Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 3
Preceeded By Impending Darkness
Followed By A God's Tale - Part 1
Introductions is the 3rd episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. The next episode will be up within the next couple of days, due to his upcoming vacation and limitied Internet access.


The episode starts with a flashback of the vision that Dan and Shun experienced. Then, they tell what happened to Spectra and Marucho and wonder who that mysterious guy was. It then moves to the hospital where the visitor has woken and is sitting up in the bed. He looks around the room and wonders where he is, what happened to him and most importantly, what has happened to the Bakugan.

In the cafeteria, Runo and Julie are grabbing some food to bring back to the patient’s room while passing along theories of who the visitor is on their way back. As they are just about to open the door, Julie looks in the window and notices that the visitor is awake and moving around. Runo wants to call for help but Julie suggests that they leave a message for Dan while they try to act friendly and nice to him. So, Runo leaves Dan a message for him on his BakuWatch and they both go in the room. When they open the door, the visitor turns around quickly and goes into a fighting stance. He then asks who they are and if they are friends or enemies. Runo and Julie say they are friends. They tell him that he was unconscious in the harbor when they found him. Their friends Shun and Spectra saved him and they brought him here to recover because he could have drowned. The visitor relaxes, apologizes for his quick assumption and introduces himself as Zakaros. When Julie asks him if he is from Neathia, Gundalia, Vestal or New Vestroia; Zakaros is puzzled and says that he does not know of those worlds. He also asks what is New Vestroia is. He only remembers Vestroia; the world he created for the Bakugan race. Runo is in shock and asks how he is the creator of Vestroia. Zakaros explains that he is a BakuGod – a creator of Bakugan. Runo and Julie are in awe and ask him to explain more. Before he can, Zakaros’ stomach growls. He then asks if he can have something to eat. Julie gives him an apple. Zakaros rolls it around in his hand and asks what this red thing is. Julie and Runo look at each other and say that it’s an apple. Zakaros takes a bite and says it is delicious. He says that where he used to come from, the food was not as good. He thanks them for their kindness and they all smile gladly, with Runo and Julie thinking he is so polite and has good manners.

The scene now moves to the café in Bakugan Interspace where Dan, Shun, Marucho and Spectra are talking about what Dan & Shun saw. Marucho thinks that maybe the visitor they saved is the same one but Shun quickly denies it. Spectra suggests that maybe they are related in some way and Dan agrees. Drago hears a beeping and lets Dan know his BakuWatch has a message. Dan listens to Runo’s message and tells everyone that the visitor is awake and they need to head over to the hospital right away. They hurry over and when they get there, they find Runo and Julie sitting while the visitor is standing up in front of them. At first, Dan goes after him, thinking he has evil intentions, but the visitor throws him over his shoulder and Dan lands on his back on the hospital bed. The others prepare to move in but Runo and Julie stop them, saying that Zakaros is a peaceful person and means no harm. Dan apologizes and so does Zakaros, even though Drago thought it was funny. Runo and Julie explain that Zakaros is a BakuGod – a creator of Bakugan and the creator of Vestroia.

The rest of the Brawlers and their Bakugan are in utter disbelief, especially Drago. Zakaros is amazed at the number of Bakugan he is seeing, saying how glad he is that the Bakugan race has survived. He then says that it is time to introduce his own Bakugan. He suddenly wants to know where his staff is. Spectra grabs it from the corner and gives it to him. Zakaros thanks Spectra and then waves his hand over the top of the staff where the Bakugan attribute symbols are. Suddenly, the staff lights up brightly, blinding the Brawlers for a few seconds. When the bright light disperses, the Brawlers see six Bakugan floating in front of Zakaros, one of each attribute. They open up, yawn, stretch and wonder where they are. Zakaros asks if they are all right, which they are, and introduces the Brawlers to his six Bakugan partners and best friends: Pyrus Flare Dragaon, Darkus Destroy Munkilis, Subterra Gran Panzer, Aquos Saint Aquas, Ventus Van Falco and Haos Kilan Leoness. The brawlers and their Bakugan introduce themselves as do Zakaro’s Bakugan. Zakaros says that now that the introductions are over, he will tell the Brawlers who he is and what a BakuGod is. (End of episode).

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