A God's Tale - Part 2
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 5
Preceeded By A God's Tale - Part 1
Followed By Blending In
A God's Tale - Part 2 is the 5th episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods as well as the second of a special two part episode. It was written by Zachattack31. The next episode will be up at least two weeks from now.


The episode starts with another bright sunrise in Bayview. Dan is up early and getting ready to head over to the hospital to hear the rest of Zakaros' story. On the way there, he meets up with the rest of the gang at Marucho’s house. When they arrive in Zakaros’ room, he is not here. Dan thinks he ran off but the nurse tells him he is in the cafeteria. They all head there and see Zakaros with his Bakugan eating breakfast. They all say hello & Zakaros says it's time he talked about the Great War.

After eating, Zakaros starts off where he left off yesterday. He says that in the BakuGod society - there were two main factions of BakuGods known as the DarkGods and the HighGods. The DarkGods believed that they were destined to rule all dimensions with an iron fist. The HighGods were only concerned about their position and power in the BakuGod society. These two factions clashed almost every day over simple matters and it escalated so much that it led to the Great War. It made the wars on Earth in the past look like child’s play.

However, he realized that the more the two sides battled each other, the more unstable Bakuthia was becoming. If the war continued, the planet and all of the innocent Bakugan on Bakuthia would be destroyed. He could not let that happen, so he evacuated all of the Bakugan on Bakuthia and transported them all to another dimension. In this new dimension, he created a new home for the Bakugan called Vestroia, free from BakuGod control and war. However, back in the other dimension, the war raged and it eventually destroyed everything and everyone left. However, due to the large amount of power he used to create Vestroia, he fell into an unconscious state. Zakaros believes that he has been floating across dimensions for many years. He says he probably would have still been floating around but someone must have opened a tunnel that took him to Earth recently. Dan explains that it must have been Mag Mel and Razenoid since they opened up several Dimensional Tunnels last year. The rest of the Brawlers agree with Dan as they remember last year's events.

Marucho then asked Zakaros about what happened to his two friends Atrion and Lindsata. Zakaros that Atrion joined the DarkGods while Lindsata joined the HighGods. Both of them tried to get him to join their respective sides but he did not chose any side because he followed the job that the other BakuGods had clearly forgotten – to watch over and protect the Bakugan race from any threat. He does not know what happened to them after the explosion but believes them both to be dead.

Zakaros then says his story is finished and all that he can remember at this time. The only he wishes was different was that his friends had survived. Dan and Shun then take the opportunity to tell Zakaros that Atrion might be still alive and tell him about the vision a couple days ago. Zakaros is very surprised to hear this but knows of a way to find out for sure. Zakaros explains that another ability of a BakuGod is being able to read the one’s mind. He believes he can go in Dan & Shun’s minds and see for himself if who they saw was Atrion. At first, neither of them wants to do it but after Zakaros tells them that is all he will look at, they agree. Zakaros puts his index fingers on each of their foreheads and he closes his eyes. After a few minutes, he opens his eyes and says he can’t believe it. Atrion is alive but so is the Bakugan who turned Atrion to evil and to the DarkGods – Darkus Dio Savac. Zakaros is glad his friend survived but sad because his best friend is still on the side of evil. The Brawlers try to cheer up by saying they will try to help him and Zakaros thanks them.

Zakaros then says that he wishes to reward the Brawlers for saving him. The Brawlers reject the offer saying that they were happy to help a friend while Dan is thinking about it. Zakaros then sees a picture of the original Battle Brawlers on the hospital wall. He walks over and sees a white Bakugan in the picture and asks “Who is that Bakugan?” Drago says that is Wavern – a Bakugan who he was in love with but she died a long time ago. She now resides as a spirit within the Perfect Core of New Vestroia. Zakaros closes his eyes for a moment and says that he can change that. He holds out his right hand and it starts to glow white while he looks at the picture. After a few minutes, the light disperses and a white Bakugan is in his hand. It opens and it is Wavern. Drago and the Brawlers are so happy to see Wavern. Wavern is surprised that she has a body again even though she has trouble moving around at first, which Drago helps her keep steady. Wavern is confused on how she has a body again as are the Brawlers. The Brawlers ask Zakaros how he did this.

Zakaros tells the Brawlers that another ability of a BakuGod is they can either breathe life back into someone who has passed away or can take the life of someone. In this case, he recreated Wavern’s physical body but without harming her connection to the Perfect Core of New Vestroia. Drago and Wavern thank him. Zakaros then tells the Brawlers they will need to prepare for Atrions’ arrival because he is very powerful and not like anything they have faced before. Dan says the Brawlers will be ready! (End of episode)

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