A God's Tale - Part 1
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 4
Preceeded By Introductions
Followed By A God's Tale - Part 2
A God's Tale - Part 1 is the 4th episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods as well as a special two part episode. It was written by Zachattack31. The second part will be available in two days.


The episode starts with the visitor introducing himself as Zakaros and becoming friends with the rest of the Battle Brawlers. He then takes his staff and reveals his own six Bakugan partners and they all say hello. He then tells the Brawlers that since the introductions are over, he will tell them this story as well as the story of the BakuGods.

Before Zakaros begins his story, he transforms into his human form in order to make things more comfortable for everyone, even though he is still wearing his robes. Where his 5 horns used to be, there are now five streams of gold hair mixed in with his dark brown hair. His tail and his tattoos have also disappeared as well.

Zakaros then sits in a chair with his Bakugan on his lap and begins his tale. He starts off with saying that the BakuGods are the creators of the Bakugan race. Drago immediately interrupts, telling Zakaros he is wrong and that Code Eve is the creator of all Bakugan. Dan tries to keep Drago quiet but Zakaros says it is all right – he expected that. Zakaros tells everyone that if he remembers correctly, Code Eve and the Sacred Orb were two objects created by the BakuGods to represent them in the mortal world. The reason being is a BakuGod cannot reveal themselves to the mortal world, even if they want to. The Brawlers are amazed at this new information, especially Dan and Drago. Zakaros then goes into explaining about the characteristics and powers of the BakuGods like the following: every BakuGod has immortality (Zakaros himself is centuries old but it looks like he has the same age as Dan), each BakuGod is an Ultimate Bakugan and most importantly, they can create Bakugan from their thoughts and ideas. Zakaros also says that each BakuGod has an Ultimate Form when they fuse with all six of their Bakugan partners. Dan excitedly asks if he has an Ultimate Form but Zakaros he has not obtained his Ultimate Form yet. Meanwhile, the Brawlers are amazed at what Zakaros is telling them. Zakaros then says that he is going to tell everyone a secret about him. The secret is that he is half human! The Brawlers are in utter disbelief and are awestruck at what he just said.

Runo asks how he can be half human if he is a Bakugan. Zakaros explains that he was once a human from ancient times when people lived in caves. One day, a giant hole appeared on the ground near his home. Suddenly, a large lion attacked him and he fell into the hole. When he came out at the other end, he was in a whole new world. Skyress says that hole must have been a Dimensional Tunnel, to which Zakaros agrees. He then saw all of these giant creatures; which he found out later were called Bakugan and that he had landed on a planet called Bakuthia. He quickly became friends with all of the Bakugan and they in turn, liked him very much. One day, a BakuGod came down from the sky, grabbed him, and took him up into the skies. What he saw next was a beautiful city with many buildings, gardens and people. This was the city of BakuTopia, the home of all BakuGods. He was then put in front of all the BakuGod Elders and they said that they had been watching him and his actions for some time. After much discussion, they decided to turn him into a BakuGod. However, because he was not a “pure” BakuGod – he was considered an outcast by the other BakuGods. So, he would go down to Bakuthia to be with his Bakugan friends. It was the way he would spend most of his time.

Marucho asks Zakaros if he had any friends among the BakuGods. He says he had two – one was named Atrion and he was his best friend. Zakaros mentions that Atrions' most notable feature was his long white hair, which was unusual for a BakuGod. Dan and Shun immediately look at each other but brush it off for now. Zakaros then brings up Lindsata, a female BakuGod who was considered to be the most beautiful among all the Gods. Many other BakuGods wanted her to be their wife but she took an interest in him for his kindness and generosity towards the Bakugan rather than focusing on himself and his own position of power. For a time, things were peaceful - that is, until the Great War and Zakaros looks down. Drago then asks "What Great War?" Zakaros notices that it is now dark out, says that it is getting late and suggests that he finish in the morning. They agree and everybody goes back home to rest. Later, Zakaros looks out the window of his room when his Bakugan ask if he is all right. Zakaros says that he is fine but he senses that something is not right.

Meanwhile, at the asteroid field, the mysterious man orders a lady named Tivala to travel to the planet called Earth. When she asks why, "I sense my old friend Zakaros - I need to know if he is alive or not." When his face comes into full view again, it is revealed that this mysterious being is in fact Atrion! (End of episode)

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