Impending Darkness
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 2
Preceeded By Unannounced Visitor
Followed By Introductions
Impending Darkness is the 2nd episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. The next episode will take place at least two weeks from now.


Dan narrates, “It was just been a normal day as usual with brawling and hanging out with my friends. But we were all in for heck of a surprise when a shooting star crashed into Bayview. The Brawlers were the first on the scene and we saw this weird looking dude with a staff in the water. Shun and Spectra dove in and saved the guy. When we all looked at him, Drago noticed that his staff had the Hexagonal Circle of the six Bakugan attributes. Just who is this dude and is he a friend or an enemy?”


The Brawlers hurry towards Marucho’s house with Spectra carrying the mysterious stranger on his back and Shun carrying the staff. When they get there, Maurcho leads them to the Medical area of his house and calls for medical personnel. A doctor and two nurses arrive with a gurney, take the person off of Spectra and rush him quickly into the ICU. Dan and the rest of the Brawlers look on as Dan says to himself “Whether he is a friend or an enemy, I sure hope he’ll be okay.”

The Brawlers are sitting in the waiting room while Spectra is examining the visitor's staff. As they are talking, the doctor walks over and tells the Brawlers that physically - there is nothing wrong with him but he is in an unconscious state. He also tells them that he has never seen anything like him before – he has some human characteristics but also appears to have some Bakugan like characteristics as well. The Brawlers are astonished at what he says and asks if they can go in his room. The Doctor says all right and they all go in. They all look at the mysterious person with interest. He had long, dark brown hair that was in an ornately designed metal braid. His skin was of a sand white color but his body was covered in numerous ornate tattoos. He also has five gold horns in his head that resemble Helios’ horn turned backwards and are more curved. From under his robes, he has a Dragonoid like tail. Drago exclaims that he has never seen anyone like him on New Vestroia or Earth and is further supported by Skyress and Preyas. Spectra says that no one like him has been seen on Vestal either. Marucho comes in the room and says that he just spoke with Rafe & Paige. They both said they have not seen anyone like him on Gundalia or Neathia. The Brawlers are even more perplexed at who this person is.

Meanwhile, a large asteroid field is seen in space, possibly in another dimension. Then it zooms to the largest asteroid where a castle is standing. Then, it shifts to a large dark hallway in the castle with a throne at the end. Sitting on the throne is a mysterious individual. He is wearing similar robes to that of the mysterious stranger but different. His face is covered except for the mouth and he has long white, spiky hair. He senses something, stands up, smiles and says “It’s time to begin.”

Back on Earth, the Brawlers decide to leave the hospital in order to get back to Interspace. Runo and Julie decide to stay with the patient in case he wakes up, which is extremely fine with Dan. Spectra leaves the staff in a corner of the room, saying he will study in more when he comes back tonight. When they get outside, Dan says loudly how glad he is to get away from Runo. However, the window is open; Runo hears it and screams at Dan. Dan gets scared and tries to run away with Runo chasing him. The rest of the Brawlers are seen laughing. They head to Interspace to continue their routine activities but all the while; none of them can’t stop thinking about who that mysterious person is and how he is related to the Bakugan.

At the end of the day, Dan & Shun are battling against their last opponent. As Drago & Skyress are about to deliver the finishing blow, Dan & Shun’s minds go blank and they both fall unconscious. Drago and Skyress win the battle and check on Dan & Shun but neither of them are responding. The scene now moves to Dan and Shun floating in space. Then, they both come to the asteroid field from earlier and land inside the castle’s main hallway. They both see the white haired individual sitting on the throne and both ask you he is. The white haired man stands up and says, “If you are the ones who defeated the being Mag Mel …. Your time is coming.” His face comes into full view with dark dull black eyes with three black curved horns on his head. Just then, a bat like Bakugan appears from behind him and goes to attack them but they both suddenly wake up. When they wake up, Marucho and Spectra are there and ask them what happened. Dan and Shun tell them the whole story and wonder who the heck that guy and his Bakugan were.

Meanwhile at the hospital, the screen closes in on the mysterious individual’s face and suddenly, his eyes open. (End of episode)

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