Back Door
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 23
Preceeded By Korborn's Gifts
Followed By Inner Discovery
Back Door is the 23rd episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. The next one will be up when he has the time to get to it.


The episode starts at the battlefield where Drago is still battling against Dradikor and Samuraxx. Drago is struggling enough but then, Atrion tells Floria and Shiori to get involved as well. They both send out their Bakugan, Grapliton and Osperio, and they attack as well. Skyress then says it is 4 against 1 – they need to get involved. Helios shrugs and says while he enjoys watching Drago getting beaten, he is getting bored. Marucho, John and Laura agree and send out their Bakugan as well. As everybody stares each other down, Atrion says that now this has become quite interesting and ponders if his Brawlers can handle the Brawlers on their own.

The scene shifts to the main courtyard of the Bibliocore, where Tivala is pacing & waiting. She then sees Korborn and the rest of the group come out with her saying it is about time they showed up. She says let’s get back so she can finish what they started - just being around them makes her sick. Zakaros says all right and puts his card in at the gate but nothing happens. Suddenly, the gate turns red and the ground shakes. Korborn realizes what is happening and pulls everybody back with telekinesis and shields them. The gate then blows to smithereens and everybody is shocked at what just happened. Zakaros asks what happened and Korborn explains that the Gate on the other side must have been destroyed and this one self destructed when he put his card in. Tivala says it must have been Atrion, wondering why he would do that knowing that she is here, as Zakaros says they all need to get back – each of them has obligations to their friends or superiors. Korborn says he knows of a way and tells them to follow him. They all hurry over to a sundial and Korborn performs a unique dance on some stones, with everybody wondering what he is doing, with Zakaros says as old as he is, he has never seen him dance like that. Suddenly, the ground shakes, the statues around the courtyard come together as they all hurry away and land on the same stones Korborn touched. Then, out of the ground, a door opens – revealing a secret passageway underground. Everybody is in amazement as Korborn says “Well, you were always taught the Bibliocore held secrets” as Zakaros says he had no idea with Tivala saying maybe she should have studied here more. Korborn then tells them let's go - not much time left as everybody runs into the tunnel.

Meanwhile, back at the battlefield, the battle ranges on as the Brawlers battle against Jin, Floria, Clay and Shiori to a stalemate. Then, Atrion tells Floria and Shiori to surprise the Brawlers as they nod at each other as both say “Grapliton, Osperio – Mode Change!” Their ball forms change and then, Osperio is seen in its more powerful Falcon mode and Grapliton is seen in its more powerful Hammer mode. Shiori then yells “Ability activate – Zen Storm!” Osperio blows everybody away and knocking out Aphrodite’s BakuArmor. Floria then yells “Ability activate – Ram Clash!” Grapliton then charges at Wildrock relentlessly, knocking his BakuArmor off and being flown back into Preyas, which in turn knocks out his BakuArmor as well. Dan then wonders what they are going to do but Helios then steps forward, telling Dan that Spectra put some more stuff in his BakuWatch just in case. Dan accesses it and sees some more MBAs – with Helios telling Dan to use them. Dan says okay and brings out Frigatetor (a large Destroyer based MBA) for Helios, Blitzstar (a hoverboard type MBA) for Preyas and two Comacheons (a stealth helicopter MBA) for Wildrock and Aphrodite. Dan then says time to bring out some speed and brings out his Zoompha for Drago. With these MBAs, the Brawlers even the odds with the enemy. Atrion then wonders if he should get involved but Clay then says it is time for Dradikor's latest upgrade as Dradikor says let's get a move on. Clay then says "Dradikor - Armor Break!" Atrion then splits into three dragons again but each of them transform into a weapon. One piece of each gets picked up by the other Bakugan:

  • Samuraxx - Dradiblade - A piece of Dradikor that turned into a wrist like long blade
  • Osperio - Dradishot - A piece of Dradikor that turned into a three barreled long rifle.
  • Grapliton - Dradiblast - A piece of Dradikor that turned into a two handled, chest cannon.

The Brawlers are wondering what is going on as Preyas asks that Bakugan has so many tricks. Clay says he implemented the BakuArmor schematics into Dradikor and since he is a Mechanical Bakugan - he can now form into the three BakuArmor pieces as well while still using his regular abilities. Helios says it doesn't make a difference - just makes it easier to squash him as he fires his MBA lasers at them but Clay then says "Ability Activate - Mirror Prisma" as shards of crystal come out of the ground and reflect Helios' attack back at him but it just misses with Helios says that was too close as the crystals go back in the ground. Dan says don't worry about it as they all charge at each other again as Atrion closes his eyes and says "It's time I get involved now."

The scene shifts back to the underground tunnels of the Bibliocore where Korborn is leading the group down another long hallway after another, with Tivala mentioned this is like a maze but then they come to a large metal circle on a stand. Korborn says that it always pays to have a spare gate and says this was built in case the main gate was either destroyed or broken. Korborn then puts his card in the slot and the gate starts to power up. Korborn says the gate will take them back to the Dimension they came from but not the exact location - they will have to find where their friends are from there. Tivala is the first one to go through but before she does – she says goodbye to Korborn, with him saying that while he may not agree with her choices, it was good to see her again. Touched, Tivala sheds a tear before going through. Korborn then turns to Zakaros, saying he has to stop Atrion but if he can, try to save him. Zakaros says that he will and asks if he will be okay. Korborn laughs and says an old guy like him can last a long time – not to worry, he’ll be fine. Zakaros says that when this is over – he will rebuild the gate so he can come back. Korborn says thank you – they better hurry before time is up. All three of them then walk through together as the gate closes behind them. After that, Korborn says “Good luck Zakaros – you will need it in order to be the next MasterGod.” After that, a Gate opens and everybody comes out on another part of the asteroid field. Zakaros says they made it back as Tivala yes and that means that their neutrality agreement is over with as she goes to attack Zakaros. Zakaros tells Shun and Spectra to step back as he says the chant of transformation. He then transforms into Ultimate Zakaros and knocks back Tivala. Tivala says even this won't stop her but Zakaros says he has no intention of battling her as he creates a shroud of mist around her. Tivala tries to resist it, knowing that it is some form of sleep gas, but she falls unconcious anyway. Zakaros then clears the smoke with a gust of wind as Shun asks what should they do with her. Zakaros says the right thing as he picks up Tivala, puts her in his hand and tells Shun and Spectra to climb on, saying they have a battle to finish. They jump on his shoulders as Zakaros looks around and uses his super sight to look around and sees the battle in the distance. He tells them to hang on as they fly towards the battlefield at the speed of light.

Meanwhile, back at the battlefield, the Brawlers have appeared to gain the upper hand against Atrion’s Battle Brawlers with the help of their new MBAs Comacheon, Frigatetor and Blitzstar but then, Atrion yells and a shockwave from his mouth goes by, knocking the Brawlers back. Atrion then says it is time for him to get involved – he was getting bored anyway. He then challenges all the Brawlers against him alone with Dan saying this will be a piece of cake. All the Brawlers then attack Ultimate Atrion but it does nothing against him. Dan says that was impossible, even the BakuArmor and Mobile Assaults didn’t do anything. Atrion just laughs and Dan and says even after absorbing the powers of Carta, his Dragonoid still hasn’t unleashed his full strength. He then attacks Drago, knocking him back into a canyon wall as Dan yells out who is Carta. Atrion then says that Carta was once a BakuGod who was chosen to become the entity who they know as Code Eve. The Brawlers are shocked by this information as Atrion continues while saying that even though Drago possesses the powers of an actual BakuGod, he can’t use them as he continues to attack the Brawlers mercilessly. Laura wants to surrender to save their partners but John says they can’t give in now. Suddenly, they hear a voice that says “Ability Activate – Anglo Stream!” and a beam hits Atrion in the back, injuring him. Atrion asks who did that and he then sees Zakaros, who has transformed into Ultimate Zakaros with Spectra and Shun on his shoulders and Tivala unconcious in his hand. Atrion then says it is about time - Zakaros is more of a challenge than these mortals. At that moment, Zakaros lands, puts down Shun and Spectra and puts Tivala down with Atrion's Brawlers. He then looks squarely at Atrion, saying “I’m back!” as they stare at each other (End of episode)

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