them as well. Zakaros says it doesn't matter if we trust each other or not; there are innocent lives at stake and I can't sit by and let them be destroyed by someone like Coredegon. Grace Swift says well, we were innocent lives when we were attacked by your kind - what makes it so different this time - you expect us to bow and serve you when you play hero but Zakaros flies up and says you aren't the only one who has been ridiculed and  have had attempts of being eliminated. Grace Swift says try me, puny one as Zakaros says I'm a half breed - I'm not even a full BakuGod; I've been hated by all of my kind except for a select few because I don't care about destruction or standing, I care for others and protect those who need help so if you have a problem with that, I'll take you on. Grace Swift says bring it on but then, Mechtotron says enough - is it true you are a half-breed BakuGod. Zakaros says yes as Mechtotron sighs and says it appears we are very similar in many ways - do you have a plan. Zakaros says I do and here it is as the screen zooms out while they all talk. The scene now shifts back to Mechtros, where Coredegon and his followers are causing destruction throughout the city. Coredegon says pathetic – I deserve more a worthy place to rule and to destroy as then, a deep voice says I seek the one called Coredegon. Coredegon then sees Zakaros standing on a pillar up on a building. As the rest of Coredegon’s followers rejoin him, Coredegon so, I see that you are back for more punishment from the king of Mechtros. Zakaros says you aren’t the king of this city or this land and I’m here to challenge you to combat, according to Mechtogan law. Coredegon says what law do you speak of as Zakaros says according to Mechtogan law; whenever a ruler is questioned – each side can choose a representative to fight on their behalf and the true king, Mechtotron, has chosen me. Coredegon says in shock he's alive - I guess I didn't cut him very well but very well, who do you wish to fight against – I can grant at least that privilege as the villagers start to look out their windows and doors at what’s happening and are talking about what is happening. Zakaros says actually, I want to fight against all four of you. Coredegon laughs and says you really want to be destroyed don’t you – very well, we all accept as Zakaros says don’t worry – your defeat will be quick as a stare down commences. (End of episode)

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